SYTYCD Season 6: Top 12 Eliminations


Here we are revealing the Season 6 Top 10 dancers and Kat Deeley looks a freaking’ mess tonight. I love ya girl, but someone jacked up your hair tonight.

We open the show with the Top 12 dancing a BRILLIANT Nappy-Tabs routine to “What’s A Girl Gotta Do?” (Basement Jaxx feat Paloma Faith). I loved the routine, loved the song and loved Jakob standing out with those amazing extensions. I can’t say he stole the routine, but he sure was brilliant.

Nigel then embarks on a well meaning bout of verbosity which I tuned out. Something about Thanksgiving and how Britts don’t celebrate it, blah blah blah. There was something in there about bringing soldiers home safely though which of course was a worthwhile mention. Mary & Adam then speak some more for the simple joy of hearing their own voices which I completely fast forwarded through.

The first two couples to find out their fate were Karen & VIctor and Ashleigh & Jakob. Unsurprisingly it was Karen & Victor who landed in the bottom 3 couples with their heinous Hip Hop routine.

Next on the chopping block were Mollee & Nathan and Kathryn & Legacy. After last night’s Cancan and shitty Hip Hop from Mollee & Nathan, it was really no surprise to see them in the bottom three. I wasn’t positive on how this one would pan out after Kathryn & Legacy’s waltz, but I was pretty sure it’d pan out this way. I completely agree with Mollee & Nathan in the bottom 3. To be honest, I feel it’s a little unfortunate that they are so young and won’t be able to audition again when they are more mature and could actually win.

The last set of couples are Noelle & Russell and Ellenore & Ryan. I predicted Noelle & Russell would be in the bottom 3 and was absolutely shocked to be wrong. While I wasn’t a big fan of Ryan and Ellenore’s Lindy, the whole of their routines was greater than Noelle & Russell’s rancid Samba.

After learning who the bottom 3 couples are we were treated to Paloma Hererra from the American Ballet Theater dancing a number to Don Quixote: Kitri’s Variation (The Fan) (Ludwig Minkus). I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again- I love me some ballet! Watching a girl en pointe who really knows what she’s doing is one of the biggest treats I could ask for in dance, and this girl clearly knows what she’s doing. Absolutely gorgeous.


Next up were the solos from our bottom 6 dancers. Karen’s up first dancing to She Wants To Move (N.E.R.D.). I have to admit, the girl’s got some major sex appeal.

Victor’s up next with a routine to Village Attack (Blood Diamond Original Soundtrack). This was a good solo but I couldn’t help comparing him to Brandon from last season… to whom he doesn’t even hold a candle. I’m sure you all remember Brandon’s amazing couple of solos that were similar in song selection & movement. Unfortunately, Victor’s solo came off like the Ugly Duckling by comparison.

Third up is Mollee dancing to Bulletproof (La Roux). Great song choice of course, and while I don’t really care much for her- I’ve got to hand it to her that she gave us a great solo. Plenty of tricks and a healthy dose of skill.

Up next is Nathan dancing to Going, Going, Going (Live) (Stars). Another inspired song choice and another solid solo performance. Much stronger than Victor. It’s just unfortunate that Nathan can’t pull out those kind of performances in his weekly routines.

Ellenore hits the stage next with a solo to Bottom (Zap Mama). I love Ellenore’s quirky style and ability. She’s a very talented dancer and definitely deserves to be in the Top 10.

Winding up the group is heartthrob Ryan with a Samba solo. Dancing to Baila Baila Conmigo (Missiego), he was AMAZING. Seriously, he did it for me top, bottom, side to side- and I’m not even saying that because he’s so hot. I was genuinely impressed with his dance skill. He’s absolutely safe.

We then had a performance from Shakira- which was actually really cool even though she was lip syncing. Personally I don’t have any real issues with performers lip syncing for a show like this when it’s much more about overall performance production and less about the actual song.


And finally the moment we’ve been waiting for. Starting with the ladies, Nigel gave kudos to Mollee & Ellenore before sending Karen home. Before the solos I would have said Mollee for sure, but I can agree with Karen leaving the show at this point.

And now the boys… I was truly surprised about Nigel’s comments to Ryan about needing to work on his solo. it’s true that ballroom dancers have it harder when it comes to solos, but he knocked it out of the park. That said, Victor was the one who ended up getting the boot which is who I would have chosen as well.

So Karen & Victor are out and we’re down to our Top 10: Ashleigh, Mollee, Kathryn, Noelle and Ellenore for the girls. Jakob, Nathan, Legacy and Russell as the boys.


  • I wish Channing was in the top 10.