Listen To Taron Egerton Cover ‘Rocket Man’ In Full

When you watch Rocketman in theaters on May 17, it’s Taron Egerton’s actual voice you’ll hear on those classic Elton John tracks. Sir Elton was adamant that the 29-year-old Welsh actor sing in the film. He explained all in a press release.

“It was so important that the music I composed and recorded had to be sung by Taron. I wanted his interpretation of me, through Bernie [Taupin]’s lyrics and my music – not just acting. I left Taron in the hands of [producer and composer] Giles Martin, who I trusted implicitly because he’s brilliant.”

“I didn’t want to be in Taron’s shadows, watching over the process. I trusted them to do what they needed to do, artistically, and, listening back, I’ve been astonished with the results. Getting the music right was the most important thing, as the songs in the film are integral to the story.”

Thankfully, Taron sounds lovely covering his catalog. I wonder if he would’ve felt the same, if the actor cast couldn’t carry a tune. Probably not 😉

Check out Taron’s cover of “Rocket Man” in full below. The clip shows footage of Taron in the recording studio interspersed with scenes from the film.

Taron Egerton Covers ‘Rocket Man’ Video