I first picked up my copy of Taio Cruz’s latest album, TY.O, one of the tracks I was immediately drawn to was the RedOne produced club banger, “There She Goes.” The track shows off what both RedOne and Taio do best. Taio’s vocals are clean and crisp on top of RedOne’s banging beats and synths for all-around great weekend party track. For a while, I was wondering if this track would ever become a single and get the video treatment. It looks like the call has been answered.

Released as a single in Germany back in April, the song is to get a UK release this June. The single version features the rap stylings of one of my favorites: Pitbull. In the video, Taio jumps onboard the trend of having animals run and move in slow motion as the love interest female rides a horse alongside Taio is in BMW. While the video is so simple and not my favorite from him, I love the track enough to stomach through this clip. Check out Taio’s new single and video for “There She Goes” below.

Taio Cruz, “There She Goes”