Behind the Cast: Turkey, Tattoo, & Time With Family & Friends


This past week has been a pretty busy one for me, jugging between working at my store, entertaining my brothers, Carl and Steve (identical twins) and one of my best friends Lisa (since they are staying with me), and of course working on Homorazzi stuff. I’ve also been consistent with the gym this week, so I’m pretty happy about that as well.

Carl had arrived on Sunday afternoon (and we went to the Habs vs. Canucks game on Wednesday night), but my other brother arrived on Thursday morning and Lisa arrived Thursday night. We decided we’d drinks some beer and order pizza, while we watched Glee, Parks & Recreation, and The Office, laughing our heads off. Good times, good times.

Friday, I had to go into works for the latter half of the day, but before going into work, my bros wanted me to stop by the tattoo parlor. Hmm slash uh oh. Ironic, considering Jonny just wrote an article about tattoos too! We had discussed it before, the possibility of doing something together, all three of us, but now it was becoming more real. I, as of yet, haven’t had any tattoos yet. They didn’t want to pressure me into it at all and Carl said he’d pay for it as a gift should I decide to do it. We decided we’d get the word brother (frere) in french on our wrists, with a cool font. I liked the idea. I’ve always wanted a tattoo, and always wanted there to be meaning behind it when I did. Since my brothers and I are 9 years difference, we kind of grew up at different times so we don’t have as many bonding experiences, but now that we are older, age isn’t a factor. Adults are adults.

Later in the evening, three other friends came over (including cast member Adam) to meet my brothers. We had some drinks and lots of laughs. My brothers got a kick out of Adam for sure. The Witty One.

Lisa and I


So, it’s Saturday night right now. Lisa’s sleeping in bed beside me right now. We just got back from visiting family friends in Abbotsford all day. I used to play with my friends Josee and Valerie all the time when we were little (one is one year older, the other one year younger) and they both have two kids each. So, it was so weird to be hanging out with them, and us being the adults, and the little kids running around were not us anymore. I mean, it was probably only weird for me, not being around kids so much living downtown, but it was nice. A dose of family & some of our french traditions that I was certainly needing.

My Family (Back Row: Carl, Me, Steve; Front Row: Mom, Dad)


You’re reading this on Sunday… meaning that it’s the day that I’ll be getting my tattoo. As soon as I have some pics, I will post them in this article as an update.



Thanksgiving tomorrow at my place too (for the first time!) My brothers, Lisa, and Nic and his husband Tim are coming over for the occasion.

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! xoxo

  • bruin

    ah, the baby of the family! : ) happy thx giving in canada!

  • Dan

    I want to see a pic of the tattoo!

  • bruin

    I like it!!! ; )
    the F is very pretty