SYTYCDC Season 4: Top 10 Performances

Well folks, last week we saw your votes decide who would be in our top ten of season four of So You Think You Can Dance Canada, and ultimately, these will be the performers hitting the stage across Canada in their upcoming fall tour. Did your favorites make it through? Naturally, I think the majority of Canada is surprised (and a little unnerved) at the number of ballroom dancers still in the competition, but it’s how it goes when the judges are making the decisions instead of the actual voters. Seriously, how many more times can Yuliya find herself dancing for her life before Jean-Marc FINALLY gets the hint…

Anyways, on to the performances!!

Denitsa Ikonomova & Francois Pruneau

Genre: Mambo
Song: “Bemba Colora” – Celia Cruz
Choreographer: Gustavo Vargas

Once again, Leah Miller introduced the unnecessarily large judging panel (including the adorable Stacey Tookey) and the first new couple of the night to perform, Denitsa and Francois. Instant dread. This week this duo selected a Mambo ‘from the hat’. Yeah right, it’s ANOTHER ballroom routine for the ballroom dancers. How convenient. Oh weirdness Batman. When Denitsa ripped open Francois’ shirt and the audience had to be goaded to cheer – AWKWARD. Did I like this routine? Sure. It was 100% due to Denitsa and her being completely in her style. Her sassiness in this performance was fantastic. Sadly, Francois looked like her creepier older brother acting as a prop. As a duo, I just didn’t feel the connection. Okay, another sick moment at the end of the routine when the camera zoomed in on Francois and the sweat was streaming down his face. Sick!

Throughout the show the dancers each performed their solos, alongside their couple routines, in an effort to better showcase their talents. For this week’s show, I’m not going to critique the solos, and simply save the bitchiness to when they hit the stage as a duo. Hope that’s cool.

Lindsay Leuschner & Adam LoPapa

Genre: Contemporary
Song: “Remember When It Rained” – Josh Groban
Choreographer: Blake McGrath

The second new couple of the night was Lindsay and Adam, tackling a Blake McGrath Contemporary routine. I am SO EFFING EXCITED to see these two perform together. Once again Blake tried to force some lame ass concept on us to add deeper meaning to the piece, and I wish he would just let the dancers be themselves for once! Regardless, these two dancers were brilliant. Adam’s six-pack is out of this world, and I was incredibly happy to see his shirt wide open again tonight. As for Lindsay, she was so incredibly gritty and raw in her performance and I absolutely loved it. I felt every emotion she was trying to convey and absolutely loved her technique. Adam was spot on as a partner, and a rock in all of the lifts. While I didn’t love the choreographer, I felt that Blake did a solid job of leveraging these two dancer’s strengths to produce an incredible piece of work. Kudos to Adam and Lindsay for rising to the occasion!

Melissa Mitro and Shane Simpson

Genre: Hip-Hop
Song: The Time (Dirty Bit) – Black Eyed Peas
Choreographer: Luther Brown

The third couple of the night was newly paired Melissa and Shane, coming together again. This time around they tackled a Luther Brown Hip Hop routine, and I’m really nervous as to how this piece will do. The song choice was spot on – The Dirty from Black Eyed Peas. SICK!I can not believe I am going to say this, but I LOVED this routine. It was truly the first Hip Hop routine from Luther Brown that I have genuinely enjoyed. Hell, I more than enjoyed it; I wish I were performing it! Melissa and Shane were equally sick in this performance and my eyes were constantly darting back and forth between the two dancers. I went back and watched it two more times, one time just starring at Melissa, and the next focusing entirely on Shane. If you still have this routine PVR’d, I recommend you go back and do the same! It’s worth it! WHOO! Damn this was good. On a RIDICULOUS note, Melissa received her sixth consecutive standing ovation from the judges. While I understand why they were compelled to get on their feet, I am truly tired of her being promoted as their favorite. I have a feeling it’s going to come back to haunt her as the week’s go on and the Canadian voters starting routing for the underdog…

Yuliya Zavadska & Matt Marr

Genre: Contemporary
Song: “My Love” – Sia
Choreographer: Sabrina Matthews

The fourth couple of the night and dancing together for the first time were Yuliya and Matt, taking on a Sabrina Matthews Contemporary routine. I loved that Sabrina chose My Love by Sia as the song for this routine. Gorgeous. Another thing about this routine that was gorgeous – MATT. Where did this man come from?! His pirouettes were fucking incredible. I hardly looked at Yuliya this entire routine. It definitely had to do with her inability to rise to Matt’s level in this style. At this stage in the competition her technique just wasn’t good enough. Sure, Yuliya kills it in her solos each week, but her partnering just isn’t there. The emotion and connection between these two dancers was good, but I truly felt that Matt was held back in this routine. On a positive note, I do feel that Yuliya’s makeover has done wonders for her appearance and taken ten years off her looks.

SIDE NOTE: Melissa’s solo was fucking incredible. (Although no standing ovation on this performance – OH SNAP).

Jordan Clark and Christian Millette

Genre: Jazz
Song: “Skin” – Rihanna
Choreographer: Sean Cheesman

The final performance of the night was from Jordan and Christian, back together again, taking on a Sean Cheesman Jazz routine. Holy shitballs was this routine incredibly sexy. I loved the concept, of just plain steamy sexiness, combined with the music; Skin by Rihanna. This number was absolutely the best performance of the night and finally something a little unique for the SYTYCDC stage. I loved the use of the rotating door and walls at the start of the routine, with the dancers mirroring each other on either side of the wall (it’s one of my favourite choreography tricks). Jordan looked ridiculously good in her black undies and men’s white shirt, and Christian looked edible after he slowly removed his tank top. Ugh. Sigh. It was all just too much for me. I was obsessively starting at the crook right above his butt, that was just slightly exposed over his jeans – ARE. YOU. KIDDING. ME?!?! These two were the epitome of sexy and the best pairing to date! LOVED IT! What a perfect way to end the night.

If I have my way, the following three men and women will be in the bottom this week:

Girls: Denitsa, Yuliya, and Lindsay

Boys: Francois, Shane, Adam

As to who will be leaving us this week, it should be Francois and Yuliya. Enough already!

  • Robyn

    You know what I’m going to say right????? About Lindsay and Adam’s performance?????? About Blake McGrath???? HE STOLE THE RUN AND LEAP (MELISSA TO NEIL) MOVE FROM MANDY MOORE!! Even my 8 year old saw that. Shame on you Blake.
    Other than that I agree with you on all points. Buh bye Yuliya. She ruined that lovely piece.

  • Dan

    Oh Robyn…I am so glad we always see the same side of the picture. Blake is notorious for stealing other choreographers moves and trying to make them his own. I’m pretty sure everyone sees it too!

  • PK

    Anyone remember the Mirror Dance that Blake did? Here’s the same concept and song. My question is, “Who did it first?”