SYTYCD 7: Top 11 Performances Recap

Alright folks, we’re back in the action with the voting rounds kicking off tonight on So You Think You Can Dance, season seven with out top eleven dancers! The show is pitched to be jam packed with dancing action intertwined with personal bios and information about each of the dancers so we can get to know them all (mostly Kent) a little bit better (pine after them Twilight-style). The show opened in it’s regular fashion with the Cat Deeley introduction of our judging panel for the year, Adam Shankman, Mia Michael and Skeletor (Nigel Lythgoe).

I have to admit I am STOKED for tonight and see how the newbie pairings with seasoned all stars are going to play out from a competition standpoint. It’s so Dancing with the Stars, I can barely stand the originality of it all! WINK!


The first contestant of the night was Billy Bell, or BB as I think I’ll call him all season. His ‘unknown trait’, he’s into it DIY. Whatevs. Billy was paired with my girl Lauren dancing a Tyce Diorio Broadway routine, performed to FOOTLOOSE by KENNY LOGGINS! Brilliant song choice! Overall I felt that Billy ROCKED this routine and Lauren was a really great pairing for him. My only concern and what stuck out like a sore thumb was Billy’s struggle with dancing as a strong, masculine character. Comparably, Lauren actually looked more butch than Billy did throughout the number, and I have to say thankfully the pairs switch up each week to prevent this from becoming a persistent issue. The judges had something to say but I didn’t listen (thank you PVR) and breezed right through, as I’m always right anyways.


The second contestant to hit the stage was Cristina dancing with all-star Mark dancing a Sonya contemporary routine. YES! Mark and Contemporary!! They performed to Starstruck by Santigold, one of my favourite songs on the planet right now and the routine started out really strong. Thanks to Mark’s insane talent and crooked pinky fingers, the routine kept up the amazing power from start to finish! I was surprised with Cristina’s ability to keep up with Mark, and I have to give her kudos. I’m definitely curious to see her attempt a hip hop routine next to Twitch and see if her abilities truly transcend other styles.


The next contestant to the stage was Jose dancing with all-star Comfort doing a Tabitha and Napoleon Hip Hop routine. AWESOMENESS! Eff I’ve missed these two!! The number was danced to Beautiful Monster by Ne-Yo. I have to admit from the start that these two are my least favourite contestants on the show this season (or contestant and allstar). The best part of this number and song was the homage paid to Michael Jackson and his brilliance, even if that wasn’t the planned intention. Overall, this routine impressed me, largely due to the choreography team’s ability to pull out the best in any dancer, so again, I’ll give kudos to this team. I believe I caught a snippet of the judges babbling and Mia complimented Jose on his ‘fabulous weave’. Yikes. Who writes this stuff? The producers of the Hills?


The fourth contestant to the stage was Adechike (minus the accents) dancing with all-star Kathryn performing a Travis Wall Jazz routine. The routine was danced to another one of my favourite songs of the moment; Addicted to Love by Florence + The Machine. Travis Wall is EPIC. There, I said it. This routine was STUPID INSANE AWESOME. I hate to admit it but I hardly notice Adechike throughout that routine as Kathryn’s performance was too good to compete with. Her extension and flexibility is outstanding and her character was beyond sexy. Adechike simply didn’t rise to her occasion. Mia felt similar (I really wanted to hear her critic on this one) to my feedback, and went further to say the lack of sexual chemistry was the disappointing factor.


Following that performance was tapper Melinda performing a Tony and Melanie Jive routine with all-star stud muffin Pasha. Hot DANG where did he come from?! The number was performed to L.O.V.E by VV Brown – definitely a song I’ve never heard before but could totally get into. As if. I hate to say it but this was a complete mess. Poor Melinda was absolutely lost in this style, and it showed through her wildly out of control upper body. And to make it worse, this routine seemed to go on FOREVER. The only good thing was the tricks and even those were just mediocre. If this routine hadn’t included Pasha it wouldn’t have been the worst number of the night. The judges even indicated that she would be dancing for her life last night…ouch!



The sixth contestant of the night was Alex Wong or A-WOL if you’re nasty. He was paired with all-star Alison to dance a Sonya contemporary routine. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? This has the full recipe and ingredients to be the standout performance of the night. Naturally, Sonya chose Hallelujah by Jeff Buckley as the number’s music, arguably one of the most beautiful songs ever written. It breaks my heart to say that I didn’t love this routine. Alison, dear Alison, you were robbed of passion from your partner. The judges definitely played this performance to the max, with Nigel saying a new standard was set of SYTYCD causing Alex to break into tears. WHY WAS EVERYONE CRYING?! I watched it back again, twice, and while Sonya and Alison were brilliant, Alex is the one we’re voting for and I just didn’t feel it. I am probably the only person on the planet right now. Let’s just call it jaded.


The next performer to the stage was Alexie dancing with all-star Twitch performing a Nappy-Tabs hip hop routine. SEXY! I definitely love this pairing! Danced to Butterfly by Jason Mraz, this routine was so new age hip hop sick I don’t even know where to begin. First of all, I want Twitch’s outfit from head-to-toe. They definitely fell lackluster in compared to the performance on the stage just moments before with the Mount Everest-style praise spewed from the judges, and I definitely don’t want that to hinder this routine to receive the credit it deserves. I really enjoyed this number and I LOVE Alexie, so let’s keep voting for her folks!


Following that performance was my fave girl Lauren dancing a Mandy Moore Pop-Jazz routine with Ade. GIDDY UP! Great pairing and wicked choreographer, performed to Oh Yeah by Yello – another great blast form the past! The bounced air lift off the couch – WOW! Seriously, Lauren is the strongest female dancer we have ever seen this early on in the competition. Randomly, this is opposite day as Nigel felt there was no chemistry between these two dancers. Seriously?! Compared to Alex Wong this oooooooozed with chemistry. Judges, have another sip and let’s get back to reality.


Next to the stage was my boyfriend Kent, who was crowned homecoming king! DUH! Kent was paired up with all-star Anya and danced a Tony and Melanie Cha-Cha. Yikes, next to Anya poor Kent looked like a little boy paired with his mother, or an old crotchety dance teacher. The number was performed to Lady Marmalade by Diva Invasion – who? I know right. You couldn’t have pulled the sassy version from Moulin Rouge, SYTYCD? Really? Overall, this routine was definitely just okay. Nothing standout, yet Kent did hold his own in a style that definitely wasn’t his forte. Naturally, his post-performance interview with Cat was ADORABLE, and all talk aflutter about the lips he stuck out during the routine. Then the night went quickly downhill when Skeletor opened his mouth and made an inappropriate cougar comment directed towards Anya, in the midst of some ‘down on the farm’ rant. Adam – Please discuss further!


The second-to-last contest of the night was Ashley dancing with all-star Neil and performing an emotional Tyce Diorio contemporary routine. GAAAAHH I’ve missed Neil. Performed to For All We Know by Roberta Flack and Donna Hathaway, this routine was made to me TV magic. I definitely felt that this piece should have earned the same praise as Sonya’s number earlier in the night, but I knew before it ended that this wouldn’t be the case. Man was this piece beautiful! Ashley is definitely the surprise entrant in the competition this year, dare I say a dark horse! What a cutie-pie-bundle-of-emotion! Loving her right now!


The final routine of the night was Robert (who I can see growing into a strong male force this season) danced with all-star Courtney performing a Sean Cheesman African-Jazz routine. OOOHH! I almost forgot about this AMAZING dance style! The routine was performed to Norweg from Cirque du Soleil’s Saltimbanco Soundtrack. GOODNESS are these two hot! Robert is a-okay in my books and should definitely consider going shirtless when out in public, you know, to help his image as a tough guy. Sadly, I wish this routine had simply been a jazz routine, and not African-Jazz as I feel the hardcore tribal dance elements were severely lacking in both dancers. Dang it.

After ALL the numbers, my forecast for the bottom three dancers this week are:

  • Ballroom Dancer, Cristina
  • Breaker, Jose
  • Tapper, Melinda

…What can I say, the contemporary dancers just can’t be beat!

Who will be leaving the competition this week? I feel like Melinda will unfortunately be the first casualty. I guess she’s just have to go back to her Soap Opera life…

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  • Robyn

    Oh Dan, we are so fighting right now. Ummm, Footloose? Really!? I’m not a Tyce fan and I think he has little to offer and that proved it. Come up with something new, Tyce, god.
    I think the Alex/Ashley routine was right up there with the Kayla/Kapono “Addiction” routine of season 5. I loved it and was a bit teary myself. Everything else was just ok and unmemorable. The only thing we agree on is Robert…hot and Nigel… not.

  • Dan

    Hey Robyn, we can definitely agree to disagree on this one! Kayla/Kapono ROCKED my world with the drug addict routine, and the cancer routine with Ade and Melissa, also breath taking and emotional. Alex Wong on the other hand, emotionless. 😉

  • Jared

    Alex Wong’s performance was hands down the best performance of the night. I wouldn’t say it’s the most memorable out of all the seasons though, my favourite still being the Wade Robson routine with Hawk in season 3? Anya makes me melt every time she does ballroom, that woman is amazing and what she does.

  • EZ

    Omg! AGREED. Alex was nothing compared to Allison. If Alex had put as much into it as she did, MAYBE it would have deserved the critique of being the best performance ever…

  • Dan

    EZ – I couldn’t agree with you more!

    Jared – I’m skeptical on your critic. Are you referring to the Flower and Hummingbird piece?

  • Jared

    Dan – Yes. I’m not saying it was the routine with the best technique. It’s just by far the most memorable for me.

  • I thought the Alex/Allison piece was amazing… but definitely not the best ever…

    Ummm… hello! Katee/Josh doing Hometown Glory

    Kayla/Kupono Addiction

    Or Jeanine and Brandon’s Paso??? I could go on and on.

    Oh and because Mia said it was the best on any SYTYCD… here’s Tara-Jean and Vincent’s mental illness piece. Tara-Jean’s performance knocks Alex’s out.

  • Allan

    Dear Rich – absolutely to everything you said!

  • Dan

    Dear Rich – Thank you x2. First, for helping to prove my point. Second, for bringing back Katie and Joshua’s routine, which truly is the BEST routine ever on SYTYCD stages from around the world. Mia Michaels – eat it!

  • Jared

    Hory Cowza, Alex Wong was born in Edmonton haha – like me!

  • Robyn

    Sigh… Katee and Joshua. Untouchable.

  • Tyrell

    funny… because mia choreographed that adele hometown glory piece!

  • Robyn

    It remains to be seen but although Mia’s choreography is brilliant, she may be just as bat shit crazy (or crazier) than Mary Murphy, without the screaming.

  • Kevin

    I absolutely agree about almost everything written in this article!

    I felt Alex Wong was so emotionless during the whole performance, yet he got all this praise for his chemistry while Lauren didn’t? WHAT!? I’ll admit the choreography was amazing, but Alex’s face was so stale and so lacking of emotions that it made me dislike him.

    Otherwise, I thought the performances were great. I thought Melinda did a decent job, as well as Christina and Alexie.

    My favourites were definitely Lauren’s, Rob’s, Ashley’s and Cheeky’s performances. I’ll talk about my distaste for the eliminated contestant in the elimination blog post ^ ^

  • Just Sayin

    Not that I mean to come out of (the horrible, liberal) left field, but I kinda love Billy and Robert’s “Look, I’m butch!” interview segments…

  • Jason

    Wow! What’s with all the haters out there. Alex did quite well and I thought he had lots of emotion in his face. I thought maybe for a while he had too much emotion and was overdoing it. Nonetheless I think he deserves way more credit than you guys are giving him and I agree it wasn’t the best performance in history.

  • Kevin

    Maybe I’m just hating on the fact that he got really lucky with a contemporary piece with Sonya on his first week! 😛

    My bad, I was just really angry that they gave Lauren such bad comments for chemistry when she did a lot better than Alex in that department. I have to admit I had a good laugh with that look of amazement Nigel gave after watching Alex’s performance haha!

  • Linda

    Are you kidding about Alex Wong’s performance?? I have watched this show many times, and whether it was on this show or anywhere else that number might have been performed, that was absolutely one of the most powerful, passionate, graceful, skillful and beautiful performances I have ever seen !! I had goose bumps when watching it and my view of it was even more confirmed when I heard the judges (professionals) talk about it. Absolutely breath-taking………..and definitely in a class by itself !!!

  • Dan

    I’m not sure why, but I just don’t agree with the passion behind Alex’s routine! Thanks to PVR I even went back AGAIN and watched the routine, and still, nothing moved me.

    I’m guessing Mia didn’t want to give herself credit for putting together most amazing routine (as that would seem really douche) so projected her want for praise on to someone else?

    As for Just Sayin’s comment – agreed!

  • eyefeeder

    I agree that Alex’s work in that piece didnt move me at all. I am a bit embarassed to say this, but I usually am moved to tears at least once an episode. This brought nothing to me. Not even a shiver. When i played it back after Mias comment I was dumbfounded. Made me think she was just hyping the perfomance for the sake of the show. Cant see any other reason to say it was the best. Clearly it wasnt. I didnt even replay any part of it while watching. Which, thanks to dvr, I will replay fantastic parts of a routine before it even finishes. I didnt go for the remote once. Not saying Alex is bad. Hes great. But Mias comment made me like him less and made me think it was just hype and dishonest reviewing.

  • eyefeeder

    OMG. Thanks for that Katie/Josh clip. I missed that season. As you can tell by my late posting. I drv this and watch when I can. I missed out on a great routine and dancers. Thanks for posting it. Am gonna check them out now:) Alex take a look and see what passion looks like. You are close but it seems contrived. Great dancer though.