SYTYCD Season 8: Top 6 Eliminations

Holy moly, it’s the last elimination of the season before the title of America’s (Nigel’s) Favorite Dancer of So You Think You Can Dance Season Eight is announced! I can hardly believe that we’re at this stage of the competition already. It means that summer is winding down and pretty soon kids will be back to school! It’s not fair, we just started getting sunny weather here on the west coast! Sorry, back to the dancing!

The show opened with the standard group performance; however, this time the six remaining contestants took on a Justin Jiles Contemporary number. I’ll admit, I loved the camera work, with all elements in black and white except the bright pink flower in the center of the stage, at least for the first half the performance. This opening number was one of the prettiest, and best danced opening numbers of the season. I absolutely loved it and I really hope this becomes one of the numbers they use on the nation-wide tour. It was absolutely breathtaking.

Speaking of breathtaking, Cat Deeley looked INCREDIBLE this episode! Naturally, the judges were back sans Christina Applegate, which made me a little sad. For ONCE Nigel announced that the judges will not be making the decision as to whole will be leaving the competition, as they didn’t want to announce which two dancers were the top two, leaving the remaining four in the bottom (probably because Sasha and Melanie received an unbelievable number of votes compared to the rest of the dancers), with all of the dancers once again performing their solos.

And that’s exactly how we opened the night! Solos from all six contestants; Sasha, Melanie, Caitlynn, Marko, Tadd and Ricky. I’ll simply say that these six specific performances truly left everything on the floor. Again, Melanie performed like no other dancer and absolutely blew everyone else out of the water.

After the ladies solos we were subjected to an insane amount of filler nonsense including clips from around the US showcasing people’s abilities and their support of National Dance Day this past July 31, 2011. This was immediately followed by the men’s solos, which were pretty damn excellent!

Following that, season seven winner Lauren Froderman and runner up Kent Boyd took to the stage to once again perform the Emmy-nominated Travis Wall Contemporary routine that truly set them apart from the rest of the competition last year. It really was a beautiful routine and I was definitely stoked to see them perform the piece again. Hot damn I love me some Travis Wall choreography.

After the routine we were once again down to business with the three remaining girls brought out on stage to learn their fates. After the recaps from Wednesday night’s performances we learned that the first girl making it through to next week’s finale is MELANIE! FUCK YEAH! Before announcing which girl would be joining her in next week’s show, all of the boys were brought out on stage to learn their fates. Once again, after the recap, the first boy was announced. It’s MARKO!!!! FUCKING AMAZING! From day one I have loved Melanie and Marko and they have managed to make it all the way to end, together. Love, love, love this season!

Before we would find out the remaining two contestants making it through to the finale next week, SURPRIZE, more filler! Starting with the Bad Boys of Dance. Okay, WHOA. Their outfits were effing incredibly sexy. The football player-esque pants were TO DIE FOR. Add the outfits to the ridiculously brilliant technique and I was pretty much losing my mind. If you want any of the filler crap from tonight’s episode, THIS routine should be it.

Immediately following this performance Caitlynn and Sasha were once again brought out on stage, this time to actually learn the results! After an unnecessary speech from Skeletor, Cat announced that Sasha would be moving on to next week’s finale!! AMAZEBALLS! I am genuinely sad to see Caitlynn go, but I definitely think America picked the correct two girls.

Before we would learn the fate of the guys, we had to put up with even more filler. This time it was a performance from American Idol contestant, Pia Toscano, performing her recently released debut single, This Time. Remember her? She was the girl who was eliminated (apparently) too early in the season. Wow. I was genuinely surprise, as I really liked this jam! Not enough to actually listen to it when there were results to be had, but enough to buy it on iTunes!!

Okay folks, this is it. Who would be making it through, Ricky or Tadd? Thankfully there was no more time for filler or for Skeletor to add his nonsense. Cat quickly announced that Tadd would be making it through, sending Ricky home just one week shy of reaching his dreams! Devastating but amazing at the same time.


  • Cliff

    This would be the farthest a b-boy made it in the competition!

  • Terry Jaxxon

    Hey Dan!
    Not a real shocker for the top three… perhaps Tadd over Ricky was a little surprising, but he had the fun/crowd support. Melanie for the win! Sasha a very close second. (regardless of the top boy/top girl nonsense)

    By the way, I practiced my whacking last night. 😉

  • Mason

    No way Mary’s boobs were gonna fall out of that dress 🙂

  • I think it was the right final four. I love Tadd’s solos… he is by far the most musical and versatile (wink) b-boy they’ve had on the show.

  • Dan

    Cliff – true, but we did have Russell, a Krumper, take it all a few seasons ago.

    Her Terry – you should pair up with Rich for a whacking routine! I will lose my mind if Melanie doesn’t win this season.

    Mason – Just once I would like it to happen…just once…

  • Anthony

    Krumping Russell will forever go down as SYTYCD’s worst winner, by a mile… and the biggest disappointment (over Jakob, seriously!? At least Benji had charisma)

  • j

    ITA with Anthony – he made me want to SYTYCD less (not as much as Nigel), but I am pleasantly surprised with this season, other than the voting off of the top ten by the panel.

    Marko has regressed, IMO. I like Ricky’s solos, so I am a little disappointed that he did not make it into the final. I’ll be happy with either Melanie or Sasha in the top two.

  • Andrew

    As much as I like Tadd and am happy a B-Boy made it to the finale, I do think that Ricky should be there based on his dance abilities. I can’t help but wonder if it’s because he’s Black and prolly gay that consistently kept him from getting the votes and in the bottom 3. The judges clearly liked him, but America didn’t, at least not enough…

  • Anthony

    I definitely don’t think you can base any decision with SYTYCD on race … they’ve had really diverse results each season (Joshua/Twitch finale, Marko/Tadd/Sasha, Russel’s victory, Sabra/Danny, Russel’s (who oddly looks and acts really similar to Ricky)… I find the SYTYCD voters ignore that aspect and tend to focus on dance and personality…. unlike something like Idol.

  • HarryR

    SYTYCD 6 is being rebroadcast on Ovation cable channel each evening. It’s great to review the season from the beginning as we now know who made the cut and who won. It wasn’t all apparent for some of them while Russel and Jacob stood out from the beginning.

  • Dan

    Hey Andrew, I have to agree with Anthony, I definitely don’t think race is a factor. The sexuality comment is a completely different beast as I do feel that is suppressed significantly on all SYTYCD stages to prevent anyone from ‘losing votes’ based on sexual preference.