It hasn’t been that long since Taio Cruz has released some new music. In fact, his last album “TY.O” only dropped last December. That hasn’t stopped the UK pop singer and producer from working on new tracks and then releasing them right away for us to enjoy. Still riding the success of his current single, “There She Goes,” Taio is ready for us all to take a ride in a “Fast Car” with his newest dancefloor anthem.

This new single is definitely the perfect addition to your pre-gaming for the bar, weekend playlist. The bass will rattle your teeth and the lift in the chorus will have you dancing for sure. One thing that drew me to the song immediately were the harmonies on the last line of the chorus. Taio sings: “Girl you really turn me on. You know you make my engine run. And there’s no turning back cos we’ve gone too far. I’ll drive you like a fast car.” Taio’s vocals are absolutely flawless and I can’t get enough of it! Give a listen to “Fast Car” below. Trust me, you’re going to LOVE it.

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