SYTYCDC Season 4: Top 16 Eliminations

Here we are again folks, another elimination episode for SYTYCDC. Did you vote and save your favourite this week? I’ll be honest; there weren’t many routines in this week’s performance episode that had me diving for my phone to call in. Granted, I was a bit tired last night so maybe that had something to do with my being completely underwhelmed. Once again we had (the annoying) Leah Miller introducing the group routine, a Blake McGrath angelic contemporary piece.

SIDE NOTE: I eye-rolled three times during Leah’s intro: (1) when she referred to the loss of Teya and Boneless as devastating, (2) when she referred to Monday night’s choreography as the toughest of the season, and (3) when she referred the performances as the best we had ever seen. Lies, lies, and more lies. Leah, seriously, get a new writing team or shut the hell up. I really hope the executive producers and writers of this show don’t honestly thing the audience is buying this crap. Even the tween audience isn’t this naïve!

Anywhore, on to the opening performance. I really wanted to like this number, like really badly. I’ll start with the positive. Making Lindsay the focus of this piece was absolutely the smartest move Blake McGrath could have done. She nailed the roll of the angel, or whatever it was that she was supposed to be. I also really enjoyed the subtle costume change at the end, with the addition of the fierce metallic belt. As for the rest of the number, it was completely lost on me in large part due to the music. The whole number felt religious and preachy, and for that sole reason I couldn’t relate to it AT ALL. The one part that had incredible potential was the double line created with men on one side, women on the other and Lindsay dancing up the middle aisle. If the movements had actually been in sync with the pairings it would have looked stunning. Unfortunately every single pair was off and it ended up looking sloppy and amateurish. Seriously Canada, you really have to start pulling it together, and I’m talking to ALL you dancers still left in the competition! Sorry Blake, but that is strike two against you in respect to your choreography.

Once again the judges were introduced and we were quickly into the action, with the first three couples brought out on stage to learn their fates; Melissa and Christian (in my opinion the best of the night), Denitsa and Joey, and Geisha and JP. Melissa and Christian were first to learn that they would be making it through to next week, finding themselves in safety – NATURALLY. Denitsa and Joey were then pitted against Geisha and JP and surprisingly Geisha and JP were ALSO safe (after that terrible performance), sending Denista and Joey into the bottom three.

The remaining five couples were then immediately brought out to learn their fates; Jordan and Shane, Carlena and Adam, Lindsay and Francois, Shelaina and Kevin, and Yuliya and Matt. After apparently five outstanding routines (according to the judges critics) two of these couples would be in the bottom three. Jordan and Shane were up first, pitted against Carlena and Adam. Surprizingly Carlena and Adam were sent through to safety and in a WILD turn of events Jordan and Shane were placed in the bottom two – WHAT THE HELL?! Up next were Lindsay and Francois, and they were sent straight through to next week’s performance show. What is this, backwards week?! That left Shelaina and Kevin, or Yuliya and Matt to potentially round out the bottom three couples. Yuliya and Matt were sent to safety (HUH?) and Shelaina and Kevin were sent backstage to prepare to dance for their lives.

Wow, I never would have expected to see Jordan and Shane OR Shelania and Kevin in the bottom three. They were the only two contemporary routines and the viewers poorly received BOTH of them. Maybe that should be a hint that it’s time to freshen up the choreographers in this genre! I actually have no clue as to who will be leaving the competition this week. Perhaps Denitsa and Shane?!

The bottom three couples then danced for their lives during their solo performances and I’m pretty sure if you paused your PVR just right, you would have seen a small glance at Denitsa’s coochie. Jordan’s solo was GORGEBALLS and if she goes home tonight this show will forever go down in history as a joke. Shelania definitely pulled out her eccentric side during her performance, which may come back to haunt her in the end. Joey’s solo was phenomenal – that’s all. Shane’s solo was definitely powerful and truly gave Joey a run for his money. Then Kevin came out and absolutely DESTROYED his solo. To be honest I didn’t expect to see any of these boys in the bottom three tonight and I have no idea who will be going home!

After the short commercial break, we were right into the eliminations (thank goodness for the thirty minute eliminations in Canada), with the ladies learning their fates first. With a very quickly decision from Jean Marc, Shelania was sent home this week. I’m a tad pissed about this result, as it really should have been Denitsa. Of course another ballroom dancer was saved…

That left the boys, and I was seriously blown away by the judge’s decision. Kevin was sent home and I think this was 100% the wrong decision. Giving it an ounce of thought, I absolutely would have sent Shane home this week. Kevin’s body of work was leaps ahead of Shane’s and I really think the judges need to stop having the power to make the decisions!

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    • Anthony

      Come on now Dan… there is no way you can think Kevin’s work was leaps and bounds over Shane… Shane killed it every week and Kevin was mostly a big, hot mess. I was pretty much just shocked that Joey, Jordan and Shane were in the bottom three altogether… they’re arguably the three best dancers in the competition. Kevin was forgettable — seems like a sweet guy, but a boring dancer.

    • Dan

      Anthony – To be honest, I wasn’t a huge fan of Shane. I didn’t feel the emotion he was showing on his face was genuine, whereas I truly felt Kevin was killing it, and dying to be in the competition.

    • j

      Ha! This time I was right! Don’t know what the judges were smoking when they gave Shelaina and Kevin rave reviews.