So getting drunk before watching the show and writing the article went so well last night, I decided to do the same thing again tonight! I jest, but only a little. My friend Amit came over with his Mom’s famous (and rightfully so) butter chicken and we decided to watch the Glee finale & SYTYCD. Three tall Gin & Tonic’s later, and here we are…

The show opened with the Top 8 performing a number to the Samantha Ronson Remix of Pon de Floor by Major Lazer feat VYBZ Kartel (who the hell is that anyway?!). The routine was absolutely Sonya and we knew it before Cat even announced it, and in usual fashion- it was absolute amaze-balls. Ellenore & Jakob were the obvious focal points due to the fact that they are clearly the most skilled dancers, but the whole routine was awesome.

** editors note via Amit: Samantha Ronson REALLY needs to eat a hamburger.**… So true my friend, so true.


The boys are up first this week to find out who is in the bottom two and Russell was the first to be sent to safety. On the flip side, Legacy was then the first to be sent to the bottom 2, leaving us Jakob & Ryan- one headed to safety and one headed to the bottom. It’s a really tough call because Jakob has the “I’m so cute and obviously the best dancer” vote while Ryan has the “every girl & homo wants to jump your freaking’ bones” vote, but in the end Ryan was sent to the bottom and Jakob joins Russell for the finale. Hooray!!!! Not that I don’t love Ryan, of course, but if I’m forced to choose it’s really Jakob all the way.

The girls then take to the stage with Kathryn immediately being sent to safety, which is a relief after her appearance in the bottom two the previous week. Ellenore was then next to learn her fate and she, unfortunately, was sent to the bottom two. I blame her solo- last night’s performance just wasn’t on par with her previous solos, which is a shame because she’s absolutely brilliant.

With only Mollee and Ashleigh left, we learn that Ashleigh will be joining Kathryn in the finale next week, despite her inability to perform last night. I have to admit I’m surprised by this, even though I’m happy about the support she received. But, regardless, Mollee is part of our bottom two with Ellenore.


During the break we had a surprisingly enjoyable performance by Asian pop stars, The Wonder Girls. I have no idea who the hell these chicks are but I have to admit I thoroughly enjoyed the song and the performance. It was an awesome throwback to the groups popular in the ’60’s- totally rad.

I’m skipping past the early Christmas gift-giving shenanigans. I’m not ready for that.

The final four performed solos for us and they were thankfully not the same ones performed last night. Ellenore completely redeemed herself, thankfully. She’s my girl! Unfortunately the same can’t really be said for Ryan who seemed to do the exact same routine as last night (again with his shirt on) *sigh…* Once again I also have to give props to Mollee for a couple pretty rad stunts and a brilliant song choice (who doesn’t love Santigold?!)


American Idol heartthrob Kris Allen then performed what we have to assume is his newest/forthcoming single? I really like the guy and he’s absolutely adorable, but I feel a little bad that he’s being completely overshadowed by fellow homo Adam Lambert. It’s not the first time that’s happened on Idol of course (Ruben who? Taylor what?) but Kris is actually quite talented and I hope he does well. At least the song wasn’t half bad!

The moment of truth was then upon us, starting with the ladies and I’m relieved to say that Ellenore is in the finale!!! Now I’ll take this opportunity to say that I do feel a little bad for bagging on Mollee so much because she IS a talented dancer, but she should have waited until her dancing was more mature (and her personality) before auditioning for the show. That said, she clearly has a huge career ahead of her and I genuinely think she’s going to do some amazing things.


Now to the boys… and Ryan is sent through to the finale!!! I think it’s super cute that Ryan & Ashleigh are together in the finale and wish them the best, even if I don’t think either of them should actually win the competition, and let’s all just keep our fingers crossed that Ryan will FINALLY dance with his shirt off in the finale!