Man Crush: Taylor Kinney

I originally crushed on Taylor Kinney back in 2010 as he was about to make his debut as Mason Lockwood on The CW’s The Vampire Diaries. Since the 31-year-old actor is one of the stars of NBC’s upcoming Chicago Fire, I thought it was time to update this post and lust over this stud again. As two years have passed since my initial writeup, I’ve added many more photos to this post. After you check out my updated collection of Kinney’s shirtless pics, I’m sure you’ll agree he’s worth selecting as a Man Crush once again.

Kinney was raised alongside his three brothers by their single mother. Before developing an interest in acting, he studied business management at West Virginia University. Like all aspiring actors, he practiced his craft in theatre in such plays as Fallout and A Streetcar Named Desire. His feature films credits include Furnace, White Air and Diary of a Champion.

Before appearing on Chicago Fire, this Pennsylvanian native was best known as Luke Gianni on Fashion House (MyNetworkTV) and for his recurring role on NBC’s now-canceled Trauma. That all changed when he joined The Vampire Diaries cast on The CW. He became even more well known when he began shacking up with Lady Gaga. Taylor even appeared in one of her music videos. Without further ado, let’s check out his chesticles, man nips and washboard abs below.

Kinney played Glenn Morris, a rookie EMT and aspiring novelist, on NBC’s medical drama series, Trauma. With those sultry eyes, he definitely puts me into cardiac arrest. Thankfully he can give me mouth-to-mouth to revive me.

From paramedic to hot fireman. He’ll play Lieutenant Kelly Severide on NBC’s Chicago Fire.

I bet this fireman has a nice “hose”.

Currently he resides in the Los Angeles area and cites surfing as one of his main interests. Who can blame him? With a body like that, I’d spend the majority of my time on the beach as well.

Holy silver fox. He’s even sexier with the salt-n-pepper hair.

Doing a little stretching before marrying Lady Gaga in her “You And I” fashion film.

Doing a little horizontal mambo with his lady love. How Gaga nabbed him, still perplexes me.

He’s even hotter being snapped by paparazzi.

Showing a little right nip.

Scruff, check. Dark wavy hair, double check. Nice hairy arms, triple check. I could go on forever checking every inch of his sexy body.

Looks a bit like Jason Mamoa during his Baywatch: Hawaii days.

Working his sexy magic on the red carpet.

I’d pucker up for those billowy lips any day of the week.

Could his body be any sexier? I love that he’s not super buff. Just lean with rock-hard abs and an Apollo’s belt that would even make a straight man contemplate switching teams.

With those squinty eyes, he reminds me of another Taylor. Can’t you see it now? Taylor Lautner in 20 years.


During his days as Mason Lockwood on the CW’s The Vampire Diaries.

So Homorazzi judge and jury. Is Taylor Kinney guilty on the count of delicious sexy eye candy? Is it legal to be this insanely hot among us mere mortals? Post your comments below.

  • Ferry

    He is so hot hot….
    For Donovan, congratulation for make me swing…

  • kiki79


  • Erick

    OMFG!!! Super gorgeous. Are you kidding??? Lautner is ugly next to this guy. I personally don’t like him, but this guy is perfection… Thanks for the pics.

  • gayperson

    taylor lautner wishes he could look this good…ever. totally not a good comparison but definitely the hottest man crush.

  • Eduardo Gardner

    TAYLOR LAUTNER?! OMG. I think you used drugs to write this post. YES, he’s definitly gorgeous. YES, I think he’s perfect. But he’s the new Paul Newman, not Taylor Lautner.

  • zurvivor

    another hunk into my collection.

  • Sam

    Just saw him in Lady GaGa’s You and I video. Damnsuppahawt!

  • like this page for taylor kinney

  • Brad

    It makes me laugh bigtime that the author wrote “his teeth are kinda jacked up”. Uh, what?? This man is fucking beautifully perfect in all ways…wow! And to compare him to Taylor Lautner is like comparing a ferrari to a volkswagen! Taylor would die to look this hot.

  • rogelio

    it’s obvious why he is with Gaga… come on… Gaga is the best career booster he could get ever, it’s like every actor’s dream…
    Maybe it also is because she must be a nice girl, gotta give her some credit… but regardless, that isn’t why he started to like her I’m sure…

  • janelle

    oh my god YES!!!!!!!!

  • dana

    Omg… love at the first sight in serial movie….

  • Gelkon

    Gay as a goose. Proof that Gaga’s probably a dude.