SYTYCDC Season 3: Top 22 Eliminations

Its elimination night folks. Tonight, we find out the 3 couples Canada gave the fewest amount of votes to and let me tell you, tonight is a little bit of a shocker. We begin the show with a Top 21 (because Shalaina is injured) group routine. The song is from the musical FELA! choreographed by choreographer and writer of the original musical Bill T. Jones. The routine was really interesting, however, I feel as though the general public won’t be a fan. If you don’t know much about FELA!, its a musical based on the life of a groundbreaking Nigerian composer and activist who is a target of 1000 soldiers determined to put an end to his performances at a Lagos nightclub. Did that help you understand the performance? Didn’t think so.

Now first off, I want to talk about how much I appreciate the the Canadian version for still keeping to the half hour result show format. Short and sweet. No filler. Like a good one night stand. We begin with the first set of couples up on the stage. Leah sets up the recaps of the night previous showing only the best of last night’s routines. In the end, it comes down to Jeff and Charlene and Hani and injured Shalaina. The results are in and Hani is in the bottom despite dancing with last year’s winner, Tara Jean.

The next set of couples arrive on the stage and Leah sets up their recaps from last night. The first couple in the bottom two is a complete shock as Edgar and Bree find themselves in the bottom after their great hip hop routine. We’re down to Jonathan and Kloe and Jesse and Julia. The hip hoppers are safe and Jesse and Julia find themselves “new discoing” their way backstage to prepare to dance for their lives.

After the commercial break, we have the boys ready to go. Hani is up first and performs exactly how I know him. Strong contemporary and in a pretty hot football kit. What did you guys think? Next up is Edgar with a smooth hip hop solo. Finally Jesse takes to the stage to perform his contemporary solo. His jeans were so tight and he wasn’t able to truly perform to the best of his ability. Would it be enough?

Next up are the girls. Now, with Shalaina injured and not able to dance for her life we only have two solos to watch. First up is Bree with a contemporary solo to try and show the judges why she deserves to be here. Julia is next on stage with a jive. I must say I enjoyed her solo the most out of all the solos tonight. Her smile is so infectious and she was just having such a great time up there. Did they dance enough for the judges to save them? Leah releases the judges to make their decision on which guy and which girl would be heading home.

After the break, the bottom 3 guys walk forward to hear Jean Marc seal the fate for one of them. Jean Marc states that the decision was not unanimous. With regret, Jean Marc tells Hani he has been eliminated from the competition.

Next up are the girls and Shalaina makes her way forward with a huge foot boot on. Tre is up to deliver the news and after explaining that the doctors have told Shalaina she cannot dance next week, she is eliminated from the competition.

So there you have it. Hani and Shalaina are out. Shalaina is a no brainer with her injury but was it Hani’s time to go? Did you guys think another couple should have been in the bottom that wasn’t there?

Top 20 Dancers

So the couples remain the same for another week which will give the chemistry time to flourish and the trust to grow. I hope next week is a lot stronger and the competitors go for the top on Monday. I also hope there are no more “new” genres of dance created as well. Here’s hoping!

  • Dan

    Hey Tyrell – Great work this week! Thanks again for stepping in to cover for this season of SYTYCDC!!

    Awesome work, I look forward to checking in each week and seeing your take on the show.

  • Allan

    Tyrell – I want you to be MEANER! Hani’s elimination was bullshit – on a lot of levels. I was at the taping of the Top 22 performance show and the judges were falling all over themselves telling Hani how fantastic he was. I believe that Mary pointed out how he had it harder than everyone else on a lot of levels, especially having to dance to TJ who won last year. He should not have been cut! He’s not even my favorite, but I don’t think that was right.