SYTYCDC Season 4: Top 14 Eliminations

A HUGE thank you to Tyrell for helping me out on last night’s recap of So You Think You Can Dance Canada and the top fourteen performances. I had a chance to go back and watch the routines on, and I COMPLETELY agreed with a lot of Tyrell’s commentary and critique. First of all, I absolutely loved the Stacey Tookey contemporary routine performed by Joey and Geisha. Hands down it was the best routine of the night. I also enjoyed Melissa’s Hip Hop routine, but definitely didn’t think it was worthy of a standing ovation. Also, Carlena did a surprisingly great job at contemporary, and I’ll give her total props for doing well in a style wildly outside her comfort zone.

Now, on to the show!! Thankfully it’s only 30 minutes so the action is fast and there isn’t a lot of time for nonsense filler! I will admit, I was pretty sad to see Kevin go last week, so I’m definitely curious to see which dancers will find themselves in the bottom three this week.

The show opened with the standard group routine, this time performed to “Rumour Has Itby Adele, and I was instantly swept up in the routine the minute I heard the music! This song was wildly fitting for tonight’s episode as Adele is actually performing in Vancouver tonight. This routine was pretty good, but I wasn’t a huge fan of the above shots with the weird images displayed on the stage and the camera angle from top-down. It didn’t jive with the awkward camera cuts back to the dancers. Meh. I definitely won’t be remembering this piece at the end of the season, even though Melissa Williams choreographed it.

After the judge’s introduction we were right into the action with the first four couples being brought out on stage; Jordan and Francois, Lindsay and Christian, Yuliya and JP, and Carlena and Shane. Jordan and Francois were up first, and naturally they were sent through to safety. Lindsay and Christian were up next to learn their fates and they too were safe. That left Yuliya and JP pitted against Carlena and Shane. After the results it turns out BOTH couples would be in the bottom three! Yikes! That left one of the remaining three couples to round out the bottom three. They were immediately brought out on the stage; Melissa and Adam, Geisha and Joey, and Denitsa and Matt to learn which of the pairings would make it straight through to next week and which couple would also have to dance for their life. After the clips from Monday’s performance show, naturally, Melissa and Adam were sent through to safety.

That left either Geisha and Joey, or Denitsa and Matt to round out the bottom three couples. In an UNBELIEVABLE twist of fate, once again Joey found himself in the bottom three with Geisha!

Next up were the solos, and I’ll admit they were pretty brilliant. Yuliya was up first and she rocked her style – DUH! There is no way Jean-Marc is sending his ballroom girl home. Carlena was up next and hot damn I love this girl. Everything about her reeks of stardom – her look, style and dancing abilities are epic! The last girl was Geisha and she took a really weird stance for her solo including wearing hair extensions. I didn’t really get it, but it was good! After the performances, I think it will be Geisha leaving us at the end of the night.

The men were up next, starting with JP. I definitely have a soft spot in my heart for this boy. Sigh. Shane was up next, and naturally had another strong solo. Joey also nailed it out of the park, and it dawned on me that we continually see Shane and Joey in the bottom three. With that said, I think it’s safe to say we’ll be seeing JP leaving us at the end of the episode.

After the commercial break deliberation, the judges were back with their decisions. The ladies were up first, and Jean-Marc announced that it would be Carlena leaving the competition, based on votes and the judges.

RIDICULOUS! How many terrible routines from ballroom dancers out of their styles do we need to see?! SEND YULIYA HOME!!!

The boys were up next with Tre delivering the results. Of course, it was JP leaving the competition. I love that Rex through out the comment that it wasn’t a unanimous decision from the judges, which is really important to know. Guaranteed Rex is tired of seeing the same boys in the bottom three and the judges saving them week after week. Dang it, I’ll miss you JP!!