It’s very strange that we’re at the finale already, and that’s not even to mention the fact that there are randomly SIX dancers this season instead of the customary 4. I absolutely agree with both the comments on previous posts about how this season was rushed and poorly done. The random changes to how the show functioned and everything made it absolutely obvious that the studio was just doing it to keep up ratings. Tsk tsk.

Kathryn & Ryan


That said, the show started off with a bang as a SHIRTLESS Ryan (finally) dances a Samba with Kathryn to Magalenha by Sergio Mendes. It was a great routine and regardless of how well I thought it was danced (or not) the fact that Ryan danced with his shirt off made me rewind it and watch a second time. I wish he’d worn ballroom shoes for the routine rather than bare feet- but that’s just being nit-picky. Kathryn did a great job, especially with no Ballroom training and overall I truly enjoyed the routine (and staring at Ryan’s 1/2 naked body all during the comments- great camera work people).

Ellenore & Jakob


My two favourite dancers of the season were second to team up with a Broadway routine. Danced to I Gotcha by Fosse (original broadway cast), the number was absolutely flawless (as if anyone expected anything less from these two). I feel a bit bad sometimes for the girls who are paired with Jakob because he’s just so damn good, but if anyone can measure up it’s Ellenore. I love this routine, it gave me shivers, made my nipples hard, and, well… you get the idea.

PS, Jakob – I can help you work on those straddles. Seriously.

Ashleigh & Russell


Our third couple is Ashleigh & Russell, which is a relief to see that Ashleigh was able to perform and keeping her wasn’t a wasted effort. Dancing a lyrical routine to Angel Standing By from Jewel, I’ve got to hand it to Russell – he blew me away. The fact alone that he’s a Krumper is amazing enough, but his skill was ridiculous! I’m so proud of him. Ashleigh also did a great job and while she was slightly outshone by Russell’s surprising performance, she had some truly beautiful moments. All in all, i thought it was a great routine and executed extremely well by both.

Ellenore & Ryan


Hitting the floor for the second time each, Ellenore & Ryan present a Jazz routine to Kontact Me by Boys Noize. This was like the perfect routine for Ellenore. She scored big time tonight with two routines that really fit her quirky style and allowed her to really show off. Nigel just didn’t like it because he’s old. I loved it because I love the Boys Noize album, and because it was just a lot of fun to watch. There were a couple issues with Ryan, especially when he put his leg up on Ellenore- you could tell it wasn’t straight and he stumbled a little, but meh- it was great.

Ashleigh & Jakob


Reunited couple Ashleigh & Jakob then take to the floor with a Foxtrot danced to Let The Good Times Roll by Chuck Brown & Eva Cassidy. This routine worries me a little. It was danced well but I don’t think it’s very memorable. It’s always a challenge with the smooth ballroom dances because they can so often be danced exceptionally well but not leave a huge impact on the audience. This one was danced really well by both, but I’m just not sure it’s going to leave anything behind with the voters. We’ll see!

Ellenore & Russell


Uh oh. Paso Doble with two non-Ballroom dancers. Danced to Village Attack from the Blood Diamond original soundtrack, this was an enormous surprise for me. Admittedly there was very minimal actual “Paso Doble” in the routine, and Russell did show that he lacks any formal training, but this was far, far, far from the train wreck I expected it to be. Ellenore was stunning in the piece though, so huge kudos to her.

Kathryn & Jakob


Kathryn & Jakob are next on stage with a Contemporary piece danced to At This Moment by Michael Buble. Saying I loved this routine would be like saying that Poutine is just “good”. Seeing these two amazeballs contemporary dancers pull that routine off, absolutely flawlessly was the absolutely highlight of the season and ranks up there with the cancer routine, the addiction routine, the bench routine, the table routine and all those greats. Yes, there was no back story- but if you can’t say that the calibre of that dancing was absolutely amazing, you’re ridiculous.

Ashleigh & Ryan


It’s sad for me that these two didn’t get to dance a Ballroom routine rather than Contemporary (I mean after all, it’s Jakob & Kathryn got Contemporary), but it’s still kinda cute to see the married couple get to dance together. Even though I don’t feel that either should actually win the competition based on overall dance merit, I appreciate the fact that the experience probably means an enormous amount to them. Dancing to I’m There Too by Michelle Featherstone, I was pleasantly surprised with these two. It was no Kathryn & Jakob routine, but it was respectable and enjoyable.

Kathryn & Russell


Last but not least, Kathryn & Russell bring us Hip Hop to I Can Transform Ya by Chris Brown feat. Lil Wayne and Swizz Beatz. Kathryn is a hot mama, but I didn’t feel like she kept up with Russell in this routine… and outside of the stunts, I didn’t really love the routine either (which is sort of a first with me for a Napolean & Tabitha routine.) There was a ton of Krump in there, so of course Russell was shining bright, but I dunno… it just didn’t really do anything for me. Wah Wah.

So that’s that… all 9 performances of the night are over and tomorrow we’ve got the finale results. With 6 dancers, I’m not even going to attempt to predict a specific winner, but I will say that it SHOULD be between one of these three:

  • Jakob (please God, let it be Jakob)
  • Ellenore
  • Russell