Taylor Swift Is A Bad-Ass Robot In Futuristic ‘Ready For It’ Music Video

When Taylor Swift dropped a trailer for her latest visual, I got a Scarlett Johansson circa Ghost in the Shell vibe. Now that the full version has dropped, I feel Ex Machina served more of an inspiration.

Once again, the 27-year-old singer teams up with Joseph Kahn. He’s directed Swift’s most memorable music videos. Their latest collaboration is another ambitious feast for the eyes. The futuristic clip finds a hooded Taylor walking past various dark-clothed figures en route to a caged nude Taylor. A battle of sorts ensues between the two before the robot Taylor is freed.

I’m sure there are plenty of hidden messages here, but it’ll require a few more viewings to decipher them all. Her fans think Swift’s nude robot body is a callout to Kanye West’s “Famous” video while the lightning motifs reference “This is What You Came For” which she penned for ex-boyfriend Calvin Harris.

Other theories suggest Reputation will be a visual album à la Beyoncé’s Lemonade. Whatever her agenda, we’ll probably learn it soon. Check out the “Ready For It” music video below and weigh in afterward.

Taylor Swift ‘Ready For It’ Music Video