SYTYCDC Season 4: Top 10 Eliminations

Alrighty folks, we’re back in the hot seat with another two dancers leaving the competition, just a few weeks shy of reaching the finale. I’ll be honest; if all four ballroom contestants are still standing at the end of this episode I am going to lose my mind! I just can’t stand to see another incredible dancer be sent home while the judges hand pick their favourites to stay. I’m over it! Anyways, enough ranting for now, and let’s get on with the show.

The night opened with the standard group performance, this time it was an incredible Sabrina Matthews contemporary routine, perfectly complimented by the vocal styling of Florence + The Machine. I absolutely loved this piece and watched it twice in a row just to fully appreciate the piece. I recommend you go back and watch it again, trust me, you will love it even more the second time through. I want to offer Sabrina a sincere apology. I have been incredible tough on her choreography these last few weeks, as I haven’t really seen anything original from her, in respect to the duo pairings. I stand corrected. This routine absolutely changed my opinion of her, and I am willing to admit when I am wrong. In this case, I was off the mark, and am now eating crow.

Immediately following the judge’s introduction, Leah Miller brought out the top five girls to learn their fate; Lindsay, Denitsa, Yuliya, Melissa and Jordan. I was dying to know whom Canada would be voting through to next week’s performance show! Surprizingly, Lindsay was sent to safety right away!! HOORAY! Denitsa was then pitted against Yuliya, and not surprising, both of these girls were sent into the bottom three. Fourth week in a row Yuliya has been in the bottom three, and I am willing to put money on the fact that she’ll be saved for a fourth week in a row as well. That left Melissa and Jordan, one of which would also be dancing for their lives and the other making their way through to next week’s show. For the first time this season, Melissa found herself in the bottom three, meaning Jordan was safe! WOW! Unreal!!

Up next were the top five guys to learn their fates, Christian, Shane, Francois, Adam and Matt. Ugh, just looking at the line up I am desperately hoping that it’s Francois. Christian was up first, pitted against Shane. In an unexpected twist, SHANE was safe, and Christian was sent off stage to prepare for his solo, as he would be dancing for his like. Quickly following suit was Francois, also in the bottom three (thank goodness). That left Matt or Adam to round out the bottom three guys, and I was STOKED to see Matt make it through to next week’s show, placing Adam in the bottom three. Yikes!!
SIDE NOTE: I won’t critique the solos; however, Melissa’s was so effing far above the rest of the dancers, it’s no wonder she’s getting praise week after week!

After some incredible solos and a few commercial breaks spotted throughout we were right into the results, with the ladies up first. Thankfully Jean-Marc sent Melissa to safety immediately, so she wasn’t forced to stand up there undeservingly any longer. After no further discussion, Yuliya was sent packing! UNREAL! And finally!! I didn’t understand a single sentence she said in her farewell speech.

The boys were up next, with Tre delivering the news. Again, thankfully, Adam was immediately sent to join the other dancers who had already made it through to next week’s performance show. That left Christian and Francois, and thankfully again the judges made the right decision and sent Francois packing!

For once, the two people who rightfully deserved to be going home were eliminated. Sorry Yuliya and Francois, it has been a great run; however, you just were convincing enough in the other styles.

  • j

    Wow, I’m surprised (and glad) that Shane did not make the bottom three. I agree that Francois was the right person to send home.

  • Anthony

    Right choices tonight, but the judge’s will never regain the tiny bit of respect I had for them when they sent Joey home last week.

  • Dan

    I agree Anthony – I couldn’t believe Francois was saved and Joey was sent home…