SYTYCDC Season 4: Top 6 Finale Performances

It’s hard to believe we’re already at this stage of the competition, but with the end of the summer, so too must So You Think You Can Dance Canada come to a close. At the end of the finale performance show, it’s up to you Canada to vote for the dancer that you want to walk away with the crown of Canada’s Favourite Dancer for season four of SYTYCDC. I am SO pumped to see how this year’s competition wraps up, and which of these amazing performers will earn their rightfully deserved title. In my opinion, the remaining three girls have the competition in the bag. If Lindsay, Melissa or Jordan doesn’t walk away with the win I will be genuinely surprised. While Christian and Matt have been extremely solid throughout the year, they just haven’t rose to the level that the ladies have been showcasing week after week.

After Lead introduced the ridiculously large judging panel once again, including Jean-Marc, Tre, Blake, Luther and screaming Mary Murphy, we were quickly into the details of the finale. First of all, I’m choked that we have to wait until Sunday, September 11th to learn the fates of this year’s contestants, and who will be crowned the winner. Really? Almost an entire week!? Sigh…this is getting to be too drawn out for my liking. Enough already!

Lindsay Leuschner & Matt Marr

Genre: Hip-hop
Song: “Tell Me If It’s LIke That” – Memphis Bleek
Choreographer: Sho-Tyme

The first dance of the night was a couple routine with Lindsay and Matt tackling a Sho-tyme Hip Hop routine. Wow, these two KILLED this piece. I was a little nervous going into this routine, as I didn’t know if these two would be able to explode right out of the gate, but they did! Matt and Lindsay were slamming each and every step, and I was in love with Lindsay’s swagger throughout the routine. She sat back into every step and looked like a true hip-hop girl. Matt struggled with a few of the steps but I definitely think he rose to Lindsay’s level in this piece. I wish his outfit had been put together a little differently; however, since that’s out of the dancer’s control I won’t fault him for it. Overall, I think this was a great way to open the show. With the dancers get the votes? I’m on the fence. If the performance had been done to a different musical choice, then I think it would have resonated with the audience a little more. But that’s what you get from a Sho-tyme piece: hard hitting hip-hop to a dirty underground beat.

Jordan Clark & Christian Millette

Genre: Contemporary
Song: “All In Love Is Fair” – Stevie Wonder
Choreographer: Stacey Tookey

Up next to perform were Jordan and Christian taking on a Stacey Tookey Contemporary piece. YES. I was shrieking with excitement for this piece, and can’t wait to see Jordan once again dance her style. I love that Jordan began the competition with a Stacey Tookey piece at the beginning of the year, and it’s wrapping up with one as well. It feels like fate is aligning to help Jordan in her quest for the win. Wow, was this some amazing choreography from Stacey. The lifts were incredible, including the jump-split into Christian’s arms, where he then carried Jordan across the stage. Absolutely stunning. Jordan was gorgeous in this routine. Sadly, Christian wasn’t the partner he needed to be, and almost dropped Jordan in the lift I just described. That’s some scary shit, and goes to show how incredible Jordan is as a dancer.

Melissa Mitro & Shane Simpson

Genre: Salsa
Song: “Salsa Y Sabor” – Tito Puente
Choreographer: Gustavo Vargas

The third performance of the night included the last couple from the top six, Melissa and Shane, taking on a Salsa routine from Gustavo Vargas. I was pretty stoked to see Melissa dance a salsa; however, I don’t think Shane is the right partner to truly showcase her talents (I really wish it had been Christian dancing with her). Okay, I’m not sure what happened in the costume department. Melissa looked fantastic and was truly dressed the part, Shane on the other hand looked absolutely ridiculous. The white pants were a huge mistake and I felt his outfit distracted me throughout the entire piece. And holy lift disasters batman! Clearly Shane wasn’t strong enough to lift Melissa and it showed throughout almost ever lift. Once again Melissa received a standing ovation for her performance – the SEVENTH week in a row. Well done Melissa, well done.

Top 3 Girls Number: Melissa, Jordan and Lindsay

Genre: Contemporary
Song: “What About Us” – ATB
Choreographer: Mia Michaels

HOLY SHIT!! The top three girls were up next performing a MIA MICHAELS contemporary routine!! MIA, WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN THIS PAST YEAR?!?! I was so excited to have her back as choreographer, I nearly peed myself in anticipation for this performance. Seriously, losing my mind. Lindsay, Jordan and Melissa are the perfect trio for this piece. Oh. My. Goodness. Canada, did you watch this routine?! THAT is how you choreograph a fucking dance performance! This routine was out-of-this-world brilliant, and the BEST routine of the entire season. I will honestly remember this one performance for the rest of my So You Think You Can Dance watching days. Each girl performed to her maximum level of dance, and all three of them dominated the stage. I was consistently looking back and forth between all three of them, in awe, wishing I had their raw talent. Hands down the highlight of the night, and I was reminded of the brilliance of Mia Michaels and why I love her so much. Mary Murphy referred to this piece as the most memorable moment of the season. I couldn’t agree more.

Top 3 Boys Number: Christian, Matt and Shane

Genre: Jazz
Song: “We Will Rock You” – Queen
Choreographer: Melissa Williams

The three boys were up next, to follow the brilliant routine from the ladies, and this was their opportunity to rise to their level and show Canada that they are even moderate contenders. Christian, Matt and Shane were tasked with a Melissa Williams’ Jazz routine, and I believe me, I was skeptical watching the intro clip. To start, the song choice was ridiculous. Ugh, I just didn’t love this number. A large part of it was due to my coming down from the high following the Mia Michaels routine, and the other part was the lack of power in this routine. Matt definitely stood out as the front-runner in the pack, as Christian looked ridiculous out of his style and Shane is so far out of his league next to the other two guys. Also, I’ll say it would be ridiculously had to walk out on stage after every judge announced that they feel it would be a girl winning the competition this year, so I’ll give them props for giving the performance all they had. Sadly, this year, it just won’t be enough.

Top 6 Group Number

Genre: Contemporary
Song: “Sail” – Awolnation
Choreographer: Sabrina Matthews

The next performance of the night was a group routine with all six remaining contestants, taking on a Sabrina Matthews Contemporary piece. The theme was angel warriors in battle. At first I thoughts to myself, seriously?! Then I saw how the piece was choreographed together, combined with the music and I absolutely loved it. The gritty, rough song was a nice change to the typical ethereal contemporary musical styling. As for the dancing, there were a few standout performers in the pack, naturally, and my eyes were constantly drawn to Lindsay, Melissa and Matt. I absolutely loved how one dancer was always broken and dropping to the ground. It’s hard to explain when writing it, but if you saw this dance then you know what I’m talking about and it was superb. I absolutely loved everything about this routine, and I am once again on the Sabrina Matthews (group) contemporary bandwagon!

Following all the group performances each dancer took to the stage once last time to perform their solos. At this point in the night, I decided to sit back and enjoy their dancing without adding my sassiness to the mix. I was thankful that I did, as it allowed me to appreciate how hard each of these six dancers have work over the course of the season. Job well done to everyone. At the end of the day, I truly believe it will be Melissa, Lindsay or Jordan taking home the title of Canada’s Favourite Dancer in the finale results show this Sunday.

  • Ace

    I thought that Hip Hop routine was bad it looked like cheerleaders trying to hip hop.
    That Salsa was on fire and Melissa was the reason why. I wish Vargas could be on the American version of SYTYCD every week because this man is amazing.

  • Melissa all the way! She’s incredible.

  • Anthony

    The judges absolutely ruined this season. Melissa’s Salsa was unbelievable — she was so perfect, yet the standing ovation they gave her (and everyone knew was coming) lost all impact. The judges – especially that moron Jean-Marc – destroyed what it meant to have a truly great routine. I admit Melissa was fantastic all season, but to give her a standing ovation for every single thing she did almost all season made the truly remarkable pieces worthless.

    I’m still Team Jordan, but I’d be happy if Melissa or Lyndsay took it home.

    Best routine of the season: Joey and Jordan’s Jazz piece with Sean Cheeseman… top 18. The synchronization still gives me chills!

  • Mason

    I wonder if this will turn out to be the last season… at the end, the judges kept talking in terms of what a great 4 seasons we’ve had. Anyone heard whether auditions have been schedule?

  • Mason

    Check out

    If you pause at :24, you can see Jordan in the background!!

  • Dan

    Ace – interesting perspective on the Hip Hop. As for Vargas, I actually developed a little bit of a crush on him last night after that brilliant routine.

    Patty – Absolutely!!

    Anthony – I couldn’t agree with you more. The judges ruined the season FOR SURE. I actually got tired of their incessant praise for Melissa and I think it’s going to come back to haunt her. As for the best routine, I have to disagree. The three girls dancing Mia Michaels was 100x better than Joey’s routine!!

    Mason – hm…it would surprise me if the show didn’t return. Who knows, maybe we’ll be forced to stomach Canadian Idol again. And that IS Jordan in the background. I love/hate that Lauren Froderman signed on for this video as well. I definitely thought she would be aiming higher with her level of work after WINNING SYTYCD!!!

  • Mika

    When can we vote? Was it just Monday night lr we can vote every day of the week?

  • Dan

    Mika – I’m pretty sure it was only Monday night. I couldn’t find any reference to still being able to cast votes on the CTV website. Let me know if you find anything different!

  • Mika

    Dan- I didn’t find anything either! It sucks that I didn’t get to vote on time! And thank you for answering! Who do you want to win this competition?

  • Dan

    Hey Mika – The more I think about it, I’m really hoping that Lindsay pulls off the win. While Melissa has been sensational all year, she’s had the judges practically swooning over her…I think Lindsay has the underdog status, and I always like seeing the unlikely competition win. You?

  • Mika

    Hello Dan! I was hoping that Melissa would win the title because it’s her fourth time trying to be part of sytycd Canada,and now that she finally made it,and always had amazing performances, I would of like her to win the title! She’s a strong female dancer! Did you see the finally?