SYTYCDC Season 4 Finale: Canada’s Favorite Dancer Is…

Holy smoke, this is it folks! We have finally reached the finale of So You Think You Can Dance Canada season four and I am beyond excited to see which of the remaining four dancers will walk with away with the title of Canada’s Favourite Dancer. I’ve had a chance to do some serious reflection since the original performance episode aired last Monday and I am extremely torn as to who I think will win, and rightfully, who deserves to win as well. Ultimately, I think the title has to be handed to one of the remaining girls in the competition, as Melissa, Lindsay and Jordan are far superior to Christian, Shane and Matt (sigh). Believe me, my crush on Matt is still going strong; however, I don’t think that’s going to carry him through to the win.

The night opened with an incredibly weird Jazz piece that included Mary Murphy and Luther Brown on stage, sitting on oversized thrones. The Jean-Marc, Tre and Blake took to the stage to perform alongside the top twenty-two dancers from this season. Of course Blake had to try to take centre stage. I will say I loved when Matt tap-danced in the black sequence pants, purple blazer and no shirt underneath! HOT! Overall, this performance did a good job of reminding the audience of all the previous contestants that have been sent home over the weeks. Sadly this performance was pre-recorded, as the top twenty-two dancers were quickly introduced following this performance in entirely different outfits. Lame.

Once again, the judging panel was packed to the hilts with NINE judges, choreographers and homos making up the panel, including my favourite, Mia Michaels. I will definitely be breezing through a lot of what these judges have to say. When the camera jumped to the panel I literally laughed at how ridiculous they all looked crammed in behind that table. Holy eff, Leah then asked every judge to say something to the top six remaining dancers. What a waste of time…

The first performance of the night was a new performance (WTF?) from Lindsay and Shane, tackling a disco routine. Okay, HOLD THE BUS. What is the point of NEW routines at this stage in the competition? Is this seriously why we had to wait SIX DAYS to learn the results of Canada’s votes? And to add insult to injury, you make one of the new routines a DISCO PIECE?!?! I’m not even going to critique this nonsense…

Luther Brown was up first to pick his first favourite of the season; Carlena and Boneless dancing a Hip Hop routine to Nikki Minaj. I actually remembered this routine, and it was good!!

Rex Herrington was up next to announce his first favourite; Joey and Jordan performing a Stacey Tookey contemporary number. This piece was pretty phenomenal, and I was happy to see it a second time through.

Sergio was up next to pick favourite. He chose a Sabrina Matthews contemporary routine performed by Shelaina and Matt. This was just okay for me the first time around and wasn’t much better tonight, even though my boy Matt was dancing.
Screaming Mary Murphy was up next to shout her favourite, and it was a Tango featuring Melissa and Christian.

My girl Mia Michaels was up next with her first pick and she selected a Sean Cheesman piece with Joey and Jordan performing. I almost forgot about this number, and was super happy that Mia picked it!

Sean Cheesman followed suit by selecting another Sabrina Matthews contemporary routine. This time, it was Melissa and Adam, dancing to Adele, and once again I was instantly caught up in the magic that is dancing combined with Adele’s incredible voice.

Blake was up next to pick his favourite, and he smartly selected the routine from last week with Jordan and Christian, giving them a chance to redeem themselves after the botched lift earlier in the week. Thankfully this time went much better, and the lift was flawless (and STUNNING)! I love the leap split. I could watch it over and over again.

Tre was up first with her first pick. For some reason she chose the Hip Hop featuring Lindsay and Matt. While I personally loved this routine, I was definitely surprised to see it be classified as one of the best routines of the year…

Mary was back in the spotlight to shriek out her next favourite of the season, and she picked Gustavo Vargas’ Salsa with Melissa and Shane. Wow, I did not like Shane in this performance the first time around and I liked him even less the second time…

This routine was immediately followed up with another Melissa and Shane routine, this time a Hip Hop routine from Luther Brown. I LOVED this routine the first time I saw it, and it was in large part to Melissa destroying the steps and the musical styling of the Black Eyed Peas.

Luther then selected his second favourite piece of the year, a Blake McGrath routine performed by Lindsay and Adam. SKIP!

Up next was Leah’s ‘Favourite Pick’ the top twenty-two performing a Hip Hop routine. Right Leah, as if anyone watching believed your lies and thought this was actually your favourite.
Blake was back in the driver seat for his next pick, and thankfully he picked the BEST routine of the season; Mia Michael’s contemporary choreography with the top three girls. Nothing will compared to this piece this season.

SIDE NOTE: Mia Michaels just won her THIRD Emmy Award for choreography this past week!

Jean-Marc was up next to ramble on about the brilliance of the ballroom dancers from this season, and then introduced Francois and Denitsa’s Mambo. Really? Neither of these dancers made it through to the final six. Ridiculous.

In an incredibly touching tribute, Stacey Tookey choreographed a routine to commemorate the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2011 specifically for tonight’s finale. It was gorgeous, and I loved it despite it being pre-recorded. There is something about Stacey Tookey and her ability to connect with the audience through incredible dances. I felt chills throughout my body.

Randomly, the next bit of the show had us cut to SYTYCDC season one winner, Niko (via Satellite) to introduce season two winner, Tara-Jean, and season three winner, Dennis, who were dancing together in a pre-recorded ballroom routine. I would have DIED To be in the studio and watch Leah yammer on about a routine that wasn’t even being performed live. Nightmare!!

Following that random piece, the top six contestants then took to the stage to perform a Sean Cheesman routine – another new piece for the night. Wow, the ladies KILLED this routine. Melissa’s split lead was STUNNING. Jordan’s pretzel roll IN THE AIR and sliding down Francois’ body was unbelievable. I really wish this routine had been performed earlier in the season when it actually would have counted towards Canada’s votes.

The six dancers were then split up to perform three final duets, also repeat performances from dances showcased earlier in the season, starting with Lindsay and Shane performing their incredible Stacey Tookey contemporary routine (to Alanis Morissette’s Uninvited). Following that routine was Matt and Melissa tackling a Melissa Williams Jazz routine, and lastly Jordan and Christian performing the brilliant Sean Cheesman Jazz routine (to Rihanna, using the walls and door).

Seriously, after what felt like ENDLESS performances we were finally going to get some results. ALL SIX contestants were still contenders for the prize at this point, and I was getting pretty antsy for the winner to be announced.

All six remaining dancers were brought out on stage, and the ‘surprise twist’ was announced. I honestly thought it was going to be another week of dancing and I was going to flip my lid. Instead, Leah announced at the four ‘second runner ups’ would be getting $5K each, and the first runner up with be receiving $10K. Not too shabby, as the winner only pulls in a cool $100K.
Lindsay quickly jumped to the results and announced that Lindsay, Shane and Christian were NOT in Canada’s ‘TOP TWO’. Then BOOM, Matt was also removed from the competition leaving Melissa and Jordan as the two remaining contestants in the show. TWO GIRLS! Just as I called it…

Then BOOM, Leah announced Canada’s favourite dancer for season four of So You Think You Can Dance Canada was JORDAN CLARK!!

I am in shock. I absolutely thought it was going to be Melissa!

Congratulations Jordan! You’ve had an incredible season and a brilliant run up to the finals, and definitely pulled out the incredible underdog story. What I didn’t like about the final moments were Leah Miller hogging the limelight and looking all crazy with her near-tears snarl face!

Dang, I definitely wouldn’t have predicted Jordan to pull out the win; however, she has been in some pretty dang incredible performances throughout the season. I’m curious to see how her career will expand from the SYTYCDC stage. I hope to see her kill it in the dance industry and show everyone why she deserved the title. Guarantee she will be snapped up for musical videos and world tours, and I’m hoping as a lead dancer, so once again Canada can boast about the talent that comes from our great country!

Another job well done to all the dancers this season. While some of you only had a short reign, each of you brought something unique to the stage and for that, I say thank you! It has been a long, yet great run watching So You Think You Can Dance Canada this summer, and I think we all deserve a rest.

Cheers Canada!

  • Ace

    I like Jordan she was a great performer, but I did think like you that Melissa was going to take it. I didn’t notice Melissa until that Hip Hop routine (Luther number) then I had to go back and watch her past performances and was blown away.
    Is it just me or was there no hip hop group number this season?

  • Loved this season much better than the last American seasons. I was very sad to hear that it was cancelled. 🙁 We need all the dancing we can get!

  • Mika

    I do not get it! How can this wonderful show end,just like that?? I mean,if they knew it was the last episode ever,they should’ve done something WAY bigger!! I’m sooo sad! What about all the other dancers??

  • Ace

    It got the axe for some bogus reasons. Maybe they should have aired the show during the fall when people are more than likely watching TV versus during the summer. Maybe another station will pick it up, hopefully.

  • Dan

    Ace – I totally agree. The Canadian producers made a huge mistake airing this show at the same time as the US and having it run on for weeks after the US version wrapped up. People were in experiencing dance overdose and guaranteed the viewership and ratings dropped off…

  • Mika

    I agree with you guys but they did that last year or the year before,so why would the show be entirely canceled? They should just wait a little bit longer before starting a new season,and like you said, and not airing it at the same time as the American one

  • Dan

    Mika – good question. It could be the case of making room for new reality shows, like Canada’s Got Talent. It would make sense, as SYTYCDC replaced Canadian Idol. Apparently our willingness to watch reality in Canada isn’t as strong as the US…