Taylor Swift Celebrates B-Day With ‘I Knew You Were Trouble’ Video Release

Taylor Swift celebrated her 23rd birthday on Thursday with both a Golden Globe Nomination and a new music video release. “It’s like a golden video birthday. I realized that like five minutes ago when someone told me and now I’m all excited about it,” she told MTV News. “I can’t believe it lined up like that.” The newly released video is for her single, “I Knew You Were Trouble“.

Here’ what Swift told MTV about her new video for “I think that this video is my favorite right now just because I’ve never had a video that was so action-packed, where it’s like ‘Oh my god! They’re fighting, now they’re in a hotel room and now he’s like getting a tattoo, and now like there’s a rave, and then there’s a concert and he’s kissing another girl and there’s all this stuff going on. It’s insane, like he’s driving. How’s he standing up and driving?’ It’s just like fast-moving, just like the song.” She also gave props to her co-star in the video by saying, “And I think the actor who played the guy in the video, Reeve Carney, is like one of the most amazing, talented people I’ve gotten to be around.”

Check out Swift’s new music video below. It’s definitely one of my favorite songs from her highly successful Red album.

Taylor Swift’s ‘I Knew You Were Trouble’ Music Video

  • A breakup song from Taylor Swift? WOW! I think what I like most about this girl is that she’s always trying new things and growing as an artist.

  • rogelio

    this is the song I liked most out of her entire catalog…

  • Dainec

    i’m so over this girl.