SYTYCD Season 7: BIG Changes, All-Stars, Weekly Swaps!


So You Think You Can Dance is getting a major makeover! Nigel Lythgoe has been all over Twitter (search DizzyFeet) in the last few days talking about big changes coming to one of Homorazzi’s favorite shows. SYTYCD is about to get a major facelift… part All-Stars and part Dancing With The Stars. This is good news… I hope. Last year, the show seemed to fizzle. Part of the problem was too many seasons (American and Canadian) packed into a short time period. But, it also got predictable. Well folks, change is here.

Nigel first let the world know of his plans when he tweeted “shocking changes” were on the horizon. Later, he let it out that “only one dancer will leave the competition each week, and not two”. That one got me worried because we know how annoyingly predictable tween girls can be with their damn twinky crushes. Ugh. However, recent tweets seem to make up for it all. Some of our faves are gonna be back as “experts”. Each contestant will get a different All-Star every week who matches up with the genre they have to dance. Holy shit. This is big right! Go to the bottom of this post to see the list of All-Stars as they are announced!

Here’s how Nigel explained it all on Twitter…

“We are forming a ‘dance-pool’ of your favorite dancers from previous Seasons to act as partners for this year’s top 10.”

“The dancers will change partners each week picked from an ‘All-Star Pool.’ Each ‘All-star’ will be a specialist in specific genres of dance”.

“Only the competitors will be judged not the “All-Stars.”. America votes for their favorite and one of the bottom three dancers will go home”.

“I will be naming the “All-Star Pool,” one by one, across the next couple of weeks. They will be chosen from all 6 Seasons”.

In a press release sent out by FOX, we also know:

  • The judges will pick only 10 dancers (five guys and five girls) to compete for the title of America’s favorite dancer
  • Mary Murphy will be returning this season as a choreographer and as a judge. She won’t be screaming from the panel every night

So who are our All-Star experts?

The first one Nigel has announced (March 30) is Twitch from Season 3! He’ll be the Hip Hop, Popping, locking, and Krump guru.

And today, (March 31) Nigel announced that Kathryn from Season 6 will be the Jazz, Contemporary, Broadway, and Cultural expert.

Stay tuned for more updates! I hope the bring Pascha or Anya back for ballroom! And please please please find a way to get Katie back on the show! Love her.

  • This just in… PASHA is the next confirmed all-star! Yes! He’ll be doing Standard and Latin Ballroom. Love him.

  • SYTYCD Update! Allison from Season 2 she will the a Jazz, Contemporary, Broadway & Cultural expert. She was partnered with Ivan.

  • More SYTYCD breaking news. Ade from Season 5 will be a Contemporary and Classical all-star. Meh. I would prefer Danny from Season 3.

  • Comfort from Season 4 will be the female Hip Hop Star

  • Lauren from Season 3 will be on as well…AND crazy Mark Kanamoura will be taking a break from his duties with Lady Gaga to be on as well. I am LIKING this all-stars cast!

  • Another SYTYCD all-star! Anya from Season 3 is in for ballroom! I’m loving this group so far.

  • SYTYCD Season 3 strikes again. Dominic “D-Trix” Sandoval will be back. He was also part of Quest Crew from ABDC.

  • Dan

    Richie – I love your insider scoop! Keep it coming!!

  • Last two All Stars… Courtney Galiano from Season 4 and Neil Haskell from Season 3. OMG…. Neil and Sabra’s table routine is still one of my all time faves.

    Remember that time we went and saw SYTYCD live in Everett Washington and I screamed in my deepest man voice from the floor…. “WE LOVE YOU NEIL”. Good times.

  • Dan

    Rich – I will never forget it.

    Remember when we went to SYTYCDC in Vancouver and you recreated that moment?! 😉

    SO pumped for this season!!