Tonight’s show was all about showcasing the entire Top 20 group before the competition even starts. This is the first season they’ve done it and I have to say, I love it! What a great idea!

We’re first treated to the Top 20 dancing a very “West Side Story” group routine (Comanche – The Revels). Mr. Wade Robson never fails to impress and I loved this routine, probably because I think West Side Story is one of the most fantastic things ever.


Next we had the hip hop dancers with the season’ first piece of Tabitha & Napolean brilliance. Russell Ferguson, Kevin Hunte and Legacy (Jonathan Perez) dancing to Beggin’ (District 78 Remix) by Madcon… I really wanted this performance to be better. The routine itself was amazing, but you can tell none of these guys are used to dancing with other people. Of the three, Legacy seemed the weakest- and Russell is basically Busta Rhymes. Seriously, what’s up with that mouth?


Tyce Diorio gives us our second number of the night choreographing our four contemporary dancers: Channing Cooke, Jakob Karr, Ariana Debose and Nathan Trasoras. (Crying – K.D. Lang) Oooh man. Love the song choice (because I’m basically a big Lesbian- minus the affinity for pussy) and those leaps in succession at the beginning of the routine were phenomenal! This routine was like watching a fireworks show with all of those jumps & stunts. Naturally Mary Murphy is already drunk and dizzy, God love her, it’s going to be a fun season.


Our three, that’s right, THREE Tappers were next on stage. Peter Sabasino, Biana Revels and Philip Attmore present a routine from choreographer Derick K. Grant (Take The “A” Train – Ella Fitzgerald). I’m probably going to get a lot of shit for this, but Tap just isn’t for me. The costumes in this number are U.G.L.Y. and Peter is much easier to watch when he’s dancing his own style of Tap. Bianca had her moments, but overall I was mostly just glad when the routine was over.


The fourth dance of the evening came from Mollee Gray, Pauline Mata and Ellenore Scott dancing a Sonya Tayeh routine (On A Cloud – PPP). I didn’t love this routine. In fact, I didn’t really even like it, which is unfortunate because I usually love routines by Sonya. I also disagree with Adam about Mollee- she still dances like a tween and I can’t really stand her. She needs to go away. Ellenore was really the only one in this number that I wanted to watch and even that was a stretch.


Victor Smalley, Noelle Marsh, Billy Bell and Kathryn McCormick were teamed up with Mandy Moore for our next performance. (Viva La Vida – Coldplay). I LOVED THIS ROUTINE. Maybe it was the song, which gets me every time, but I think it was more than that… it was just gorgeous. I will also that Victor and Billy are tops on my list (meaning top of the list… clearly they aren’t tops, I mean seriously), but I am sorry to report that Billy Bell has actually left the competition due to illness. The SYTYCD website reports that Billy will be replaced by Hip Hop dancer, Brandon Dumlau on tomorrow’s first competition night. Season 6 just lost an AMAZING dancer, but I’ll keep my fingers crossed for Brandon.


Up next were the final three, Ryan & Ashleigh Di Lello and Karen Hauer dancing Samba (HOORAY!) (Everything I Can’t Have – Robin Thicke). The only thing I can say that sucked about this routine is that Ryan was wearing FAR too much clothing. That said, the girls were smokin’ and Ryan is a long series of wet dreams ready to happen. I don’t generally like routines where there’s two girls dancing with one guy because I feel like it detracts from the partner work (since there’s three of them), but I’m willing to make an exception in this case. Yum, yum, yum.

I love that they started out the season this way! What a brilliant idea to give us an opportunity to get to know each dancer by watching them perform in their own genre. Too bad it took 6 seasons to figure that out, but it’s the perfect way to start us off.

Here’s to tomorrow for the first competition and elimination round, and best wishes go out to Billy Bell!