This week I’ve decided to try something new… getting drunk before watching the show and writing my article. You’ll have to let me know how it goes!

I kid, but only in the sense that I decided to just randomly get drunk. Rather, I’ve just returned home from attending a party for an organization that my friend Patrick is on the board for: The Paprika Festival. It was a great night with a silent auction (where I won some fabulous dance concert tickets), great music and friends.

Anyway, I digress. So here we are with the final 8! Unfortunately Ashleigh injured her shoulder and won’t be dancing tonight, we technically we’re watching the Top 7- but I still suspect she’ll be safe for the week.

Ryan & Kathryn


Our first couple to hit the floor are Ryan and Kathryn dancing the infamous Disco routine to a Samantha Ronson remix of Last Dance by Donna Summer. Ryan’s obviously the best guy for this routine, and were it not for the absolutely HEINOUS pants he was wearing, I would’ve been totally on board. That said, there were a few sync issues (Ryan was faster with his throwbacks than Kathryn was) and they obviously cut the lift the basket lift because they couldn’t get it- but overall I felt like they did a good job. It was at least fun to watch… but those pants… Sick.

Mollee & Jakob


Second on stage are Mollee & my future husband. I mean, Jakob. My least & most favorite dancers of the season are paired together for a Viennese Waltz danced to Ordinary Day by Vanessa Carlton (random song choice, but I love it. I mean, who doesn’t love VC?). I absolutely loved this routine. Jakob killed that shit and even Mollee was absolutely brilliant (as much as I wish I didn’t have to admit that.) That dance was fast as hell but they made it so smooth, so effortless… simply brilliant.

Ellenore & Legacy


Our third couple of the night is Ellenore & Legacy dancing a Travis Wall routine to Machine Gun by Portishead. I always love when we get a Travis Wall routine and this was no exception. I did feel like there was just a bit too much prep before some of the stunts, but overall- it was killer. I’m even more in love with Ellenore now than I was before- I mean seriously- how unreal is she? Legacy did a great job, however I think it was a bit of a cop out for Legacy because he was able to use so much of his B-boy skill to pull of a Contemporary routine- but regardless, it was a great routine and I loved watching it.

Jakob Solo

Next up was Jakob dancing his solo to When You Say My Name by Mario Spinetti. I don’t really have words to explain exactly how much I love little Jakob and those little spandex trunks he’s wearing, so I’ll just settle for saying that it was a brilliant solo that reminds everyone exactly why he’s simply one of the best dancers the show has seen. What I wouldn’t give to see Jakob, Will and Brandon all dance a routine together!

Ashleigh & Russell


The fourth and final couple are Ashleigh & Russell- except that Ashleigh is injured and standing in for her is Shane Spark’s assistant “Rachel”. The routine is danced to a Bobby J remix of Too Much Booty by Soundmaster T & Jah-Rista feat. Korveil. The routine was great and Russell did very well, but I have to admit it was weird to watch the routine with this random chick instead of Ashleigh. At any rate, Russell really hit it and I liked watching this way more than his Krumping solos.

Kathryn & Ryan – Routine 2


For their second routine, Ryan & Kathryn have a Cha Cha danced to Put Your Hands On Me by Joss Stone. After the blood returned to my head after a brief visit to a lower extremity during this routine, I had enough coherent thought to put together these words: This routine was a mother effing bombshell. Ryan basically rocked my world and Kathryn was a complete vixen. Love, love, love, love, love, love, LOVE!

Legacy Solo

Dancing to Fancy Footwork by Chromeo, Legacy is next to hit the stage with his solo. This guy can do some crazy shit- but that phone was a super bad idea as a prop. He should’ve just stuck to dancing and not lame props- but regardless, he’s got mad skill.

Ellenore Solo

Ellenore followed up Legacy with her solo to I Got The Feelin’ by James Brown- and man she gives me “the feelin'” – I’ll say that much! Sadly I didn’t quite love this solo as much as her previous ones and think she should stick to the more eclectic song choices because they fit her style so much better, but no one can say she isn’t phenomenally talented.

Russell Solo

In some tacky stupid Santa outfit, Russell is next to hit the floor dancing to Holiday Buckness from Tha J-Squad. He basically lost me when he came out in that outfit and then wasted the last 1/3 of his solo pulling a stupid stuffed animal out of his bag- but I was somewhat impressed with his ability to put his shoe back on without really breaking stride. All in all though, this was a weak and lame solo.

Mollee & Jakob – Routine 2


Mollee & Jakob bring a Broadway routine to the stage for their number 2 performance, dancing to a Samantha Ronson Remix of Easy Street from the Annie original TV soundtrack. My favourite part of this experience was hearing Mollee say “I’m definitely not stupid” and then hearing the audience laugh. Was that just my imagination? I don’t think so… Fortunately for her though, even if she is stupid her dancing tonight was absolutely brilliant. I’ve made no secret about how I feel about her but tonight she proved me wrong. Kudos to her and to Jakob: Please call me. Seriously, I’ll make it worth your while. *wink*

Kathryn Solo

The last female solo of the night belongs to Kathryn, dancing to Shadowfeet by Brooke Fraser. It’s nice to see that she’s kept the big guns for when it really matters because this was, by far and away, her best solo yet. It could even be enough to unseat Ashleigh since she isn’t performing tonight…

Ellenore & Legacy – Routine 2


Nappy Tabs give Ellenore & Legacy their second routine of the night, danced to the District 78 Remix of People Are Strange by The Doors. I loved that Mary’s critique of this routine basically sounded like she was trying to speak Chinese or something- but either way this was a fun and enjoyable routine. It wasn’t my favourite routine of the night either (as Adam mentioned) but I did think it was brilliantly choreographed. It was well danced, but could’ve been better.

Ryan Solo

I don’t know what’s going on, clearly he’s not getting the emails, faxes, letters, postcards and sky writing tell him to take the fucking shirt off, but yet again he’s performing his solo completely clothed. *sigh* With that said, he totally wins back all his points with the way he sacrificed his chance to call his own number and called out Ashleigh’s instead. And the waterworks? I mean seriously… who doesn’t love to see a muscle man cry?! Nice work Ryan, nice work.

Ashleigh & Russell – Routine 2


The final number of the night belongs to Ashleigh’s stand-in & Russell dancing Bollywood to Spirit of Rangeela from the Rangeela original soundtrack. I loves me some Bollywood and it was a great way to wrap up the show. As Adam mentioned, Russell does look insanely happy when he dances- but my only issue is that his “Bollywood face” looks conspicuously like his Krumping face- and that’s just plain weird. But either way he really pulled it out of the bag tonight.

Predictions tonight are going to suck dirty goat ass, but here goes (and this is an absolutely crap shoot, I’m basically just guessing here)

Bottom 2 Girls:

Ashleigh & Kathryn

Bottom 2 Boys:

Legacy & Ryan