And here we are, finally at the Top 10 where the masses control who stays and who goes! Tonight they are doing bio’s on each of the Top 10 and in the interest of brevity… I’m just gonna skip right over all that (though it was super cute to meet some of their families).


Noelle & Ryan
A Napolean & Tabitha routine starts off the night with Noelle & Ryan dancing to Give It To Me Right (Melanie Fiona). I’m sorry this totally shocked me. When I first realized who was dancing and the style they were given I didn’t hold out much hope… but I was really surprised. It’s true that you could tell Ryan’s not a hip-hop dancer, but I thought they both did a great job (and I’m sorry, who couldn’t have chemistry with Ryan? I mean, honestly.) Oh, and Noelle did a great job too.


Their second number of the night is a Smooth Waltz danced to Jeux d’eau (O – Cirque du Soleil soundtrack). Noelle struck it rich with Ryan as her partner for this dance given his background. True he’s a Latin dancer primarily but he absolutely has had Standard training as well. I thought this routine was gorgeous and danced exceptionally well. Unfortunately I don’t think the masses are going to love it because of the fact that it’s Waltz- but it was an absolutely gorgeous routine.


Ashleigh & Legacy
Next to hit the stage are Ashleigh & Legacy dancing contemporary number to Poison (The Prodigy). To be honest, I’m not really sure what to make of this routine. It seemed very by the numbers, if that makes sense. It was sort of like the whole time they were thinking “First I have to do this, now I do this… then it’s this…” rather than turning the routine into one fluid piece. That said, I did enjoy the piece and to be honest, I’m surprised that they pulled it off as well as they did- and the ending pose really was AMAZBALLS.


Number two routine for Ashlee & Legacy is Hip Hop. Dancing to Slow Down (Bobby Valentino), I ultimately agree with the judges. I didn’t love this routine, I HATED the concept and overall was just glad when it ended.


Kathryn & Nathan
Third on stage are Kathryn & Nathan with Broadway, dancing to Choreography (Danny Kaye). I love this style of Broadway and these guys knocked it out of the park! Great song, great style, great routine- I just loved it.


Rumba was next on the agenda for these two, dancing to Walk On By (Aretha Franklin). The only thing I liked about this routine were the signature Tony & Melanie moves (all the straddles over the guy’s leg & straddle in front of him while he grabs her ass). Other than that, they gave it a valiant effort but clearly have never danced the Rumba before. That said, Nigel doesn’t have a clue what he’s talking about with this routine. The routine itself was brilliant, it was the dancing that jacked it up. I hate when Nigel says crap he knows nothing about.


Ellenore & Jakob
Unlikely partnership Ellenore & Jakob are next up on stage dancing a Quickstep to Four Brothers (Manhattan Transfer). If two dancers who don’t know ballroom were going to pull a Quickstep, these are the two to do it. I thought the dance was done well and loved the concept because it made me miss competitions! I don’t think it’s going to be all that memorable, unfortunately, but I think these two have enough followers that they’re going to be safe.

**Side note** I’m not really commenting on solos in this article, but Ryan just did his and someone needs to tell him to take off his shirt!


For their second number, Ellenore & Jakob take to the stage with a Sonya Tayeh routine to Tore My Heart (OONA & Dave Tweedie). Ho. Lee. Shite. This routine was perfect for these two and I’m sorry, but Jakob just stole more than a little piece of my heart. Seriously, what the hell! Amaze-to-the-ZING! I had to rewind and watch it three freaking times it was so fantastic. Jakob… have you ever been to Toronto? You’ll love it… I promise. *wink*


Mollee & Russell
Fifth to his the stage, dancing to It Must Have Been Love (Roxette) are Mollee & Russell. I’m absolutely blown away with this routine. Mandy Moore always does great work, but my kudos have to go to Russell on this number. Who the hell knew that this Krumper was going to be able to pull off routines like this! I have to admit that even Mollee has been growing on me and she’s definitely a talented dancer. Great routine and I definitely didn’t see that one coming at all.


Their second routine, a Jive danced to Land of 1000 Dances (Jimmy Barnes), winds up the night. Russell actually danced the routine really well, in fact, better than Mollee who was a bit too stiff. I will say that she knew how to work that skirt, but she needed to be down into the floor more to get a real jive feel, but it was a nice way to end the show- that’s for sure.

Predictions for Bottom Three Girls: This one is tricky for me because I don’t see any that really stood out as the bottom of the barrel- so I’m basically going off the one whose second routine wasn’t awesome and the other two who don’t seem to have a lot of support.

  • Ashleigh (sorry girl!)
  • Kathryn
  • Noelle

Predictions for Bottom 3 Guys: Again this one is tricky, but I’ve got to make a prediction, so I’m going off of gut feeling here:

  • Legacy
  • Nathan
  • Ryan (I wish I didn’t have to write that!)