So Dan is BIZZAY again. That means you get another round of hot ginger dance recapping. And, what a week to do it! Top ten! All stars! Before we get to all that, I have to give Skeletor (AKA Nigel) some mild praise. He gets on my nerves more than Tyrant, but I have to applaud last week’s cuts. Alexander was holding Sasha back. It was so tragic. And Ryan? Good lord. When are the producers going to wake up to the fact that they cannot force their favourites on us? It always backfires. Ryan was in the bottom 3 FOUR times. And her solos really weren’t that amazing. Just because Mia wants a piece doesn’t mean the rest of us do. On the bright side… Ricky’s solo was stellar. I think that will help catapult him past the other guys now that Ryan is out of here. Here’s hoping we get some shirtless Pasha tonight!

We start off this week with the judges. Nigel blah blah. Mary wail wail. And…. NEIL PATRICK HARRIS! Shut up. It’s Doogie. No. It’s Barny. Love him. I feel like Doogie typing away. I should turn my screen blue.

Marko Germar (with Chelsie Hightower)

Genre: Samba
Song: “Cinema Italiano” (The Ron Fair Remix) – Kate Hudson
Choreographer: Jason Gilkison

Marko was first up. He’s on for a samba with Chelsie Hightower. Love her. The Bleeding Love hip hop routine she did with Mark back in the day is still one of my faves. I still do the heart beat hand move on the dance floor. No lie. Ask Dan. Jason Gilkison is on choreo duty and the pair will be dancing to Cinema Italiano by Kate Hudson. There were some tense moments in rehearsal with the lifts. Can Marko keep up with Chelsie? To be honest… it was tough to tell. My eyes were glues to Chelsie. That’s probably not a good thing now that it’s individual. It was a good routine, he nailed the lifts, but he didn’t stand out. NPH called it dirty… scissor kicks around the face and all. Love it. He was positive, Mary screamed he was the “real deal”, and Nigel loved his commitment.

Sasha Mallory

Genre: Contemporary (Solo)
Song: “Syrup & Honey” – Duffy

Sasha is up for the first solo of the night to Duffy’s Syrup & Honey. The judges were not super impressed with her dance for her life last week. Will she bring it tonight? I think so. Her movements were very controlled, but it was unique… not just the vertical splits that other girls keep doing. It wasn’t wow, but it was cool.

Jordan Casanova (with Brandon Bryant)

Genre: Contemporary
Song: “Who You Are” (Live Acoustic Version) – Jessie J
Choreographer: Dwight Rhoden & Desmond Richardson

Jordan hit the contemporary jackpot with choreographers Dwight Rhoden and Desmond Richardson. Remember that Pas de Deux they did for Katie and what’s his name! Plus she got powerhouse Brandon from Season 5. Rehearsal looked crazy physical and athletic. If they nail it, it should be pretty spectacular. They take to the stage dancing to Who You Are by Jessie J. Brandon looks hot. And, I actually just said “holy fuck” out loud. He just jumped in the air, spun around a whole bunch and landed in the splits. Wow. Jordan held her own too. Her amazing legs were on dull display and she really through herself into the performance and stunts. He was there for her every time. The final lift sequence was gorgeous. The judges really liked her fearlessness. They all gave great reviews.

Jess LeProtto

Genre: Broadway (Solo)
Song: “Come By Me” – Harry Connick, Jr.

I’ll put this out there first. He’s my least favourite guy left. Scratch that. He’s my least favourite dancer left. Period. He took to the stage to Come By Me by Harry Connick Jr. I hate it already. He jumped, he did some spins, I yawned and cringed at his facial expressions. Next!

Tadd Gadduang (with Comfort Fedoke)

Genre: Hip-hop
Song: “Look At Me Now” – Chris Brown feat. Lil Wayne & Busta Rhymes
Choreographer: Chuck Maldonado

Tadd’s great. He’s really grown on me this season so I’m a little disappointed to see him with Comfort. She’s never been high on my list. Why can’t they bring back B-Girl Sara? Anyways, they’re with choreographer Chuck Maldonado. He says it’s gonna be hard core which means I’ll probably be over it before it starts. My hip hop love begins and ends with the lyrical style. It doesn’t help that I’m pretty much in HATE with the song… Look At Me Know by Christ (beat her down) Brown featuring Lil Wayne and Busta Rhymes. There was some good popping and locking, but that was about it. Not enough actual dancing for my taste. I think the choreographer let Tadd down a bit on this one… and Comfort? Gurl, you got out danced! I guess that’s good for Tadd. The judges praised his attempts to keep up with the fast choreo. Nigel agreed with me that he out hip hopped comfort.

Melanie Moore

Genre: Contemporary (Solo)
Song: “You’re the One That I Want” – Angus & Julia Stone

It’s been a while since we’ve seen what Melanie can do on her own because she’s been SO good she hasn’t been in the bottom three. I’m excited to see what she can do. Dancing to You’re The One That I Want by Angus & Julia Stone, Melanie lived up to the hype. It was a slow version of a well-known party song, but she showed so much power and grace. I love her.

Mitchell Kelly (with Melody Lacayanga)

Genre: Broadway
Song: “Take Off With Us” – All That Jazz
Choreographer: Tyce Diorio

Nightmare. Mitchell got Tyce Diorio Broadway. And, he’s going WAY back with his all-star. Melody is from Season 1! So cute. Love her. Hopefully they can turn Tyce crap into gold. It looks a little jazzy, so there might be hope. The song is Take Off With Us from All That Jazz. They look SUPER cute, EXCEPT for Mitchell’s pit stains. This was awful. I’m sure it was great technically, but it was typical Tyce nonsense. Dear powers-that-be… cut him already. Move on to someone fresh. PLEASE. Thankfully, Neil Patrick Harris kept it real and slammed the piece. Gurl… the Broadway gays are fighting and I love it! He said it was disjointed and not well thought out as a piece. AMAZING.

Ricky Jaime

Genre: Contemporary (Solo)
Song: “Daylight Breaks” – Cassidy Haley

After that Tyce debacle, we at least get to recover with a Ricky solo. Dancing to Cassidy Haley’s Daylight Breaks, Ricky knocked another one out of the park. The way he leaps is just amazing. So effortless. And, I love the way he can pull himself out of a spin to a dead stop. Well done sir!

Clarice Ordaz

Genre: Jazz (Solo)
Song: “Royal T” – Crookers feat. Róisín Murphy

Dancing to Royal T by Crookers featuring Roison Murphy, Clarice took to the stage. She’s been a bit under-the-radar for me all season. Can she have a breakout moment or is she just cannon fodder? The jury’s still out after that solo. I loved the second half after the music shifted. Her little head snap session was hot. I do that on the dance floor too.

Caitlynn Lawson (with Pasha Kovalev)

Genre: Argentine Tango
Song: “Malajunta” – Orquesta Color Tango
Choreographer: Miriam Larici & Leonardo Barrionuevo

Lucky Caitlyn got yummy Pasha. He’s always been high on my list. His Paso Doble solo from Season 3 is still one of the best male ballroom solos ever. With the help of choreographers Leonardo Barrionuevo and Miriam Larici. This should be hot. It’s a 30s style piece which means Pasha is not topless… but he’s still hot. I love Caitlynn’s look too. Flapper chic. Malajunta by Orquesta Color Tango is the song. WOW. Seriously. Wow. They were soooo into that performance. Awesome connection and chemistry. I loved how easily Pasha could get Caitlynn up in the air and how she held some really awkward positions. All the flip kick things were spot on too. This was a great routine… I just hope it was accessible enough for folks at home. I’m gonna watch it again. Yep. Still awesome. First standing ovation of the night from Mary. She loved it. A lot. I ended up watching it three times.

Mitchell Kelly

Genre: Contemporary (Solo)
Song: “This Time” – John Legend

Boy does he need to kill this. That Tyce routine will be an anchor on his votes. Dancing to John Legend’s This Time in awkward shorts, Mitchell gave it his all. It was a beautiful solo. Very sensual, very athletic. I just wish he wasn’t wearing a diaper. I like him and hope he outlasts Jess.

Sasha Mallory (with Stephen “Twitch” Boss)

Genre: Hip-hop
Song: “Misty Blue” – Dorothy Moore
Choreographer: Christopher Scott

Judging by the screams from the audience at the mere mention of Twitch’s name, Sasha has an advantage with this one. Christopher Scott is the choreographer. They play a couple that’s lost its mojo, but then Sasha gets all horned up and jumps his bones. This could actually good. With Misty Blue by Dorothy Moore playing, the two go at it. HARD. It was a more lyrical style, so I’m all on board. And they killed it. Sasha was amazing. I couldn’t take my eyes off her. I think she served Twitch! They were sharp, sultry, and in synch. Props to Christopher Scott for a great number. The judges were nothing but praise. Definitely deserved. It was great to see Sasha be able to dance with somebody at her level.

Jordan Casanova

Genre: Contemporary(Solo)
Song: “Tonight” – Lykke Li

Dancing to Lykke Li’s Tonight, Jordan is the next solo. Can she prove she is more than a vertical split? What are those called anyways? She did a few of them and A LOT of spins. It was a good routine. Very controlled and she really got into the song. Well done.

Jess LeProtto (with Kathryn McCormick)

Genre: Contemporary
Song: “The Lonely” – Christina Perri
Choreographer: Stacey Tookey

Since Jess is my LEAST favourite contestant, he obviously got one of my favourite female dancers of all time and one of the best choreographers. Kathryn McCormack and Stacey Tookey are pretty much gonna launch Jess into next week. Damn. As Christina Perri’s The Lonely comes on my eyes are already fixed on Kathryn. She is so gorgeous. I love how easy she can make broken down contemporary choreography look. She owned this routine. Jess was just a background. I can’t lie though, it was a great number. The music, style, and dancing all came together very well. Kathryn was the star, but Jess held his own. How did she lose to Russell the krumper. UGH. The judges reacted very well, commenting that he was “there” for Kathryn.

Tadd Gadduang

Genre: B-boying (Solo)
Song: “Everything I Can’t Have” – Robin Thicke

Now it’s time for the last B-Boy standing to hit us with his solo. Tadd danced to Everything I Can’t Have by Robin Thicke. He killed it. What I really like about his solo work is his musicality. He does all the tricks in time with the beats and runs. He injects the song into his movements better than other B-Boys we’ve had on this show. I liked it.

Melanie Moore (with Pasha Kovalev)

Genre: Viennese Waltz
Song: “Everybody Hurts” – Tina Arena
Choreographer: Jason Gilkison

Pasha and choreographer Jason Gilkison are back again. This time they are taking Melanie on a beautiful waltz. The rehearsals suggest a very moving and different piece. Melanie needs to help Pasha who has lost the will to live. Set to Everybody Hurts by Tina Arena with gorgeous lighting, the two hit the stage. The song enough is usually enough to give me chills. Thankfully Pasha’s shirt IS open this time. Woof. I didn’t get the chills, but definitely a gasp with a pearl clutch. Any guesses as to which part? It was actually really beautiful. Melanie can do it all. Mary loved it. She said Melanie’s feet floated perfectly. Nigel said it was a master class in flow and movement.

Caitlynn Lawson

Genre: Contemporary (Solo)
Song: “Cosmic Love” – Florence and the Machine

Dancing to one of my faves… Cosmic Love by Florence + The Machine, Caitlynn is on stage looking to build on the momentum from the Tango. It was actually a little too frantic for me, but she certainly showed that she’s got mad skill.

Ricky Jaime (with Allison Holker)

Genre: Jazz
Song: “Precious Things” – Tori Amos
Choreographer: Tyce Diorio

Shit. Another great male dancer, another Tyce Diorio routine. Hopefully his partner, the amazing Allison Holker, will help overcome bad choreography. The rehearsals are somewhat promising. It’s dark and edgy. Please be good. Please be good. Oh thank god. This was a million times better than the crap Tyce had Mitchell and Melody do. It was actually one of the best of the night. Danced to Tori Amos’ Precious Things, it was very twisted and superbly danced by both of them. Allison is a power house, but Ricky totally danced at her level. They were wonderful together. He really got into the character too. Tyce… you’re only half fired. Just stop doing Broadway. The judges agreed that he absolutely danced at Allison’s level.

Marko Germar

Genre: (Solo)
Song: “More Than Anyone” (Stripped version) – Gavin DeGraw

Marko has the pimp solo spot tonight. He’s up last. And after all the dances, I think his samba might put him at risk. He needs a wow. He’s dancing to Gavin DeGraw’s More Than Anyone it was very good. He showed a lot of athleticism and control. It wasn’t a wow but it was good.

Clarice Ordaz (with Robert Roldan)

Genre: Bollywood
Song: “Aila Re Aila” – Khatta Meetha
Choreographer: Nakul Dev Mahajan

Clarice drew Bollywood… a style that can wow the crowd or fall flat. Just ask Iveta and what’s his tapper from weeks ago. Her all-star is Robert. He’s no Bollywood star. This should be interesting. Nakul Dev Mahajan is there as always to choreograph. Rehearsals suggest this is going to be crazy fast. Dancing to Aila Re Aila from the Khatta Meetha soundtrack, the two look FIERCE in super glam glitter getups. They NAILED it. Best Bollywood routine since Katie and Joshua. Wow. They were together all the way, delivered some crazy moves, and had a lot of fun. Definitely a contender for routine of the night. When the camera panned to Nakul, he was going crazy. They clearly did an amazing job. The judges all agreed.

Prediction For Bottom Two Boys:

This is the easy one. I think Mitchell was let down by Tyce and will end up in the bottom two with Marko.

Prediction For Bottom Two Girls:

This is TOUGH. I thought all of the girls were outstanding tonight. I hope Caitlynn is safe because that Tango was superb, but I don’t think it was accessible enough for people to really vote. I think the other spot is a toss-up between Clarice and Jordan… mostly because Melanie and Sasha’s fan bases are so high.

Routine Of The Night:

I would actually give this to Caitlynn and Sasha. The Tango and the Hip Hop were awesome.

The male and female dancers leaving the competition this week:

Mitchell is probably out for the boys, but I have NO idea how the girls will go. Maybe Jordan?