Taylor Swift Goes Globetrotting For ‘End Game’ Music Video

There were rumors that Katy Perry would make a surprise cameo in this video, but turns out that wasn’t the case. It was just some background person sporting the same blonde haircut as Perry that caused all the buzz. I wouldn’t be surprised if someone from Taylor Swift’s team started all the confusion.

Swift teamed up with her frequent collaborator Joseph Kahn for her latest visual which finds the 28-year-old popstar globetrotting around the world. It kicks off with Tay and Future on a luxury yacht in Miami. She then drives a Lamborghini around the city.

From there, Taylor jets off to Tokyo to meet up with her close friend Ed Sheeran. They hit up a karaoke bar and dance at an arcade. Lastly, she heads to London for a New Year’s Eve celebration with friends.

Unlike her recent clips from this era, there really isn’t a narrative here or many hidden clues. Unless I missed something of course. Nonetheless, it’s still an entertaining watch. Check it out below.

Taylor Swift ft. Ed Sheeran & Future ‘End Game’ Music Video

  • Fred

    Her best video this era remains her first single. I’m not loving it this era!