Taylor Swift Debuts Star-Studded ‘Bad Blood’ Music Video


After a seemingly endless parade of Sin City-esque promo posters, Taylor Swift finally debuted her star-studded “Bad Blood” music video. Practically everyone in Hollywood was in it, except the person who reportedly inspired the track- Swift’s frenemy Katy Perry. Was it worth the hype? Yes and no.

Once again, director Joseph Kahn (“Blank Space”) delivers a highly-slicked produced visual. However, given the roster of famous faces involved, I expected a short film with more of a narrative. Instead, it seemed like a treatment for the all-female action flick, The Expendabelles. Speaking of which, if producers find themselves stuck with casting, half of these ladies would be perfect for the Expendables spin-off.

The clip begins with Swift and Selena Gomez teaming up for a heist, before Gomez backstabs her. Taylor then goes through some sort of high-tech boot camp to hone her skills. In the end, Swift along with her female brigade face-off against Gomez in another battle royale.

Joining Swift in the clip are models Cara Delevingne, Gigi Hadid, Karlie Kloss, Lily Aldridge, Martha Hunt, actresses Hailee Steinfeld, Jessica Alba and Serayah along with fellow musicians Ellie Goulding, Zendaya, and the aforementioned Gomez.

My favorite parts though featured the veterans including Cindy Crawford, Mariska Hargitay and Ellen Pompeo. The latter two might seem out of place, but Taylor has two cats named after their TV alter egos- Olivia Benson and Meredith Grey.

Check out Swift’s “Toxic”-ish (Britney Spears) video below and weigh in afterward.

Taylor Swift ‘Bad Blood’ Music Video

  • Radar

    I’m not here for that mess…all those not-REALLY-famous personalities who have like 2 seconds of screen time and Trailor has nothing better to do than overhyping the sh!t out of them. The song itself isn’t good either….as usual.

  • Parker

    Congratulations on bagging out a group of women who shit more talent than you’ll ever produce.

  • Radar

    Umm like WHO exactly?

    Selena “I can’t sing” Gomez?
    Ellen “If GA ends I’m f*cked” Pompeo”?
    Cindy “I once was famous” Crawford?
    Jessica “Back in the day I was hot” Alba?

    Ellie Goulding is the ONLY one who is kinda relevant out of that bunch….the other ones are present but no one knows what exactly they are doing….so nice try P.

  • Parker

    I’ll say it again, what is it that you’ve accomplished in your life that could even stand in the same room as anything these women have down with their lives?

    I hope you enjoy taking the piss at people who have worked their asses off for their careers all while you sit behind your computer trying to point out how relevant they are.

  • Radar

    Now talk about an overdramatic and defensive gay guy^^

    It’s funny that your so called accomplishment is only to be famous…I’m sorry my dear but I accomplished a really good job, a house, my husband for 8 years and a dog. So sit your ass down and defend your so called “celebrities” all day long since that has to be your personal accomplishment.

    Thank you and goodbye.

  • Parker

    You’re the one who made it about fame, you attacked the credibility of these women for what I’m assuming was the hope of a few laughs and you fell flat.

    As for listing your accomplishments, congratulations on achieving everything that every other person has achieved and congratulations on proving just how bitter some old queens can be.

    Don’t bother replying to this either – I’ve got a job, a house, a boyfriend and four dogs to get back to.

    Enjoy your day.

  • Radar

    Phahahaha Girl you are doing way too much at this point xD But I’m really flattered…I always wanted my own little obsessed fan. NOW I accomplished everything I ever wanted.
    But thanks for your precious time -_-‘

  • Joshua

    Here’s the thing. The video was entertaining enough, but the remix itself does for me exactly the opposite of what a remix should do: it made me less interested in an already sort-of-uninteresting song. It doesn’t even seem right to bill it as “Taylor Swift featuring Kendrick Lamar” since BOTH of the verses are completely cut out in favor of Lamar rapping.

    The song wasn’t the strongest on the album to begin with — I’m puzzled as to how “Out of the Woods” and “Stay” were passed up for this — but the remix saps what life it had straight out, and now it just sounds not just out of character but nearly out of tune. I hope that at the very least, if radio gives “Bad Blood” a shot, it rejects the remix in favor of the original.

  • Radar I agree with you, the clip was entertaining but who were listen to this cheap music?! No one. She should be an actress, not a “singer”.