Welcome to tonight’s performance recap. Its getting tougher but the votes from tonight will determine who makes it to the finale as your Top 6. Tonight’s judges include usuals Jean-Marc Genereux, Tre Armstrong, and guest judges Sergio Trujillo and Rex Harrington. Tonight, each couple will dance their routine plus each dancer will perform a solo in their own style.

Janick & Mackenzie – Hip Hop

Janick and Mackenzie have Hip Hop with Luther Brown and you can tell by them running around him in circles in their opening package that they’re excited. Mackenzie says he has been praying to the Hip Hop gods to finally get this style. Well Mackenzie, you have your wish. Luther explains that the piece is all about the swagger. As the routine begins I 150% HATE their PVC outfits. You can’t have a swagger hip hop routine with those costumes. #FAIL. (Patrick inserted his pun here… ‘scratch those cat woman outfits’) I did appreciate the one moment where Janick leaned up against Mackenzie and did two leg/booty pumps. Overall, not my favorite. Loved the song though. (Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Can See – Busta Rhymes)
What the judges said: Rex thought it was a great way to start the show. Sergio was impressed that these two contemporary dancers pulled it off. Tre loved it of course and Jean-Marc commended them on their performance.
What I think: YAWN! One of my least favorite Hip Hop routines of the season, hands down. I don’t know what it was but I’m putting my money down on the costumes. Not my fave.

Jeff and Nathalie perform their solos next. Jeff showed off his unique flexibility and style with tumbling and great shapes. Nathalie gave us a great contemporary solo showing us her maturity and grace on the stage. Love her.

Danielle & Denys – Contemporary

Danielle and Denys pull contemporary out of the hat and have Sabrina as their choreographer. This piece is a tribute to Canada’s fallen soldiers. Danielle is fully in her element and Denys is a fantastic partner so I think this should be a great piece. And I was so right. The two pulled on my heart strings the moment they begin their choreography. One thing I will say is that as much as I love Sabrina’s choreography, her song choice sometimes ruins it for me. The piece was fantastic and will be remembered for a long time but imagine if the piece hadn’t been to a Canadian indie band rock song? However, it had me in tears and I loved it.
What the judges said: All four judges gave the routine a standing ovation and had nothing but great compliments for the pair as Danielle was brought to tears by the overwhelming support from the panel.
What I think: These two are strong competitors and think that they are a shoe in for the finale after this piece. The only way they’ll be in danger is if people assume they will be safe and don’t vote for them.

Amanda and Sebastian are next to perform their solos. Amanda wows us with a creative, futuristic contemporary routine. The reflectors on her wrists were a great touch and were super effective with the stage lighting. Sebastian did his usual quirky style which makes him so charming and lovable. After, we learn that he actually danced with an injury. Impressive considering how much running and jumping he performed.

Amanda & Jeff – Contemporary

Jeff and Amanda have Contemporary with Stacey Tookey. Stacey explains how the routine is about Alzheimer’s disease and the struggle it ensues. The piece includes a white chair which poses a few problems in rehearsals considering its weight and the stickiness of the floor. The routine begins and is brilliantly lit with a ring around the chair and Jeff walking the perimeter. The piece packs some serious emotion with some really tender moments. My favorite is when Amanda is laying on the back of the chair and Jeff pushes them all the way to the front of the stage and the lets the chair fall off the stage and keeps hold of Amanda. Unreal.
What the judges said: Rex thought it was heart-stopping. Sergio loved the pair and even told Jeff he would hire him in a minute. Tre Armstrong commended Stacey and the couple for the beautiful piece. Jean-Marc was moved to tears as his mother had suffered from Alzheimer’s.
What I think: I know how hard Alzheimer’s can be as well as my Grandfather had it before he passed. I think these two embodied the piece so well and held their own in a heavy subject matter. Loved the piece.

Danielle and Denys perform their solos next. Danielle’s solo is so beautiful and her dress is stunning. She makes some great shapes with her body that I really appreciate. Denys is the ultimate performer. His routine was so entertaining and I loved when he removed his teal t-shirt to reveal… another teal t-shirt. Brilliant.

Group Routine – Jazz

This week, the Top 8 got to perform a group routine choreographed by Sean Cheeseman. In the package we learn that it Fosse inspired and is about flight attendants and pilots. How cute. The song is by the Propellerheads and compliments the piece perfectly. I loved the suitcase choreography and of course the flight attendant finger singles at the end. Overall a strong, well performed piece from the group.

Nathalie & Sebastian – Cha Cha

Nathalie and Sebastian pull Cha Cha out of the hat and get paired with choreographer and Season 1 alum Danny Arbour. Nathalie is worried about Sebastian in this routine because of the heels he has to wear. The routine begins and they have the best song of the night, Only Girl In the World by Rihanna. What makes this routine absolutely amazing is Nathalie’s moment in the fan. Wow. Was she ever living. The routine is great but I have to be honest, Sebastian didn’t do so hot. His lanky arms and style didn’t fit with this routine and he didn’t connect at all with Nathalie during the routine. He didn’t nail the masculine side of the piece that he needed.
What the judges said: The all were pretty supportive on Nathalie but the overwhelming response was not in Sebastian’s favor.
What I think: I think that Nathalie lived in this piece but wish she would have connected with Sebastian just a little bit more to help him out. I think Sebastian is in danger this week for sure.

Janick and Mackenzie round off the evening with their solos. Janick’s contemporary solo is beautiful and showcases her well. Mackenzie’s solo is full of power and I’m sure the overwhelming screams from the ladies in the audience pumped him up pretty good.

So who are my predictions for the bottom 2 girls and the bottom 2 boys?
Bottom 2 Boys: Sebastian and Jeff
Bottom 2 Girls: Nathalie and Janick

I think Sebastian and Nathalie may have a hard time cultivating votes after the Cha Cha and I am also basing them on previous voting history. I think Jeff may be in danger as he has been in the bottom before and Mackenzie has never seen it once making me feel like he has higher voter rate. I picked Janick because I feel like her solo was the weakest out of the four girls tonight. Voting history would technically put Danielle in the bottom but I think her piece with Denys tonight will keep her safe.

Check back tomorrow to find out who your Top 6 are Canada. Thanks for reading.