SYTYCD Season 6: Top 10 Eliminations


Tonight’s show started off with the Top 10 dancing to It’s Still Rock And Roll To Me by Billy Joel. I say it was the Top 10, but it’s more like Jakob danced the number and the other 9 supported him- which was good because the routine itself was pretty lame, so at least it gave me something fun to watch.

We were then treated to a montage of last night’s performances and I was reminded all over again at how amazing Jakob & Ellenore were and just how shitty some of the other numbers were. We also got a peak back at the solos and holy Mother… Ellenore is absolutely brilliant. A bit weird, but absolutely brilliant.

I then had to bust it to the washroom because Dominic Sandoval from season 3 popped on to showed America that he’s sold out to become a spokesperson for none other than… K-Mart. Seriously? Seriously. Barf.

Finally we get to the eliminations, starting off with the girls. As the best female dancer of the season, Ellenore was sent to safety first and then followed by Mollee. Noelle was the first girl to be sent to the bottom two (damn me for predicting 3 when I didn’t have to… but at least I got them right!) leaving us with Kathryn & Ashleigh. Kathryn heads to the bottom two and Ashleigh is sent off to safety.

For the guys we started off immediately with Ryan headed to the bottom 2. I really wished I was wrong with my prediction, but sadly I wasn’t. Russell then became the first boy to head off to safety followed by Jakob (duh). So… that leaves us with Legacy & Nathan, as predicted. Ultimately it was Nathan sent to join Ryan which I absolutely think was the right call. So, Ryan, Nathan, Kathryn & Noelle are our bottom 4.


I now pause to pick up the pieces of my brain which was basically blow all over the effing television by The Legion of Extraordinary Dancers, dancing to Yellow (the Coldplay song) by Vitamin String Quartet. I was so amazed and mesmerized by this number that I couldn’t even take notes while watching it. These guys are stupid brilliant. I can’t even call out all the special moments because every time one of them joined the stage there was something ridiculous happening. These guys made almost every single dancer on the show look like an amateur. Sweet Mary mother of God that was amazing.

*Sigh*… back to reality. Noelle then performed her solo, which wasn’t too shabby. She had some great moments.

Ryan performed next and clearly didn’t get the memo taking his shirt off. It’s hard enough to dance a solo as a ballroom dancer and unfortunately, he’s not that great at it- so he needs to learn to use all his assets. That said, I agree with Mary that what he lacks in solo he makes up for in the actual numbers (I really don’t think he should be in the bottom two).

Kathryn then hits the stage with her solo. I really like Kathryn and think it’s unfortunate that she just doesn’t seem to connect with the audience for some reason. She’s a better dancer than Noelle for sure, but even last night when they were introducing the dancers, they got to Kathryn and there was basically zero cheering. It was kind of sad really.

Last but not least, (scratch that, he’s definitely least… just being honest) is Nathan. I won’t say he doesn’t have some mad skills but I hate his brooding expressions and feel like his “emotion” is forced. I also loved how Nigel just sort of talked around the issue, saying “you’re basically not as good as everyone else” but somehow made it sound positive.


I then attempted to suffer through the Snoop Dogg “performance” because Dominic & Hawke were dancing with their troupe Quest. Sadly not even their dancing was enough to get me through it and I skipped right over it. Seriously, what a ridiculous and heinous song.

When that was FINALLY over we learn that Noelle is leaving the competition tonight. I’m glad it was Noelle rather than Kathryn but I have to admit I wish it was Mollee. Girl’s gotta go.


For the boys, obviously Nathan was sent home and you could see that one coming from a mile away. In the famous words of N’Sync (yes, I just said that): Bye, bye, bye. BYE BYE!

Top 8


So Noelle & Nathan are the first two cut from the Top 10. Too bad Noelle & good riddance Nathan!

  • Kevin, what you missed in skipping on the snoop dog “show” (okay, i skipped it too, but watched the end) was a guy sporting a “I (HEART) jerkin'” tshirt… seriously? this passes for ok in front of a crowd of 400 tweens? christ, adam lambert ought to be allowed to ACTUALLY blow his keyboardest on this program!

    i’m very happy nathan is gone, way too young in all ways for it- ryan is an amazing partner, but admittedly his solos are horendous… though shirt off, ok to watch.

    as far as kathryn and noelle go (are those even their names?) i couldn’t for the life of me tell you the difference between them which was made hilariously clear as they stood identically next to each other 😛

    I’m just hoping jakob, eleanor and ashleigh in the final.