SYTYCD Season 8 Finale: America’s Favorite Dancer Is…

HOLY SHIT FOLKS! This is it!! In a few short hours America voted and Cat Deeley will have revealed this year’s favorite dancer from So You Think You Can Dance, season eight! I can hardly contain my excitement and nerves. By the time you’re reading this article, your more than likely in the know, but I’m going to recap the night for you one last time. If America has their heads on straight, we SHOULD be seeing Melanie, who rightfully deserves it, take home the title and the swathe of prizes that go along with the accolades.

The night opened with a performance from this year’s top twenty dancer, and it was definitely cool to see them all back on the stage again. I had actually forgotten about Ryan! This routine was incredible, and choreographed by the legendary Sonya Tayeh! Then Cat Deeley came out in a SMASHING outfit!
The judging panel was stacked again for the final performances, with seven people joining us to relive their favorite moments from the season. Lil’ C, Robin Antin, Tyce Diorio, Sonya Tayah, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Screaming Mary Murphy, and Skeletor (Nigel Lythgo). Man oh man, I can’t wait for a break from his unnecessary perviness.

I won’t re-critique the routines tonight, as I really don’t have the energy to comment all over again on routines we’ve already seen from throughout the season.
The first routine of the night, selected by Mary Murphy, who chose the incredible Tyce Diorio Contemporary routine, performed by Sasha and all-star Kent. Fucking fabulous. Absolutely worthy of the standing ovation. That’s all.

The next routine selected for a second go around on the stage was a Nappy-Tabs routine, selected by Skeletor, featuring the soon-to-be legendary, Melanie and Marko. I absolutely love this song (I Got You by Leona Lewis). This routine was truly fantastic, largely due to the two people performing it! EW – then the judges had to go and ruin it by cutting to Nigel who wanted attention, so went and sat on Jesse Tyler Ferguson’s lap.

Robin Antin was up next to choose one of her favorite routines of the night, a Mandy Moore piece featuring Tadd and all-star Lauren (season seven winner).

Up next was Lil’ C to make his over-spoken selection. He requested to see another Tabitha and Napolean routine featuring Miranda and Robert.

In a bold new twist in the evening, Cat Deeley was up to select HER favorite routine, and I’d like to say it is about time she was included in this particular show! For year’s she has simply announced the routines and dancers, and it’s nice to see her have a say in the matter for once. She selected the top-eight clown routine from Tyce Diorio, performed to the music from Water for Elephants. I too loved this routine Cat!! Too bad this was totally a pre-recorded performance…

The next performance showcased the winner from this season’s run of So You Think You Can Dance UK, Matt Flint (as it was part of his winning contract)!! He was teamed up with Nick and Jess to perform a new piece for tonight’s finale episode. Hooray for something new! The piece was performed to Canadian Crooner, Michael Buble’s, Can’t Buy Me Love. This piece was really cool! I’m not a huge fan of tap, but this routine definitely helped to win me over. Nice job boys!

Screaming Mary was back in the saddle to select her second favorite routine, a Mandy Moore piece featuring Neil and Melanie. Too bad Mary referred to her as Melanie Moore, in what appeared to be a drunken stupor and completely messed up the intro to this EFFING INCREDIBLE ROUTINE. I was stoked to see this piece performed again. Love, love, love Melanie. And Neil!!

Jesse Tyler Ferguson was up next to make one of his picks for the night, and I LOVED that he selected a Sonya Tayeh routine, featuring Marko and all-star Allison. I got goosebumps all over again folks. For some reason, I had a premonition that regular commenter, Robyn, was watching this at the same time as me and we got chills at the same time. Possible?!

Tyce Diorio was up next to pick one of his favorites, and naturally we were seeing ANOTHER Sonya Tayeh routine. This time around, it was the top ten girls performing the legendary ‘Geisha’ routine, and I am once again SO HAPPY that this routine was selected! This truly was amazing, and did a fantastic job of showcasing the ladies talents at the start of the season. Great pick!
After a really weird clip of the different styles of dance showcased this season on the So You Think You Can Dance stage, the top four dancers were brought out to learn a the results for one dancer who find themselves in fourth place. It was TADD! YES! I am so happy to know that Melanie, Marko and Sasha are still in it to win it! I will admit, Tadd’s clip of his best moments from throughout the season was quite impressive. Kudos Tadd, job well done.
At this point I was definitely still thinking MELANIE FOR THE WIN! Terry – you with me on this one still?!
After that announcement, Lil’ C was up next to pick another one of his favorite routines from this past season. He mumbled through some idiotic statements before picking the Spencer Liff prison routine showcasing Chris and Ashley. This was a pretty brilliant routine in respect to the concept, theme and characters.
The next surprise of the night was another routine from the top four finalists. They were surprised during rehearsal by three characters from Glee – Britney, Santana and Mike. I actually screamed thinking they were all going to dance together. Sadly, in the end they were handled preview tickets to the Glee 3D Movie and all we were left with was an annoying product placement plug. Boo urns SYTYCD.

I was super annoyed to hear Skeletor’s next pick, a routine from my secret love, Chris Scott, performed by Sasha and all-star Twitch. While I am over Nigel’s voice, I absolutely LOVED this routine. Cat went home and watched it five times after it was performed, and to be honest I think I watched it the same amount! After watching this I really wanted Neil and Sabra to come out and perform their table routine to Sweet Dreams. How epic would that have been?!
I was super stoked to hear Sonya Tayeh pick the routine from Chris Scott that showcased this season’s top ten guys. This piece was absolutely brilliantly, and I really wish I could shake Chris Scott’s hand after seeing this again. Okay, maybe do a little more than that; however, I do have a man at home that might not like that so much.

SIDE NOTE: Holy fruit boots, did anyone else notice Alexander had died his hair bleach blonde?! YIKES!
Jesse Tyler Ferguson was up next to pick another one of his favorites, and he selected the Argentine Tango that featured Caitlynn and Pasha. I really didn’t like this routine the first time around and I was extremely excited for fast-forward on the good ol’ PVR tonight!

Mary Murphy was back again to pick her next favorite, and she chose Marko and Melanie’s first routine of the year, choreographed by Travis Wall. Man, this piece was effing stunning as well. These two were PERFECT for each other and I am so happy that they made it all the way through to the end together.
After that piece of dance magic, the remaining three dancers were brought out on stage for another round of results. The person in third place was Marko! I sort of put this together when I saw Sasha appear on stage in the outfit that her and Melanie wore during their final duet performance from Wednesday’s episode. I have a sneaking suspicion that will be the last dance we would see for the night…

SIDE NOTE: I LOVED Marko’s shout out to Melanie after his clip from the past season.

Skeletor wanted to speak again and give props to the lighting technician and the director for tonight’s episode. Who cares? Then he went on to babble some more, and attacked the New York Times in regards to their article slamming SYTYCD. I love that he’s desperately trying to stand up for the antics he pulled all season long!

I was right in my predictions as Nigel went on to reveal the last dance of the night would be another Sonya Tayeh routine, the final performance from Melanie and Sasha, as an incredible duo. The two women truly are breath-taking dancers. Equally deserving of the win, for wildly different reasons. Melanie due to her sheer strength and consistency throughout the season, and leveraging her partner’s strengths to ensure she was maximizing her abilities in every single routine and each and every time she took to the stage. Sasha, for her underdog spirit and constant courage to battle through her internal emotional demons, and use that passion to transcend her dancing into an art form all in it’s own. I absolutely loved watching these two perform, both together and with their respective partners each week.
To be frank, I still want Melanie to win.

After the short commercial break, the two finalists were brought out on the stage to learn who would be crowned America’s Favorite Dancer for season eight of So You Think You Can Dance. I loved the amalgamated clip of both Melanie and Sasha’s journey, including Sasha’s incredible sister, Natalia. I can hardly believe this was months and month’s worth of footage. It truly feels like it was only a few weeks ago that we were introduced to these girls and heard the announcement that they would be making the top twenty for season eight.

Sigh, I am so in love with this finale. I love that it’s these two women standing next to one another. For one of them, her dreams are about to come true.

After the dramatic, tortuous rambling by Cat (okay, it was interesting to hear that the winner received 47% of the 11 million votes cast on Wednesday night), we were finally down to business of announcing the winner.

IT WAS MELANIE!!! FUCK YEAH!!! I AM SO HAPPY THAT SHE WON! America you got it right, and it’s about time!! I absolutely love this girl. Her spirit throughout the season was mesmerizing, and it would have been nearly impossible to NOT give this girl the win. Melanie, you absolutely deserved this title, and I couldn’t be happier. If you’re reading this, and didn’t notice my praise for her throughout this article, and every other article throughout the season, you must be crazy!

This is exactly how I wanted the season to end, and I am personally giving you a standing ovation in my living room. You are everything I have ever aspired to be as a dancer. Even more, you are an inspiration to all women out there who have ever thought of giving up on dance. I am willing to put money on it that you, Melanie, have inspired people to reinvest in their dreams, and get back into the studio!

Congratulations again Melanie. I have never been more proud of an individual that I have never met in person. You deserved it kiddo, and I’ll be talking about this with EVERYONE I know, for as long as they’ll listen!!

Until next year everyone, happy dancing!

  • Robyn

    Thanks for the shout out Dan… so sweet. I also LOVED this finale. I’m so glad that those routines were performed (and perfect) again. I DID get chills during Marko and Allison’s performance and full on tears with Melanie and Neil. Was totally sending you OMG vibes! Thank you again for your recaps they were well written, thoughtful, and funny.

  • Dan

    Hey Robyn – I do them for you!

  • Anthony

    Great finale! Little disappointed we didn’t get to see Tadd and Jordan’s ‘Black Swan’ routine, but the rest were pretty spot on.

    Though this season was really, really strong, I have to say that it was by far the weakest season for Ballroom. None of the dancers (including Melanie and Sasha) really mastered ballroom the way we’ve seen other dancers do it in the past (Kayla, Danny, Lauren, Jeanine etc)… with the exception of Caitlyn and Pasha’s Tango, this season’s ballroom sort of blew.

    Otherwise, great season!

  • Terry Jaxxon

    WOO HOOOO !!!!! Atta girl Melanie!!!!
    I really enjoyed the show (except the taped routines).. not sure i understand showing taped routines. Loved loved loved Melanie and Neil. Kent and Sasha rocked the wall. I could easily see Sasha working as a dancer for Gaga. She and Mark definitely have the chemistry.

    And attaboy Dan!!!! I honestly think I enjoyed this season as much as I did because of the talent and your recaps. love the shout out Dan — i’ll practice my whacking again tonight just for you. lol. no, really. 😉

  • Adam

    Dan, I’m SO happy Melanie won. Pick from day one of meeting her for sure as i’m sure she was for most of us.
    BUT, you skipped over the most important part of this whole episode… how FAT has Neil got? WOOOF that boy must be doin’ the wrong kind of sit ups cause she got junk in her frunk (i’ve decided that means front trunk).
    I guess some twinks do lose it once they hit 25 but damn that was a fast slide!

  • Curtis

    Her name IS Melanie Moore.

    And no need to be an ass, concerning the director, or the lighting technician. And Calling lil’ C an idiot isn’t really warranted either.

    Congrats to Melanie, she deserved it.

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