SYTYCDC Season 4: Top 8 Eliminations

Well folks, we are only ONE WEEK away from the finale of season four of So You Think You Can Dance, and crowning this year’s winner! After this week’s eliminations only FOUR dancers will remain in the competition, left to battle it out for one last week in an attempt to earn the title of Canada’s Favorite Dancer. I am SO FREAKING EXCITED!! At this point I absolutely think it’s going to be Melissa; however, I have a sneaking suspicion that Lindsay is going to pull out some incredible dances over the next two weeks to win Canada’s hearts and potential votes. Also, I can’t believe FOUR DANCERS are going home this week! It’s smart as I’m sure the fans are all starting to feel a little dance fatigued…

The night opened with the standard group routine, this time it was a unique Jazz piece to Madonna – “Vogue”!! Did you see Melissa’s boots?! And Lindsay’s frilly shoulder pads?!? Such a homo, but I loved it! Have way through this number I instantly thought this was a Blake McGrath number, and he was trying to make another statement. THANKFULLY it was a Sean Cheesman piece and for that I am grateful! He did an amazing job at the choreography, the costumes and the music selection. Definitely a well-danced and entertaining piece to start out the night.

After the judges were introduced Leah quickly brought the top eight dancers out on the stage for everyone to learn their fates as one large group; Jordan, Denitsa, Lindsay, Melissa, Christian, Adam, Matt and Shane. To prevent the announcement of which two dancers received the most votes out of the girls and the guys, ALL EIGHT dancers were forced to perform their solos. Lame balls. I want to know who Canada thinks is at the top!!

Naturally the solos were fantastic, starting with Jordan’s. Love her to death. Denitsa quickly followed suit and I felt like I was watching the exact same solo routine from the performance episode on Monday. Lindsay was the third girl to hit the stage and I was LOSING my mind after this solo – she wasn’t even dancing for her life but she effing KILLED this piece and her music is incredible. Loved, loved, loved it. Melissa wrapped up the ladies’ solos and I don’t even know what to say about this girl. She is an epic powerhouse, yet elegantly beautiful.

SIDE NOTE: SHUT UP LEAH! Seriously, you just said out loud, “Why are you so beautiful?!” Who writes this crap for you?!

The men were up next starting with Christian. He was smart to dance with his shirt open again, knowing his abs are his best asset at this stage in the competition. Hot damn. Adam quickly followed suit, also shirtless. It was good to get the ladies screaming; however, I felt this solo was all over the place. Sorry bud! My boy Matt was up next and I loved that he decided to TAP tonight! Smart move, as this solo didn’t actually determine if he was staying or going – AND HE KILLED IT!! He just stole my heart (sorry boo). Shane rounded out the solos for the night, and again I felt like he has danced this solo so many times that he there was nothing new to do…

OMG! My predictions (and hopes) are that it will be Melissa, Lindsay, Matt and Christian in the finale! PLEASE CANADA – GET THIS RIGHT!!!!!

Tre was up to announce the first bit of news and not surprising, Denitsa was the first dancer to be sent home. Duh. If Canada was making the decisions, guaranteed she wouldn’t have even made it this far. Jean Marc, take note.

Jean Marc was up next to deliver Christian’s fate and in a terrible attempt to trick him, said he was going home ‘not yet’. Ugh. Thankfully, Christian was the first guy making it into the finale!

Jordan was up next to learn her fate with Tre once again delivering the news. Of course she made it into the finale. Devastating, as I think this is the end of the road for Lindsay…

Adam was next up, and said would not be making it through to the finale. This isn’t a huge surprise, but I would have liked to see him perform for another week.

Jean Marc was up again to announce which of the remaining four contestants would be making it through. Matt was sent through (DUH) with Shane being cut!

In an UNBELIEVABLE announcement Lindsay was sent through to the finale, indicating Melissa would be leaving us this week! WTF?!? How did this happen?!

But wait. Then in typical Jean-Marc-BARF style, he announced it would be a top six performing in the finale next, and Melissa and Shane were actually making it through to next week’s show. Sigh, another ridiculous gimmick.

To be fair, it will be nice to see more performances from a wider range of dancers, and I seriously hope Jean-Marc doesn’t pull more nonsense out of the bag and decide that there’s GOING TO BE ONE MORE WEEK OF DANCING WITH A TOP FOUR. I would simply give up.

Well folks, there you have it! A first-time-top-six finale! Pick your favourites now and get your voting fingers ready!!

  • mason

    I had a feeling there would be a top six; SYTYCD US did it for season 7. This way, if a girl wins, we’ve had a chance to see The Big Three dance together. (Though of course a guy could still win. Read elsewhere that Matt has a huge Maritimes following, which has kept him out of the bottom 3 all season.)

  • Dan

    That totally makes sense for Matt. I think his looks and genuinely nice personality have helped him along this season as well. I can’t wait to see Lindsay, Jordan and Melissa dance together. I hope they are given a Stacey Tookey Contemporary number and she makes them all look like ethereal angels. That would be a dream come true for me…

  • steelie

    It wouldn’t be the first time the shows’ producers have tweaked the rules hoping to get what they wanted. In season 4 they gave the top girl $50,000 likely because they felt Katee Shean really deserved to win. In season 5 they extended their tour to include 12 dancers because they knew Phillip Chbeeb would be a huge draw.

    I think they kept Melissa and Shane because they feel Melissa is the best and most deserving of the win so, they’re hoping one more week will make the difference. Shane, I think, was just lucky to have been in the bottom the same week as Melissa otherwise, I’m not sure they’d have made the exception.