SYTYCDC Season 4: Top 12 Performances

With the American version of So You Think You Can Dance wrapping up last week, and crowning Melanie as the season eight winner, I can now shift my focus solely to the Canadian competition. I’ll admit; I’m still a bit miffed after last week’s eliminations. I definitely think Carlena and JP deserved to stay and I am extremely tired of the judges saving (therefore announcing) their favourite dancers week after week. The fact that Yuliya and Denista are still in the competition has me absolutely baffled.

Christian Millette & Lindsay Leuschner

Genre: Salsa
Song: “Aquanile” – Hector Lavoe
Choreographer: Francis & Claudia

After the announcement of the top twelve and the FIVE EFFING judges for this week’s show, we were straight into the dancing action. The first pairing of the night was Lindsay and Christian, and they selected a Salsa routine. Wow, another ballroom style for Christian, what a surprise! The performance was choreographed by SYTYCDC alumni, Francois (the cute one) and partner Claudia, and I really enjoyed the theme, which is surprising as I am absolutely terrified of birds!! Thankfully Christian’s shirt was open throughout the routine, which gave me enough eye candy to enjoy this style. While Christian absolutely nailed the routine, I felt Lindsay was a little sloppy in her technique, especially in regards to her footwork. The routine felt under-rehearsed on Lindsay’s behalf, and definitely a forgettable way to open the night.

Adam Lopapa & Melissa Mitro

Genre: Contemporary
Song: “Set Fire To The Rain” – Adele
Choreographer: Sabrina Matthews

The second pairing of the night showcased Adam and Melissa’s Contemporary abilities, dancing a Sabrina Matthews contemporary-by-numbers routine. Wait for it, and watch for the walking, spinning lift. Would Melissa be receiving her FIFTH standing ovation from the judges after this performance? As soon as the dance started, I sighed at the brilliant song choice. Once again, two spinning lifts showcasing the female dancers flexibility. Sigh, come on Sabrina! Regardless of the lack of originality from the choreographer, these two dancers were absolutely fan-effing-tastic. Adam, shirtless, was absolutely mesmerizing, and Melissa was an absolutely breathtaking dancer, with no other female dancer in the competition coming close to her level. Naturally, Melissa DID get her fifth standing ovation of the season, and in this case, I will admit it was well deserved. The judges actually gave Melissa the title of the best female dancer they have ever had, in any season of So You Think You Can Dance Canada. BOOM! How’s that for props? Hopefully all this praise won’t come back to haunt her with the audience voting.

Matt Marr & Denitsa Ikonomova

Genre: Hip-Hop
Song: “C’mon (Catch ‘Em By Surprise) (Feat Busta Rhymes) – Diplo vs Tiesto

The third duo to take to the stage was Denitsa and Matt taking on a Hip Hop routine. I loved everything about this dance except the two performers faces. I understand that they were trying to look hard but it came across more as crazy! I really wish this had been a lyrical hip hop piece, like a Nappy-Tabs style choreo, which would have been better suited for these two dancers. I don’t have a lot to say about this piece, other than it was performed hard, the dancers pulled face and the outfits were just plain silliness. I wish these two had been placed in regular street-style Hip Hop clothes. I didn’t understand the need for the chains and mesh sleeves on Matt. I definitely have a strong feeling that these two will be in the bottom three this week.

Shane Simpson & Yuliya Zavadska

Genre: Jive
Song: “Thunder On The Mountain” (Feat Jack White) – Wanda Jackson
Choreographer: Danny Arbour

The fourth couple to perform was Yuliya and Shane (a new pairing this week), taking on a Jive (another shocker), from another SYTYCDC alumni, Danny Arbour. This had train wreck written all over it from the first second of the intro clip. And sadly, in my opinion, it didn’t get a lot better from there. I think the song really ruined this piece for me. Shane’s crazy style, and lack of control also didn’t help much. Naturally, Yuliya was great in this style, as should be expected from a ballroom champion. For some reason screaming Mary Murphy decided to give Shane mad props on this routine, and I’m not sure if I was watching a different routine, but I definitely wouldn’t pick up the phone to vote for this particular piece. Ugh, I accidentally stopped fast-forwarding right as Jean-Marc was delivering his critique and I love how he goaded Canada to vote for these two. Seriously? Enough…

Joey Arrigo & Geisha Chin

Genre: Afro-Jazz
Song: “Jungle” – Hilight Tribe
Choreographer: Sean Cheeseman

The next performance was a Sean Cheesman Afro-Jazz routine, performed by Geisha and Joey. Sadly, Geisha, who was one of my early favorites in the competition, has fallen off my radar the past few weeks. I’m really hoping this routine can turn that back around, and truly showcase her abilities as a dancer. As for Joey, I have watched this kid dance for his life so many times; I naturally assume he will be in the bottom three again. Can Sean Cheesman change that? I’ll admit I really like this style, and I absolutely LOVED Geisha’s hair, outfit and styling. The body art on both of the dancers was effing sick as well. As soon as this piece ended I was screaming at the TV for how awesome Geisha was in this piece! She absolutely nailed it, and I loved her ability to channel her inner spirit dancer. As for Joey, this routine really showed his flaws as a dancer. He just wasn’t able to keep up to Geisha, and he simple didn’t finish all of the steps. A lot of the arm throws and back steps felt half-hearted, and I am really worried for these two again this week.

Jordan Clark & Francois Pruneau

Genre: Contemporary
Song: “Let Go” – Frou Frou
Choreographer: Sabrina Matthews

The final couple routine of the night was my girl, Jordan, and her skeleton partner, Francois. This duo would be performing the second Sabrina Matthews Contemporary routine of the night, and at this point I am really tired of seeing her name on the screen! Come on Canada, mix up the choreographer talent!! Thankfully, the song choice was once again brilliant with Let Go by Frou Frou. Naturally, Jordan nailed this piece, and Francois was there as the perfect partner, to lift her and spin her across the stage. Was there anything spectacular about this routine, outside of the incredible technique from Jordan? Not really. The steps were consistent from any other Contemporary piece we’ve seen throughout the season, and I was really looking for that one break out moment that would make me gasp, and fall in love. It just didn’t happen for me tonight, and I’m really hoping that doesn’t spell trouble for Jordan.

To add some filler to the hour-and-a-half long episode, the top twelve took to the stage at the end of the night to perform a Sho-tyme Hip Hop routine. Wow, did you see the ballroom folk fall apart?! Christian and Francois were dancing straight up, and stood a foot taller above the rest of the group for the majority of the routine! I definitely think this was a bizarre routine for this remaining group of twelve. Oh well, it was a way to end the night at least!

After these performances, the following are my predictions for the bottom three couples:

  • Denitsa and Matt
  • Yuliya and Shane
  • Jordan and Francois

If I’m right, I have an awful feeling that Matt and Jordan will be heading home this week (as the judges will continue to keep the ballroom dancers safe).

Let’s see if I’m right!

  • Mason

    I think one of the ballroom girls will be going home. There was just too much praise for Jordan (and a repeat of a Melanie-Sasha rivalry wouldn’t hurt the ratings.)

    Wonder if Luther likes Mary as much as he seems to!

  • Terry Jaxxon

    hey Dan!! just popping in to say hi and get a Dan fix… especially after my whacking comment in the american finale recaps. 🙂
    I wish we had the Canadian version to watch….. seems like some amazing dancers this year for them as well. Wonder if they will do an American or American/Canadian All-star version.. and let them all compete against each other.

  • Chris Sabourin

    I have to say I am really having a hard time getting excited about any of the dancers this season. Maybe it is the show itself that is keeping my hype level down. They are good dancers, but the show as a whole is grating on me. From the number of judges on panel (how many do we need?????), to the drawn out false praise from each one of them, Leah’s annoyance as the host (does come close to CAT), the Mento’s audience clips. But most of all Jean Marc…… arrrrgh!!

  • Dan

    Hey Mason – 100% guarantee Luther is putting on an act for the cameras. There is no WAY he can handle her off screen.

    Terry – good to hear from you! Sorry I never got back to you on the whacking comment. You should record your skills and upload them online. Heck I would critique them!

    As for a Canadian versus American showdown, that would be EPIC! The Canadians would win, similar to Olympic hockey, but it would be fun to watch nonetheless.

    Chris – Dude, I agree with you on every single point. Too many judges, too much filler, too much Jean-Marc and too much praise. I’d love for the judges to be realistic instead of false prep and begging for people to vote. As for Leah Miller, don’t even get me started. Every single week is absolutely AMAZING/BRILLIANT dancing followed by unbelievably devastating eliminations. It’s drama to the max, and I’m not buying it…

  • Robyn

    The single biggest reason I’m struggling with watching this show is exactly what Chris said. The production, styling and judging are awful and contrived and it really feels second (third?) rate compared to the original. It’s too bad for the dancers. Don’t EVEN get me started on Jean Marc and Leah… Don’t.Even.