Taylor Swift Debuts Another Video For ‘Delicate’

When Taylor Swift premiered the visual for her latest single, “Delicate,” she immediately received a backlash. Many accused the 28-year-old singer of copying director Spike Jonze’s Kenzo advertisement. There definitely were some similarities including the random funny faces and carefree dancing.

If you didn’t like the first music video for the track, Swift just premiered an alternate clip for the song. A vertical video at that. The one-shot clip is far more relaxed than its big budget predecessor. A casual Taylor heads into the woods to wander around and lip sync the lyrics.

It’s cute enough, but I don’t think another visual for “Delicate” was needed. The first one was plenty sufficient. Unfortunately, the entire clip is only available on Spotify. You can check out a brief snippet of it below.

Taylor Swift ‘Delicate’ Vertical Video (Preview)