WOOF Alert!!! Taylor Kinney Poses For Bullett & Men’s Book.

NBC’s Chicago Fire finally premieres this week on Thursday, October 10. It’s about friggin’ time, if you ask me. I don’t believe for one second that Dick Wolf’s firefighting drama will be anything revolutionary, but I have to thank the über producer for hiring Taylor Kinney. Now I, along with his legion of fans, can have our fill of Kinney on a weekly basis. I just hope there’s a lot of “hose” and “pole sliding” action 😉

To make sure his fans sample Chicago Fire, the 31-year-old actor poses for a couple of magazines- Bullett & Men’s Book. For Bullett, Taylor sports a bushy beard while caressing his pumped-up arms and chest. I would to, if I was him. Just look at them. For Men’s Book (appropriately enough Chicago edition), Kinney channels his inner fashionista to show Fall’s best looks. Check out both photo shoots below along with a few quotes from his interviews.

On Training With Firefighters

Yeah, it was great. We went there a few months ago to film the pilot in March and we shadowed firemen within the city. We went to three or four different firehouses. The local community and firefighters were giving us a hand and showing us the ropes of the city and the districts, where they worked, and the differences between the rescue squad, the truck guys, engine guys, and paramedics. I really saw the camaraderie between these people. It’s in their blood to be able to go and do these things on a daily basis, to put themselves in harm’s way, and then to let go when they leave work. They’re a special breed of people.

On Spray-painting For A Girl

I love you.’ It was one of those things, like, a guy fighting for a girl’s affection and attention. It was a desperate attempt. I think the billboard was on Fairfax and Melrose. I had an accomplice; we dressed in black and had a few beers—it was maybe 4am—and we used our cell phones on speaker as walkie-talkies. He hoisted me on his shoulders to a ladder. It was a big bank billboard, so it was in all white.

On Getting Over A Bad Break-up

Sometimes I go surfing. Everybody has a breakup story. It’s all relative to the individual how they take it and how it affects them. I think the biggest thing is what you take from it and what you learn from a breakup and how it can help you approach your next relationship. It’s also important to acknowledge if something wasn’t right and to not go back. I think a lot of people do that, too—go back.

To read his entire interview for Bullett, click here.

Taylor Kinney In Men’s Book

About Chicago Fire

It’s not a fire-of-the-week show. It’s about the firehouse; our backdrop is the story of firefighting. That serves as a common ground and a meeting point for these people to get together, to tell personal stories and have interactions. You get engaged because of the characters.

On Playing A Werewolf on Vampire Diaries

It never quite got weird enough for me. Nah, it was so much fun. Everything else I’ve ever done was grounded in reality; here you were playing a damn werewolf—there’s no standard or protocol, you have free reign to do whatever you want. If I showed up and start jumping around, no one could say ‘That was a bad impression of a humanized wolf!’

To read his entire interview for Men’s Book, click here.

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    I used to love him but now i move on since he is all belong to Lady Gaga.

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    Funny lol Zurvivor. Not to show my age but in all realness I never new who he was until my mother monster started dating him lol so i kind of like him more now given that fact. lol but he is hot.lol