While the US version of SYTYCD scaled down the number of contestants vying to be “America’s Favorite Dancer” last season, their Canadian counterpart increased the number. Last night, “So You Think You Can Dance Canada” unveiled their Season 3 cast of 22 dancers.

While I’m on the fence on whether or not SYTYCD should bring back the all-stars next season, I’m looking forward to checking out the original format for SYTYCDC Season 3. I forgot to tape last night’s episode, so I’m basing my opinions on YouTube videos and first impressions. Madame and messieurs, here are your Top 11 male dancers.


Age: 25
Hometown: Toronto, Ontario
Style: Ballroom & Contemporary
Meh pretty sums it up for me. I was neither excited nor inspired from his minute long clip on YouTube. In fact, I got a little bored and felt, he tired near the end. He’s definitely no Pasha (SYTYCD 3 & 7) or Vincent (SYTYCDC 2).


Age: 22
Hometown: Calgary, Alberta
Style: Hip-Hop
Overall, I like this guys swagger. It’s confident without being annoyingly cocky. He’s worked with Blake McGrath before on McGrath’s debut music video, so you know he can pick up Blake’s intricate choreography. Hopefully Canada will keep him around. Traditionally, hip-hop dancers haven’t fared very well with viewers up north.


Age: 26
Hometown: Ottawa, Ontario
Style: Contemporary
Besides listing the obvious, dancer and choreographer under his list of occupations, Hani also listed GYPSY as a job. WTF!?!? His movements remind me a bit of SYTYCD Season 7’s Billy Bell. They have a similar quirkiness and musicality. I’m on the fence with him, but I could see myself liking him. He’s got great athleticism.


Age: 22
Hometown: Edmonton, Alberta
Style: Contemporary
He’s listed as a circus performer on his bio and also has a background in Ukrainian folk dancing. All of which he incorporated in his Vancouver audition. The boy is FLEX-IBLE. Blake McGrath’s jaw practically hit the floor with excitement when Jeff performed a unique split. Jeff unsuccessfully tried out for last year’s show. When you compare the two auditions, you can definitely tell he’s trained and improved. His extensions are fuller and his movements crisper. This kid could be a contender if he connects with the audience.


Age: 19
Hometown: Inverness, Nova Scotia
Style: Ballet & Breaker
WOW. I love the contradiction of his ballet training and hip-hop style. He’s masculine, powerful and adorably cute all the same time. Like Tre Armstrong said, this boy’s body is H.O.T. Even though his audition was uneven in terms of his choreography skills, you can’t deny this kid’s got talent. YOWZA. He’s like the love child of Nico Archambault (SYTYCDC 1) and Miles (SYTYCDC 1).


Age: 25
Hometown: Aurora, Ontario
Style: Contemporary
His nickname is Weaf. How adorable is that? He gets bonus points for picking “Center Stage” as his favorite dance movie, but loses points for having a blackberry. LOL. I belong to the church of Apple. The picture above doesn’t do him any favors. He’s far cuter and sexier in his video package. He worked it out to an up-tempo Florence and the Machine track. It was super sexy, sensual and a major turn-on. Me likey.


Age: 26
Hometown: Kitchener, Ontario
Style: Contemporary
Jonathan was the reason there were 11 boys this season. He initially didn’t make the Top 20, that is until it became a Top 22. There’s no denying he’s talented, but I could’ve lived without the judges expanding the cast to include him. People were commenting on his YouTube video that he was the next Nico Archambault. Mmmm. I think not.


Age: 20
Hometown: Regina, Saskatchewan
Style: Contemporary
Apparently I should know this kid. All day on Facebook, numerous of my friends were commenting and urging everyone to vote for him. He’s even danced for a few of Tommy’s events in the past. Based on the sheer fact, he’s a local boy, I gotta support this kid. The fact he’s uber skilled is an added bonus. The boy can spin and jump like a mo-fo. With his million dollar smile and moves, expect Mackenzie to stick around. Plus he shares the same name as my adorable niece. Gotta represent.


Age: 21
Hometown: Toronto, Ontario
Style: Contemporary
I was ready to choose MEH when I first started watching his audition, since he’s the umpteenth contemporary male dancer this year. But by the end of the video, dude won me over. He’s like the love child of Billy Bell and Mark Kanemura (SYTYCD). US Choreographer Sonya Tayeh would kill to get her hands on him in the studio. I fear he won’t make it far, due to Canadian voters putting through cute boys further. It happened on Canadian Idol and on SYTYCDC’s previous seasons. It’s a shame the shows have become more about popularity than talent.


Age: 25
Hometown: Toronto, Ontario
Style: Hip-Hop
I love the fact after he was rejected for last year’s show, Shavar decided to take ballet lessons to improve his dancing. This boy knows how to work his assets. His dancing was so sexy he had Mary Murphy feeling uncomfortable and Tre Armstrong willing to share, just to have a little piece of the Shavar pie. There are far and few hip-hop dancers that focus on the sultrier side of their style and focus on the hard aspect instead. To me, Shavar embodies the best of both worlds. Sexy but hard. Yummers.


Age: 27
Hometown: Montreal, Quebec
Style: Salsa
While I applaud him for his tenacity (this is his third time auditioning), I wasn’t that impressed all that much with his dancing. To be perfectly honest, I don’t think Mia Michaels was either during his Montreal audition. While Jeff was the 11th boy to be picked, I think Yonni was the real reason the field was increased. Being 27, the time was running out for him to make the show. I hate to be mean, but I think this was a pity pick. Plus they also needed a Salsa dancer in the mix. BOO.

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What do you think of this season’s crop of boys? Who do you think will be Canada’s answer to Kent Boyd? I have to say, I wasn’t that impressed at first, but after watching the videos and writing this post, I admit I’m a little excited about tonight’s show. Post your thoughts below.