Taylor Swift Is Sweeter Than Fiction On Soundtrack Contribution

The last time Taylor Swift contributed to a movie soundtrack she earned a Golden Globe nomination for her efforts. Will lightning strike twice with her latest foray into cinema? Probably not, but it’s surprisingly a catchy fun jaunt.

One Chance depicts the rags to riches story of Paul Potts. The Carphone Warehouse store manager stunned Simon Cowell and the UK with his amazing operatic voice. With his dodgy teeth and quiet demeanor, no one expected such talent. Potts ended up winning the inaugural season of Britain’s Got Talent. The Devil Wears Prada director David Frenkel helms the project with Tony winner James Corden stepping in to play Potts.

Swift teams up with fun’s guitarist Jack Antonoff aka Lena Dunham’s boyfriend for a 80s-inspired poppy synth-infused track. It’s definitely a change from Taylor’s past singles. Perhaps that’s why I like it 😉 “Sweeter Than Fiction” will reportedly play during the closing credits of One Chance. Give Taylor’s latest a listen below.

Taylor Swift ‘Sweeter Than Fiction’

  • Macguffin54

    Am I the only one who can’t stand Taylor Swift? I am starting to sympathize with Kanye West. They both seem to have similar levels of arrogance. Maybe what he did to her years ago wasn’t as big of a deal as we thought. I read somewhere that she has almost as many top 40 (100?) hits as Madonna. That’s crap. Whether or not you like Madonna, she has been around for 30 years. Swift has been around for 3 seconds. I couldn’t name 5 of her hits (honestly, I only know 2 of her songs. You Belong to Me and Never Ever Ever…) And how she complains about her relationships in her songs and TELLS people who they are about? Songs are almost always autobiographical, but naming names is petty and sleazy. If every guy you are with hurts you to the point you need to write a song about it maybe the problem is you, sweetie. I’m SURE you’re not perfect. Down with Taylor Swift! Plbbt! (A raspberry.)

  • Leon Walker

    Erm.. Ur not a fan, then move on and shut up! Don’t click the link! And not exactly sure she always says who they are about as much people speculate/guess! Every artist has their thing, her is her personal songwriting! Madonna has not always written her own stuff, her was creating controversy, which she still does!!!
    As for the Top 40 hits, it’s actually true, but i expect that’s due to downloads, because she hasn’t released them all, lots are album tracks and promotional singles, which didn’t really happen when madonnas 1st started! That said, if you are expecting people to bow down to Madonna due to how long she has been around, you should respect what Swift has accomplished in a short space of time!

  • Leon Walker

    I personally really like the song, it is something different, and I love the 80’s soundtrack vibe it has!! Awesome! Xx