SYTYCDC: Top 10 Performances


The top ten dancers were in full swing last night, showcasing those dancers who have made it through to the upcoming Canadian-wide tour. All of the tour dates have been confirmed and I’m SERIOUSLY considering getting tickets for the November 29th show in Vancouver. How could I not?!  

The best part of tonight’s show? NEW PARTNERS! FINALLY Canada is deciding who stays and who is sent packing, with the public voting for their favorite individual dancer, NOT the couple. I can’t WAIT to see Emanuel Sandhu win this entire competition! YEAH EFFING RIGHT! 

Random Insert: I was out for dinner tonight, following dental surgery this morning and not being able to eat all day, and had three beers. I’m now smashed and can barely see the keys/screen. YAY, another one of those nights! 

Melanie & Vincent – Pasa Doble


The first new couple to take to the stage was Melanie Mah and Vincent (NEW FAVOURITE COUPLE)! They were dancing a Paso Doble, choreographed by last year’s contestants Natalie and Francis – heck yeah they are! They danced to Conquest by The White Stripes (a little odd song choice, but I dig it), and this should have played to Vincent’s ballroom strengths. I have to admit, I did not like this routine even though I LOVE the couple. Vincent’s body paint was too much to handle and the goaded screams from the audience at every twist and turn were so forced it was ridiculous. NATURALLY the judges loved it, and I’m only happy about this because I love these two and I want them to be safe.  

A special insert for tonight’s show are the solos of each dancer, to further showcase their individual talent. I won’t personally critic these numbers unless I think they are mind-blowing stellar, as I don’t need to tell anyone how bad they are. Except for Emanuel. 

Kim Gingras – Solo


Kim danced her solo to Kiss from a Rose. Oh heck, I have to comment. SO random! What a weird song choice for the style/outfit. A bikini with denim and skate shoes??! Is she Avril Lavigne?! Everett danced his solo to Everybody Dance by Chic. Meh. 

Everett Smith – Solo


Amy & Cody – Contemporary


The next new couple to the stage was Amy and Cody, dancing a Stacey Tookey contemporary routine to Come Home by OneRepublic ft. Sara Bareilles. Thanks to Amy and the song choice, this was one of the best routines we’ve seen all season long. It’s comparable to Alison and Ivan’s routine from SYTYCD US season two, when Ivan finally stepped into the spotlight as a man. Similar for Cody in this routine I felt he showed a new maturity and stronger technique. Amy was naturally stunning, and I love her. That’s all.  

Jayme Rae Dailey – Solo


Jamie Rae danced her solo to Make Me Over by Keyshia Cole. It was decent but forgettable.
Austin danced his solo to Always Midnight by Pat Monahan. Honestly, I loved this solo. Why does he have to look like a less-attractive Donny Osmond? And seriously, this song – already on my iPod. AMAZE-BALLS! 

Tara-Jean & Emanuel – Samba


The third new couple to take to the stage was Tara Jean and Emanuel, dancing a Samba with Tony and Meredith to Samba Vocalizado (The Vocal Samba) by Luciano Perrone. Wow. This was awful. Emanuel’s face was pulled ALL over the place and therefore wretched, and his leather pants were so wrong. So wrong. Tara-Jean wasn’t too far behind in the mediocre category. The passion was missing to the MAX. It felt as though they were trying to convince a lesbian and a twink to try dating. It just didn’t work! 

Amy Gardner – Solo


Amy danced her solo to Wanted by Vanessa Carlton. BEST DANCER ON THE SHOW! Seriously. I felt like I was looking at the winner tonight and everyone else was a distant second place.

Cody Bonnell – Solo


Cody danced his solo to I Need a Girl (part two) by P.Diddy and fifteen other rappers (I couldn’t type fast enough to get any of them, but I think I saw Loon. Yeah, Loon was definitely part of the mix). 

Kim & Everett – Jazz Fuzion


The fourth new couple to the stage was Kim and Everett. Poor Kim. They chose Jazz with Sean Cheesman, dancing to St. James Infirmary Blues by The White Stripes. I definitely enjoyed the concept of the routine, with Kim being Everett’s dead wife back to haunt him. Once again, Kim stole the number tonight with Everett being a surprisingly strong partner. I have to admit I never noticed/liked him before tonight, but he did a great job pulling up to Kim’s level. Nice work kids! After tonight I have to say – Kim, congrats, we’ll be seeing you in the finale!! 

Melanie Mah – Solo


Melanie Mah danced her solo to The Fame by Lady GaGa. Seriously, this girl ROCKS my world. I love her. Everything about her. Vincent danced his crazy solo to Can you feel it? by Reel 2 Real. I’m not even sure what I was watching in this number, but the outfit was insane. Not in the good way.  

Jayme Rae & Austin – Hip Hop


The final new couple to the stage was Jamie Rae and Austin dancing a Sho-tyme Hip Hop routine. They danced to Da Rockwilder by Method Man & Redman, and I have to say I was TERRIFIED for Austin with this piece. I just don’t believe him to be a hip hop dancer. In the end, the routine wasn’t awful but I definitely found myself watching Jamie Rae a LOT more than Austin. Her skill level was far superior and it felt like a talented older sister dancing with her wanna-be little brother. She. Was. Amazeballs. 

Tara-Jean – Solo


Tara-Jean danced her solo to Relief by Chris Garneau (eff I love this song). This solo changed my mind about Tara-Jean. Hot DAMN is this girl good! Emanuel rounded out the solos and danced to Bridge by Amon Tobin. OH FUCK – THE DREADED TRIPLE AXEL!! No surprise, he got the LEAST amount of cheers from the audience of all young girls.  

Emanuel Sandhu – Solo


After last night’s performances, my predictions for the bottom three girls and guys:

Melanie Mah
Tara Jean
Jamie Rae 

I only make these predictions based on the past five weeks and the current fan favourites. Nothing personal, simply strategic. ? ? ? 

  • IS this show STILL on?
    Let’s hope emmanuel leave tonight…that would make me super duper happy!

  • Braden

    I love Melanie and Vincent. Tara-Jean is so damn cute… I want Manni to win.

  • Dan

    Are we calling him Manni now? I like that.

  • SW

    I also love Melanie and Vincent. Tara-Jean is growing on me and I like Jayme-Rae but she has been disappointing in recent weeks. Melanie’s solo was such a stripperdance but it was fierce.

    I fear Cody will stick around for another week and drag his partner down…..I hope he doesn’t get paired with Melanie again, she shines without him.

  • ew more that Womanni.

  • SW

    Spoilers say Amy and Melanie were in the B2 tonight. Amy went home. I can’t believe Melanie was in the B2? What is Canada smoking? Racist undertones? Wow, the other girls seem to have large fanbases, which is unfortunate because if we’re talking about dance ability alone, Melanie is probably the best. Just a little powerhouse. At least she gets another week, and you have to tell ppl to vote for her!!!

  • Robyn

    Ummm ok,
    Note to dancers: Please stop wearing bras and bikini tops, it’s trashy. Please stop coming up with stupid ways to show your phone number.
    Note to judges: Please stop saying “You’re a beast.” Jean Marc, stop speaking altogether.

    I have to admit that I liked Cheesman over Tookey. Almost all the solos were meh… Melanie and Amy are so lovely and I fear they may not last. Manni is slowly growing on me… slowly.

  • Dan

    Robyn – I’ve been missing you! Your comment on Manni is COMPLETELY unacceptable!!

  • Dan

    Rich – I’m there with ya!

  • Robyn

    OMG Dan I’m SO sorry… I was REALLY tired (just drove 5 hours to Vancouver) when I wrote that thing about Manni, I actually meant Austin. I would NEVER say that about Emanuel…n.e.v.e.r.

    If you guys decide to go in Kelowna, let me know…. I’ll meet you!