SYTYCDC Live In Vancouver


This past Friday, Stephen, Rich, Riley (Rich’s beau) and I sashayed down to GM place to take in all the glory that our So You Think You Can Dance Canada Season Two Top Ten (eff that’s a mouth full) had to offer. Knowing full well that we would be surrounded by thousand of tween girls and their mother’s, we braved it like any group of homo would.

I forgot the extreme ‘innocence’ of 14 year old girls and the cheer terror excitement a simple movement of a curtain can instill in a prepubescent girl vying for the attention of a shirtless male dancer. Needless to say we pushed those little hussies out of the way to make SURE we were seen!

The show opened with a reintroduction of the top ten dancers, and I have to say I needed it! Outside of the winner, Tara Jean, I really couldn’t remember the latest season’s cast. Of course we had fan favorite Cody kicking off the scream fest, followed by Vincent, Everett, Emanuel and Austin rounding out the men. Partnering them throughout the night were the top five girls, Jayme-Rae, Melanie Mah, Amy, Kim and season two winner, Tara-Jean.

Being a veteran to the live show after traveling to Everett a few years back to see the American addition live, I wasn’t surprise to learn the line up of dances would consist of those ‘favorite dances’ performed throughout the on-air season. There were also a few additional group routines choreographed specifically for the touring show, and the Contemporary piece to Adele – Hometown Glory pretty much blew my mind.

The one disappointing moment of the night, which in hindsight I should have expected, was the simply re-showing of the legendary top eight Mia Michaels routine centered on the gorgeous chandelier in the center of the stage. Instead of actually dancing the piece, due to the intricate set up and costumes, the producers simply showed this routine on the big screens above the stage. Whomp, whomp. Although it was nice to see the piece again, I would have LOVED it more in person.

Overall, we were entertained. Between the sets of girls all around screaming every time they saw a hint of flesh (ours included) and the immense plastic cups of beer amounting under our seats, there was enough ‘atmosphere’ to get me through the three hour set. For a glimpse into the epic night, as well as a snippet of rare Contemporary footage with none other than our dear comrade Stephen, please check out our exclusive Homorazzi So You Think You Can Dance Canada video…

  • Braden

    Loved it. Those dances were so great, and some of my favorites from the show were done. I was still so bummed about the michaels piece not being performed… ah well.
    I think I saw your group while walking there…