If someone can help me understand why the baseball playoffs are somehow are more important than SYTYCD, I would appreciate it. Totally lame. Tonight’s episode includes the performances AND the eliminations, without any voting at all. The judges will choose who goes home based completely on their take of the performances tonight.

Anyway, first of all, Ryan’s solo in the Top 20 made me wet. Secondly, as I mentioned in yesterday’s recap, Billy Bell has had to leave the competition due to illness. That really sucks because he was so talented, but to add to the scenario, Noelle is out tonight because did something to her knee (probably wresting with BFF Mollee… *puke*). I jest, but only because I know what it’s like to mess up your knee and it’s not fun. That said, best wishes going out to both Billy & Noelle, and I do hope that she can return to the competition.


Channing Cooke & Phillipp Attmore – Jive
On with the show… Channing and Phillip are our first couple to perform with a Jive from Jason Gilkison (Rockin’ Robin – The Jackson 5). I used to compete to this song, so that totally hit a sweet spot for me, but even without that I thought they did a good job. Mary, in one of her very rare lucid moments, was spot on with her critique. it wasn’t awesome, but it definitely wasn’t bad.


Ashleigh di Lello & Jakob Karr – Broadway
Ashleigh and Jakob are next on stage dancing Tyce Diorio Broadway (Hit Me With A Hot Note [And Watch Me Bounce] – Sophisticated Ladies). Jakob is still one of my very favourites of the competition. He totally stole this number with his amazing leaps and jumps, though I will say Ashleigh held her own and is definitely a sexy woman. I can only imagine how much fun she would be to dance ballroom with. Great number and great dancing (and clearly we’re going to see awesome stuff from Jakob.).


Ariana Debose & Peter Sabasino – Hip Hop
Third to hit the stage were Ariana & Peter. Tabitha & Napoleon choreographed this “android hip hop” routine… and while the concept/choreography was awesome, the two of them together let me down. Surprisingly I agreed with Nigel for once. This routine really didn’t do anything for me, and it’s totally the dancers’ fault because Nappy-Tabs did a stellar job.


Noelle Marsh (Melanie LePatin subbing) & Russell Ferguson – Fox Trot
The fourth of our Top 10 couples is Russell & Noelle (Vagabond Shoes – Vic Damone). Russell is the first Krumper to make it to the Top 10 and I have to admit, Russell shocked me. Even with the help of professional Melanie LePatin I never expected him to pull that kind of performance out. Busta Rhymes or not, he impressed me with this one.


Bianca Revels & Victor Smalley – Contemporary
Bianca & Victor are next on stage with a Travis Wall contemporary piece (Wasted Time – Me’Shell Ndegeocello). Naturally Victor excelled in this dance, but definite kudos go out to Bianca as well. Together, the two of them gave a stellar performance and Travis’ choreography was simply brilliant. I agree that Bianca needs some more technical training, but this routine killed it. Highlight of the night for me (at least until Ryan was shown with his shirt off…)




Karen Hauer & Kevin Hunte – Cha Cha
Next on stage were Karen & Kevin dancing Cha-Cha to a Glee number. Random, but I totally love it. (Push It – Glee Cast Version). That’s about all I loved about this routine. Kevin gave a valiant effort, but it was painful for me to watch. Poor Karen… it’s hard to dance with a partner who has no idea what they are doing and you can actually see the mice running in Kevin’s head trying to make sure he doesn’t eff up. *sigh*, this blew. Mary needs to lay off the booze because no one belongs on the Hot Tamale train for this number.


Ellenore Scott & Ryan di Lello – Jazz
Now to the main event: Ryan. Okay well there’s his partner Ellenore as well, dancing a Sonya Tayeh routine (Arcadia – Apparat). The dancing in this routine was as hot as Ryan’s body. Both Ryan & Ellenore performed amazingly well and I loved not only the routine, but the execution. Ryan doesn’t come off as a ballroom boy out of his genre- he comes off as a hot, well-trained dancer. I’m impressed.


Pauline Mata & Brandon Dumlao – Smooth Waltz
Pauline & Brandon (the new addition to the Top 20) were next to hit the stage with a Smooth Waltz. Poor kid, he finds out he’s suddenly back on the show and then gets served the Waltz. If this were a voting week you could just send him home now. That said, they did a fairly respectable job, but even with ballroom training, this routine didn’t really do much for me.


Kathryn Mccormick & Legacy Perez – Hip Hop
Ninth on the stage are Kathryn and Legacy with Hip Hop from Dave Scott (On & On – Missy Elliott). Despite the obvious hygiene issues with this routine in the height of Swine Flu, this routine was awesome. Kathryn totally hit it and I even loved Legacy, who let me down last night. This routine was super fun and super well executed. Another favourite for the night, that’s for sure.


Mollee Gray & Nathan Trasoras – Disco
Mollee and Nathan are last to wrap up the night with a Disco from Doriana Sanchez, which is apparently inspired by Mexican wrestling (Turn The Beat Around – Pablo’s 12 Inch Remix – Gloria Estefan). Though their tricks were pretty solid, the rest of the routine seemed frantic and desperate… and that last trick where Mollee basically plants her kitty in Nathan’s face was totally sick. it wasn’t my favourite routine, that’s for sure.


In the end, after the solos, Ariana & Brandon were sent home. Based solely on the solos, Ariana did tons better than Pauline, but if they are looking at the full body of work, it’s probably the right choice. Brandon, because he wasn’t part of the original Top 20 doesn’t seem like that big of a loss, but I hope for his sake that he’ll be able to join next season for sure.


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