Hello everyone. I trust everyone is ready for a night of great performances from your Top 16. We are getting closer and closer to the cream of the crop so at this point, the dancers should feel comfortable with each other and should have a great deal of trust. This will reflect in the routines with great partnering skills and great attack on the movement. Lets see what happens. After the dancers are introduced, Leah hits the stage to introduce the our judges for the evening. Jean Marc, Tre Armstrong, Stacey Tookey and Ballet bad boy, Rex Harrington are present to give their critique and praise to these 16. Blake and Luther are absent meaning we can expect to see their work later on in the evening. Leah then informs us that the show is moving to a new day next week. Wednesdays for the performances and Thursdays for the results. That in turn will affect my recaps. Thursday and Friday will be their new homes.

Leah then moves to another issue which has been bombarding the producers inboxes I’m sure which is, how do the judges decide who goes home? She explains how the Bottom 3 couples are determined by Canada’s votes. She then turns to Tre and Jean Marc to ask “Who goes home is decided how?” and also asks how the results show varies between Canada and the US. Tre states that when they (the judges) receive the information of the Bottom 3 couples, they are also informed of which couple had the lowest number of votes. Sometimes, the lowest votes can determine who leaves. However, solos can save the dancers. Last week, Kirsten and Jera had the lowest number of votes but Kirsten’s solo was enough to save her and they sent Julia home instead. That will all change when we reach the Top 10 as then, only Canada’s votes will decide who stays, and who goes. With all the official jargon out of the way, lets begin. Tonight, we ask what Canada doesn’t know about the contestants.

Claudia & Edgar – Mambo

Claudia and Edgar are up first. Claudia reveals that she is addicted to candy while Edgar is a bad speller. He tries to spell choreography and fails miserably. They take a moment to reflect on last week and how being in the bottom felt. They are both glad to still be here to show Canada what they’ve got. We cut to the couple drawing Mambo out of the hat with Gustavo Vargus. He tells us in the beginning of the package that the piece takes us back to the birth of mambo. As the routine begins, all I notice is that Claudia looks super hot. They look so comfortable in the style and their connection feels so natural. The music made me feel like I was in a night club in Cuba. The piece had a lot of great organic moments to feel less choreographed. The end of the routine was great with Edgar draping Claudia over his leg. What a great way to start the show. The judges are thrilled. Stacey thought they set the stage on fire and that Edgar embodied Gustavo. Rex thought they had total control. Tre said Hello, Good Evening and Goodnight and that Edgar is so sexy. Jean Marc gives Gustavo props for his piece. He explains how Mambo is free and Claudia surrendered to it and caught on fire. He also says Edgar nailed the latin vibe. Without hesitation, Jean Marc pulls out the oven mitts as these dancers are too hot to touch. Cheesy.

Nathalie & Mackenzie – Contemporary

Nathalie and Mackenzie are up next. Nathalie loves animals especially cats while Mackenzie is a neat freak and loves to clean and vacuum. They pull Contemporary out of the hat and begin rehearsals with Blake. Blake explains how this piece is about himself and someone very special in his life. Would that be a boy or girl? Hahaha. There are birds on stage in a cage as we begin the routine. Mack gives great control in his movement as he lifts Nathalie with ease. All of a sudden, I realize that Mack is tattooed like Blake. The more I watch, I realize that Nathalie is embodying Mia Michaels. Did I figure out the riddle? Overall, the movement and music create a great piece with a lot of great moments. Homos, did you love the shorts on Mack? Sexy right? Seeing as Mack was playing Blake, I wonder if they were his. Hmm. Stacey says they are one of her favorite couples. She feels they brought the routine to a whole other level. She also mentions that Mack is one of the strongest males on the show. Rex thanked Blake for the piece and thought it was mature also calling it poetry in motion. He asks Mack to find levels in his face, but thinks he’ll go far. Tre said Mack had so many levels in his body and compliments his hot body. Awkward. She moves on to Nathalie saying that she is full of passion and precision and puts both of them in the Top 10. Rex agrees. Mackenzie and Nathalie take a moment to explain that the story is truly about Blake and Mia (as I assumed). Jean Marc says the routine was unbelievable. They are a very special couple with no compromise and full of honesty and he was truly moved by their passion. He ends by saying that tonight, they weren’t the messengers, but the message in the dance.

Amanda & Denys – House

Before the break we learn that Amanda and Denys have House. Amanda has the nickname Leggy Cleggy and Denys says that once you get to know him, he’s quite funny. They hit rehearsal with Sho-Tyme. There seems to be a lot of insane footwork. It may also be because Amanda and Denys are so far out of their genre. On paper, this should be a nightmare. As they exit the package, they say “We’ll Bring the ‘House’ Down”. I look at their outfits and think, Pirates of SYTYCD. Amanda looks hot though and really hits the pocket for me. Denys on the other hand looks REALLY focused. The song didn’t pack enough punch for me so the dance lacked excitement. The crowd seemed to enjoy it as they jump to their feet. Leah states that they have nailed every style handed to them and Stacey agrees stating that they killed it hoping they are here until the end. Rex gives it up to Sho-Tyme and says Amanda was on the movement and that their syncronicity was on point. Denys also has brooding sexuality on the stage. Tre thinks it was magnificent saying that this was the hardest footwork. Oh ya, she calls Amanda “Ab”manda. The crowd then shouts “y?ty Ukra├»ny” which means Go Ukraine. Jean Marc says that these two turned House into a Mansion. I missed the lightning footwork that they all keep talking about I guess. Jean Marc then pulls a make shift contract from under the table saying he would like to buy the house. LAME.

Charlene & Jeff – Jazz

Charlene and Jeff are up next with Jazz. Charlene is left handed and Jeff had an extra tooth in the roof of his mouth. Eww. They begin rehearsals with Sean Cheeseman. He explains that the piece is Adam and Eve coming from another planet to come to earth to find Eden. Sounds amazing. Sean states that Jeff has to find the sexiness as well as Charlene. Apple pie out. Sexy situation in. The routine begins in these circle pods. Its hot from the start when they get into the same pod together. Jeff does some great acro involving pulling himself up on top of the pods as well as doing a front walk over right over Charlene and then doing a front pike off the pod back onto the floor. His Cirque training is coming in handy. All around, I think this piece is HOT HOT HOT. Stacey says thank you to Sean calling it a masterpiece and that he adores them. They take the piece and transform it. She states that they have been getting better each week and that Charlene is dynamite. Rex is concerned as he has both of those outfits in his closet (of course). He even goes as far as saying, “A little latex goes a long way to being sexy”. HAHA! AMAZING! He says that they have great chemistry and are very well connected. Tre compared the routine to a music video saying it came from a sexually charged world. Tre wants to go there, really badly apparently. Jean Marc says it was the most technical piece of the evening. Leah then explains that Charlene is injured with concussion and black eye but had a great performance regardless. What a trooper.

Janick & Shavar – Contemporary

Janick and Shavar are up next. Janick loves to leave funny voicemails and Shavar has a crush on Leah Miller. They have Contemporary this week with Mandy Moore. It is about a couple that have forgotten why they fell in love and try and re connect with each other. Shavar has only been dancing for 4 years in Hip Hop with minimal ballet training so this could be really interesting. The routine begins and there are candles everywhere amongst the table and chairs set centre stage. The connected lifts at the beginning are good as Janick puts great trust in her. Great chemistry is also shown bringing the story to life throughout. They lay down on the table to end the piece and it is smokin’ hot. Leah calls the piece stunning as the dancers approach the judges. Stacey thanks Mandy Moore and is pleasantly surprised by Janick’s technique and wished Shavar had more. Rex thought Mandy was smart in her choreography however, Janick out danced Shavar because she had emotion and fluidity. He suggests that he breathe during pieces to obtain that fluidity Janick possessed. Tre says it was his best performance out of his own genre. She is impressed. Jean Marc loves the piece and reflects that these two were passionate about dance and it showed in the routine.

Danielle & Sebastian – Hip Hop

Danielle and Sebastian share their secrets next. Danielle visualizes food when she dances while Sebastian snorts when he laughs. Like me. They have Hip Hop with Luther Brown. Yikes. I feel like this isn’t going to go well. They need a lot of strength to pull of this piece as they are both smaller. They better smash if they want to stay out of the bottom 3. The piece begins and already, its OH NO for me. They just look so awkward in their lanky bodies. I wish wardrobe would have helped them out a little. Danielle looks hot in the front pulling off some sexy, girly choreography but in the meantime, Sebastian’s face distracting. The routine ends with Sebastian pulling the pin on a grenade and throwing it behind the wall causing an explosion which is visualized through lighting. Unfortunately, that was the coolest part of the routine. Leah is proud of the two of them as they come to hear what the judges have to say. Stacey just loves the two of them saying they are full of joy and quirky. She thought they were too nice with it though. Rex said it wasn’t as technical and didn’t hit the level from the rest of the couples had hit tonight. Danielle was a lightweight but it was a good try. Tre said they brought their own flavor and didn’t quite bring Luther into it. She loved Danielle’s sexy bits but doesn’t think it will be memorable and that Sebastian was weak. Jean Marc gives it up for Luther Brown. Danielle shares that she got punched in the face during rehearsals. Hilarious. Jean Marc says that he wanted them to boogie harder and called them only a little gangsta. In a godfather like accent, he says if you do the nasty situation, you will get the promotion. I have no idea what that means.

Kirsten & Jesse – Rumba

New partners Kirsten and Jesse are up to share their secrets. Kirsten can be really loud and Jesse can sing. They were in the bottom three and lost their partners last week so hopefully the two of them can connect quickly to catch up to the other couples. They pull Rumba out of the hat. Eric and Kelly are their choreographers. In the package, we see a lot of lifts. Yeesh. Hopefully, they can pull it off. The routine begins and already, their chemistry is great. The opening feels a bit lyrical but the attack is good. Jesse grabs on to her dress and it begins to unravel revealing her in a sexy little number. Her flexibility is wild as she does an arabesque into ponche and over-splits it. WOW! The piece seems a little lifty for me at times. Where is all the dancing and connection that makes a Rumba? Some transitions are messy but Jesse is there for her. Kirsten however, is a little bit hotter for me. Jean Marc is covering his eyes as the routine ends. Stacey is so proud of the two of them and says they have the best chemistry of the night. A great compliment considering they have only been partners for 4 days. She says she is still in shock. She didn’t expect this to happen for the two of them and is glad that Jesse coming into his own. Rex said it was incredible. Jesse captured it in the hips but not in the hands and head but handled Kirsten well. He loved Jesse’s little ballet combination in it. Tre thanks Eric and Kelly. She loved it and thinks Jesse has finally arrived. They had a good friendship first which helped turn their piece into greatness on stage. Jean Marc talks about how Eric and Kelly love to choreograph for people who love to dance and loved the classic rumba steps in the piece. Jean Marc lives for ballroom. He gives kudos on the lifts and then states that Rumba is a vertical expression of a horizontal desire. Dirty.

Kloe & Jonathan – New Disco

To end the evening, we have Kloe and Jonathan. Kloe can play the violin, but not well… at all. Jonathan is crafty with the sewing machine. What a homo. They get New Disco with Melissa Williams. They sweat a lot in rehearsal and Kloe even says to Jonathan “Am I your personal sweat catcher?” That’s disgusting. As the routine begins with the Adam Lambert track, New Disco suddenly becomes punk rock Jazz. If you read my recap from the 1st week, you’ll know that I’m still not too into the style that is jazz funk with some random ballroom lifts and footwork. Kloe works the heels well but that is about it for me however, Jonathan a strong partner for her. Lots of whacking made the piece look fun. Stacey says they performed it well and that the piece is fast and fun. Kloe embodied the choreography but didn’t fill it out. She wanted to learn something new about this couple but didn’t. Rex said it felt good when they were apart, but they stiffened up when they were together. Rex enjoyed it but didn’t see their connection only believing 60% of it. Tre personally really liked the routine. The execution popped but there is more popping that can happen. Jonathan stepped up a little whereas Kloe didn’t quite get the vibe. Tre says that she thinks she coasted and won’t be memorable. Jean Marc thinks Jonathan was hesitant but loves Kloe and thinks she attacks everything. He ends with a “Long Live New Disco”. I hope a disco ball drops on it.

Overall, I think that tonight was a great night for the 16 dancers. Picking the bottom three is going to be hard. I think that there will be the bottom 3 that it should be and then one that it will be. So… I will do both.

What It Should Be:
Sebastian and Danielle, Kloe and Jonathan, Denys and Amanada

What It Probably Will Be:
Edgar and Claudia, Jesse and Kirsten, Kloe and Jonathan.

We’ll see what happens. Click back tomorrow to see the results.