And here we are… Season 6 Top 20 selection!! I know you’ve been anxiously awaiting my commentary on this season of SYTYCD since you’ve been stuck with Daniel for SYTYCD Canada (just kidding Mary!), so wait no more. Since we’re just finding out the top 20, I’ll keep it short and to the point, recapping who the lucky 10 boys and 10 girls are- with perhaps a few side comments as well, (you know how I do…)

First of all, I just have to say that Ryan is hands down the hottest guy to hit the SYTYCD show- AND… my big claim to fame is that we used to dance in the same company!!! Way back in Utah during high school, we used to compete against each other and danced on the BYU Youth team together for a period of time. He was always such a nice guy and it’s awesome to see him on the show after a decade to find that he’s clearly not changed (other than getting even hotter and developing that ridiculous body anyway).

Our top 20 starts with Nathan, the youngest kid on the show. We actually met him last season in the auditions where he was given a ticket straight to Vegas for this season since he was only 17 at the time. I think we’ll see some awesome things from this kid as long as he can hack it.

Georgia girl Kathryn is SO adorable and a fantastic dancer. I’ll admit her crying voice is completely heinous, but at the same time sort of endearing. Her performances show that she’s got mad skill and I think she’ll do really well.. if she can manage not to annoy people with all that crying.



Next to join the top 20 is Channing, followed by Arianna and Ellenore (who I really love- she’s so quirky!). Cute Billy was next in the spotlight and naturally he made it through. I mean seriously, that kid is ri-freakin’-diculous.

Amber was next up on the chopping block and while I think she was fabulous, you had to see that one coming. She is a fantastic dancer but there was just something missing.

Krumper Russell then joined the top 20 followed by hip hop dancer Kevin Hunt. Next up we were surprised by getting not one- but three tappers. Bianca and Phillip were accepted first, though to be honest I don’t think Phillip should have. Peter, on the other hand, should make it just because he’s so damn cute now that he’s shaved the rest of his hair- and he DID!!! (That weird haircut from his solo was totally rancid). So there we are… from zero tappers ever to three: bing, boom, bang.

Victor then became part of the top 20 after a handful of disappointed dancers, immediately followed by Jakob Carr.

Next we had to witness Mollee and Noelle being totally ridiculous. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all about great friends- but these girls have known each other for a handful of weeks and they are acting like it’s the end of the effing world. Regardless, Mollee made it- and clearly didn’t pay any attention whatsoever to what the judges were saying about growing up. She won’t last long.

Pauline found out her fate after Mollee and despite her Vegas mishap, was shocked to find herself in the top 20. We then move on to Noelle of the Noelle-Molly duo. She, while still annoying because of the stupid “omg, my best friend Mollee” business, at least seems to act closer to her age, and also joined the top 20.

Legacy, the brilliant B-boy then also joined the top 10 guys and was followed up by Paula to join the top 10 girls… sort of.

We were then down to the last 2 boys and last 2 girls… and poor little Dean didn’t have a chance going up against Ryan. I mean seriously… poor kid, but YAY US!!! More Ryan!!!

And the last two girls, ballroom dancers Karen and Ashleigh wind up the top 20 with Karen taking the cake… JUST KIDDING!!! In a random twist, Paula turned them down for a movie contract, which I suppose is a valid reason, so Ashleigh is part of the top 20 as well!

So there we are, Season 6 Top 20. I think it’s going to be an amazing season. There are some insanely talented dancers with a broad range of skills, and I think we’re in for a real treat.

Until next week, over & out.