SYTYCDC Season 4: Top 12 Eliminations

Well Canada, here we are again. Another week of ‘devastating’ eliminations with ‘the most brutal cuts yet’, according to Leah Miller’s banter. This time, we’re cutting down the remaining top twelve contestants to reveal Canada’s top ten dancers, who will eventually go on to perform in the cross-Canada tour throughout the fall. Definitely an exciting night, except for the lone two performers who don’t make it through.

The night started in regular fashion with the top twelve dancers hitting the stage for a group routine. The camera work on this routine was really well done, and I absolutely loved the fade from black and white into full color. The blend of dance styles was really well done; there was a cool mix of Jazz, Broadway, a few different Ballroom styles and a dash of Cheerleading. Also, have the boys dance shirtless with ties and suspenders definitely added to the hotness factor. Okay, wait, I’ll clarify. Matt and Christian being shirtless added to the hotness, in my opinion. This piece was surprisingly choreographed by Jean-Marc and his leading lady in life and dance.

Unfortunately, and unnecessarily, all five judges were back on the panel for tonight’s elimination.

I skipped past their nonsense and jumped right into the action with the first two couples being brought out on stage to learn their fate; Melissa and Adam and Jordan and Francois pitted against one another. Naturally Melissa and Adam were sent through to safety, but I was a bit shocked when Leah announced that Jordan and Francois were also through to the top ten. Yikes! That doesn’t bode well for the remaining four couples!

Lead immediately rounded up the rest of the couples and brought them out on stage; Lindsay and Christian, Giesha and Joey, Denitsa and Matt, and Shane and Yuliya. The three couples dancing for their lives out of the group were Lindsay and Christian, Geisha and Joey, and Yuliya and Shane. I am once again surprised to see Denitsa and Matt sailing through to the top ten and next week’s performance show! I have NO idea what guy will be leaving the competition this week, as all three men have been touted as judge’s favourites throughout the season, and referred to as the best dancers in the competition. What are you going to do judges?! As for the girls, I have a feeling the judges will stick to their regular routine, saving Yuliya (the ballroom favourite and Jean-Marcs obsession) and send Geisha home…

The solos were up next and I want to state that I absolutely loved Lindsay’s performance. I truly felt as though she danced for her life, and danced with her heart on her sleeve. The judges gave her a rightfully deserved standing ovation. My girl Geisha danced to Robyn, and therefore nailed her solo in my books. Yuliya was up next to stomp out her ballroom tricks, and I felt like have I seen this solo so many times before this season that there is nothing left for her to do that we haven’t already watched. The boys followed suit after the commercial break, with Christian up first, thankfully shirtless again. He is absolutely the new Pasha from So You Think You Can Dance US. This man is dead sexy and makes me thoroughly enjoy watching ballroom. Joey was up next, once again performing his solo, and I really don’t know what to say about this kid. He really needs to learn to start connecting with the judges, ASAP. Shane wrapped up the solos and naturally, his was incredibly strong, as were the other men tonight.

After the judge’s deliberation, I truly didn’t know whom they would be choosing to stay and who would be leaving the competition this week. The ladies were up first, and without hesitation, Lindsay was sent straight through to the top ten. Once again Jean-Marc referred to Yuliya being a ballroom champion, and that was the deciding factor to put her through into the top ten, sending Geisha home. Bullshit. Sorry about the language, but that decision and speech was awful, and the rationale is ridiculous. Over it.

Tre was up next to huff and puff over who would be going home. Again, Christian was immediately sent to safety and into the top ten, leaving Joey and Shane on the stage. For some reason the judges seem to think the audience cares whether or not the vote was unanimous or not, and continues to share this detail. Just get on with it! This is the third time that both of these guys have been in the bottom three, and surprisingly Shane was saved and moved into the top ten, with Joey going home this week. I can’t say that I’m sorry to see this guy go…I haven’t really loved him throughout this process. Hmm…well it has been an interesting night folks!


Who will be leaving us next week?

  • Terry Jaxxon

    hey Dan! request is completed. drop me an email.

    i don’t even get to watch these…and still love the recap. LOL

  • Mason

    Well, I called it wrong. I did not expect both Yuliya and Denitsa to make it to top 10… though I suppose it’s not surprising, since we have both Francois and Christian on the boys’ side.

    I’m still for Jordan. She has an emotional range Melissa lacks. Melissa is a powerhouse, for sure. But I still remember Jordan’s theatre number, where her comic acting was spot on, plus she has the fluidity of motion I personally love. In fact, she’s the only acrobatic dancer–with the exception of Kelli Baker–I’ve seen who can move seamlessly from contemporary to acro and back.

  • Dan

    Thanks for the support Terry! Find me on Facebook – I’ve liked this article, so it shouldn’t be hard.

    Mason – I can’t believe both of them made it through to the top ten. If Jean-Marc wasn’t forcing his opinion on Canada AND making the decisions each week I truly believe we would have seen both Yuliya and Denitsa leave the competition weeks ago. It’s so frustrating as a viewer watching Yuliya in the bottom three for THREE weeks and still making it into the top ten.

    Interesting comments about Jordan actually, I never thought of it that way and definitely see your point. I’m still a fan of Melissa though, as I definitely love her technical abilities.