Heya… I’m back!!!

So I’ve returned from my European adventures just in time to see the Top 10 revealed after tonight’s performances. That said, I have to admit that while I was busy gallivanting around Dublin & Amsterdam, I haven’t yet had time to watch the last two episodes- though have read Daniel’s scathing remarks!

I’ll be catching myself up later this week, but I’m actually sort of glad that I’m a little behind because it feels like I’m approaching it with a more open mind about the each of the remaining dancers.


Ryan & Ellenore
To start of the night we’ve got Ryan and Ellenore dancing a Lindy Hop (swing) to I’ve Got To Be A Rug Cutter (Boilermaker Jazz Band). Lindy hop can be a total blast to dance, so I was really disappointed in this number because not only was Ellenore completely out of her element and stumbling around, the two of them together looked like they were at a church talent show. I hate to say it since you all know how much I love Ryan… but it was completely lacklustre for me. I don’t know WHAT the judges were smoking because this number sucked. Some great stunts, but overall I was definitely left wanting something more. (Sorry Ryan!)


For their second number we were given a Broadway routine, danced to Razzle Dazzle (Chicago – Original Broadway Cast). Much, much better guys. This routine showed a lot more skill from both Ellenore & Ryan. Maybe it was because Ryan was only wearing that skimpy vest, but I’m pretty sure it had more to do with the dancing. Ellenore is truly an amazing dancer- way to redeem yourselves guys.


Kathryn & Legacy
Next up were Kathryn & Legacy dancing a Sonya Jazz routine to So Deep (Hot Chip). This was a much better start to the show for me. While the song itself wasn’t my favourite choice (though I do love Hot Chip), the routine itself was really cool and Legacy really impressed me. Kathryn of course has an immense level of skill, but Legacy has surprised me this whole competition with how he continues to come up to level. I loved this routine… too bad poor Kathryn was subject to Nigel’s pervy attention!


Viennese Waltz was the second routine for this couple, danced to Your Guardian Angel (The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus). Now as much as I can’t stand Jean-Marc anymore, this was a brilliant concept for this routine. Viennese is often one of those dances that sends people directly to the bottom three, but this concept gave Legacy an “out” for his lack of skill. Add to that a contemporary song rather than the typical classical waltz music and tears from Legacy… brilliant. His ballroom skill was in the toilet, but the routine completely built it into the concept. Again, what a fantastic idea.


Karen & Victor
New couple Karen & Victor were third on stage with a Tango to Montserrat (Orquesta del Plata). Of all the Standard Ballroom dances, a good Tango is among my very favourite to watch (it’s also REALLY fun to dance), and Victor and Karen truly did a fantastic job. Knowing what to look for you can tell Karen’s forte is Latin not Standard, but she did a great job. Victor really pulled it off as well. Mary was right on the money with her surprise because as great as I think Victor is, I didn’t have high hopes for him in this. Funny that Nigel would comment on him sticking his ass out all the time though… it’s called ADVERTISING Nigel. (just kidding!)


Second on the stage for these two was a Hip Hop number to Moving Mountains (Usher). This was the routine where it really showed that these guys are a new partnership. It seemed like they were both trying so hard to “feel” it that they forgot that they’re supposed to be dancing it “together”. I kind of hated it and basically just wanted it to end. This could put them in the bottom this week.


Mollee & Nathan
Next up are teen couple Mollee and Nathan. With a personality like that, it’s shocking to hear Mollee say anything about how Nathan’s “sounds” are annoying… but whatever. Dancing to Ring-A-Ling (Black Eyed Peas), I thought this routine would be a lot worse than it was. There were parts of it that I thought were done really well, but overall there were sync issues and Mollee was definitely stressed out and it showed. I didn’t love this routine and I definitely think these two are in danger after this number.


(un)fortunately, they had a second routine for the night and it was… Cancan to Cancan Suite (Offenbach / Ponchielli). Now I have to admit that my first reaction was “What. The. Hell. Cancan? This ranks right up there with that lame folk dancing they had last year.” Fortunately it was far better than I expected, but it was still a bit tacky overall. There were some good elements, to be sure, but I still don’t really like this couple and wouldn’t be sad to see them out this week.


Noelle & Russell
Fifth on stage are Noelle & Russell dancing Samba to Hips Don’t Lie (Shakira). Disaster. Di-sas-ter. How else can I say it? Wrong. Bad. Awful. Heinous. I hated this routine. Now, that said- Russell really tried here, but it was even worse than dance-by-numbers. Samba is a hard ass dance, so I completely understand why this routine was so bad given that Russell really doesn’t have any formal training, but at this point in the game… just not good enough. I think Noelle would have done better given a better partner but regardless, this blew chunks out the window at 60 miles per hour.


With a contemporary piece danced to A Case Of You (Diana Krall) as their second number, they were thankfully able to redeem themselves. Noelle created some really beautiful lines, and I was pleasantly surprised at Russell’s performance. The concept was interesting and well danced… a huge contrast to their first number and they couldn’t have asked for a better way to end their partnership.


Ashleigh & Jakob
Our final couple is Ashleigh & Jakob dancing Lyrical Jazz to Time Flies (Lykke Li). Now before I get to the dancing, let me just say that Jakob has stolen a permanent little piece of my heart. He’s so effing cute and his dance skill is just completely ridiculous. As for the dancing- I loved this routine. Ashleigh knocked it out of the park for me, and Jakob… well I just have no words for. That one stunt where she did a handstand on his leg and then the ending pose… holy effing hell. Seriously, I don’t even know what to say. Absolutely one of the best routines ever – we even got some Mary tears!! Love, love, LOVE!


Wrapping up the show with their second routine, Jakob and Ashleigh give us a Cha Cha danced to Cha Cha Heels (Ralphi Rosario Radio Edit) (Rosabel feat. Jeanie Tracy). I’m actually really happy that these guys pulled a Cha Cha for their last routine as a set partnership. Ashleigh usually gets backseat to Jakob and this week she really stepped it up. Admittedly she can overdo the looks, points, etc… but I’m really happy to see what a great night she’s had. Jakob definitely held his own and did a great job. I absolutely love these guys and they are for sure my favourite couple of the night.

Predictions for Bottom Three Couples:

  • Noelle & Russell
  • Mollee & Nathan
  • Karen & Victor