SYTYCD Season 8: Top 8 Eliminations

So right out of the gate I am desperately excited to see what guest judge, Lady Gaga, will be wearing tonight and how her critics from Wednesday night’s performance show will shape the fates of the remaining eight dancers in So You Think You Can Dance. Apparently Gaga is performing in the results episode as well! HECK YEAH!

The final eight contestants opened the night in typical fashion, with a group routine performed to The Circus Sets Up from the Water for Elephants soundtrack. I absolutely love this instrumental tune, and the dance was gorgeous. The costumes and styling of each performer were stunning and incredibly true to the movie-adaptation of the novel. This piece had an incredible Cirque du Soleil clown vibe, and I didn’t want it to end. It was beautifully peaceful, and it brought Cat Deeley to tears. Surprizingly, this was a Tyce Diorio number and I’ll admit, this piece definitely redeemed his abilities as a choreographer in my eyes.

It’s hard to believe that in two weeks we’ll be watching the season finale! Rob Marshall was back at the judging panel, looking slightly less orange this time around, with screaming Mary and Skeletor. I’ll say it again, I’m not looking forward to the excess filler that we’ll be forced into experiencing tonight. Thank goodness for PVR/DVR technology!

Before we would see any performances though, Cat decided to deliver the fates for the ladies left in the competition; Sasha, Melanie, Caitlynn and Jordan. Cat announced the fates of all four girls at the same time, revealing that the two girls who are safe this week were Sasha and Melanie – really, was there ever any doubt?! That meant that Caitlynn and Jordan would be ‘dancing for their lives’ later on in the episode.

Up next were the men; Ricky, Tadd, Jess and Marko. Jess and Marko were pitted against one another to learn their fates, and again, not surprising, Marko was sent through to safety. That meant that Jess was the first guy placed in the bottom two, to dance for his life. That left Ricky and Tadd, with one moving through to safety and the other performing his solo later in the show. After another commercial break and five minutes of filler, Ricky was sent to safety and Tadd was the other guy placed in the bottom two! WHAT?! I honestly thought Ricky was heading home this week, so it appears that America has finally got their heads together and made the right decision with their votes.

Before the solos we were fortunate enough to have a second performance of the season from The Legion of Extraordinary Dancers (LXD), from creator John M. Chu and choreographed by Christopher Scott and Gaelen Hooks. HOLY SHIT! Did you watch this folks?! The breakers! The ballerinas on POINT! I’m pretty sure that was Christopher Scott in the routine as well. Hot damn I love the twisting and flipping and athleticism of these performances. I want to meet every single performer in this routine and personally shake their hands to congratulate them.

SIDE NOTE: Don’t forget it’s national dance day this weekend folks, on July 30th!
SIDE NOTE #2: It was epic when Skeletor informed Cat that she would be traveling with him to Valencia, to Six Flags, for national dance day with him. She responded, “BUSY!” Yes, yes she did!!! Love her!

The solos were up next, and I’m going to let them have their minutes in the limelight without making it any harder by adding my sass. After the judges went back to decide who would be leaving the competition tonight, which I think is bullshit, LAGY GAGA was back to perform a mash up of her smash hit The Edge of Glory, with her latest single, You and I. Fuck I love this woman. And I also loved seeing SYTYCD alumni, Mark, dancing behind Gaga as her go-to lead male dancer!

After Gaga’s incredibly enjoyable performance, where she was singing live I might add, the judges were back to announce which male and female dancer would be leaving the competition this week.

From the girls, Skeletor took FOREVER to announce that it would be Jordan leaving the competition this week.
From the boys, once again Skeletor rambled on and on and on, and I found myself screaming at him to hurry up and just get on with the results. In a shocking twist, Tadd was saved, with Jess being sent home this week! I won’t lie and say that I’m sad, but I was definitely starting to warm to Jess’ ability over the last two weeks.

There you have it folks!

  • Robyn

    I’m just watching that Tyce number for the first time… Tyce?! How did he have that in his back pocket? And how badly do I want to swing around on a stage on one of those ropes?
    Not really sad to see Jess or Jordan go. Like you I though for sure it was going to be Ricky. Good decision to keep Tad. Although as soon as he’s gone, I’m sure LXD will snap him up.
    I’m totally going to try and learn the NappyTabs Master Class routine. Will likely have to scale it back to the Intermediate though, sigh…

  • Robyn

    Ew… The Intermediate is a Pussy Cat Doll thing… Ew. No way.

  • HarryR

    What was telling is that the essential reason they kept Todd was to make the last two weeks of the show more interesting, not because he was a better dancer than Jess. From last night’s episode we learned that Jess has been dancing on Broadway since he was 7 or 8 so he is a long time Broadway professional.

  • i am SO glad jess is gone. he was so arrogant/cocky. and the spinning thing during his solo started to creep me out…

    also, thank G we don’t have to sit through those silly bios anymore. ‘the one thing you don’t know about me is… i HATE shaving my legs. BUAAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA.’

  • Dan

    Robyn – I died reading your comments. I looked at the intermediate version as well and thought AS IF!

    Harry – I agree. Nigel has been hand picking the show all season long and once again his commentary reeked of ‘giving the underdog a chance’, as Tadd has no formal training. We saw this go terrible wrong the year Jakob lost to the krumper…

    Alex – I am extremely happy that Jess and his attitude will no longer be filling the airwaves and my eardrums!

  • Terry Jaxxon

    Hey Dan! boy, did i ever have it completely fuckin wrong last night. I think Jess may have been more technically advanced, but his arrogance was annoying. Yep, that was Christopher Scott dancing, loved it. And Mark — he looked smokin hotttt with Gaga!!!

  • CT

    First of all, dizamn, Mark has gotten beefy since his season, loves it. And holy effin OMG, that LXD routine was amazing, I’ve watched it so many times already

  • Dan

    Terry – I love me some Christopher Scott! He’s my current “If I could lay beside someone for five minutes” guy…

    CT – I could watch this routine over and over and over again. I went back and watched the original performance of LXD and lost my mind all over again!

  • CT

    So I had to go and find out more about the LXD, and apparently they have their own web series, it’s a whole good vs evil type story, and they’re currently on season 3. You can find some clips on youtube, for example:
    and also here:

  • Dan

    Hey CT – I heard Cat announce that in this past week’s show and I tried to find it! She mentioned Hulu, which we don’t have in Canada.

    I’m dying to see it!

  • CT

    oh yeah, and LXD seasons are available on iTunes, for anyone who can’t hulu