Dun Dun Dun…. The Finale.

I have to start off by saying this is the least excited I’ve been for a finale in the history of the show. I think I’m suffering from SYTYCD Overload or something- which I never really thought could happen, but it has. Too much, too soon- especially those of us up here in Canada who have been blasted with Season 5 for the US, Season 2 for Canada and then immediately Season 6 for the US again.

At any rate, our finale opens with the Top 20 dancing to Scared Of Me (Radio Edit) by Fedde el Grand feat. Mitch Crown. This was a GREAT number and even more so because Jakob has the balls to wear those skin tight sparkling pants. I love this kid more and more every day. Kudos to you Jakob, Ku-dos! The routine as a whole was actually done really well- great way to start off the show.

After reviewing all the performances of last night, the show then launched into performances of previous performance night routines, starting with the 3-Hip Hop dancers (Kevin, Russell & Legacy) performing their routine from Week 1 of the Top 20. The routine is set to “Beggin’ (District 78 Remix)” by Madcon I’m still not mad about this routine.

Adam Shankman then selected the Jakob & Ellenore routine from Sonya Tayeh, danced to “Tore My Heart” from OONA & Dave Tweedie. I absolutely loved this routine and it was even better the second time around. I mean seriously.

Leave it to Nigel to bring back one of the most boring routines of the season: the 3 tap dancers’ routine from the first week’s performances. Lame. I totally skipped through it.

Mary, on the other hand, was uber smart and got Ashleigh & Ryan to choreograph their own Jive to perform tonight since they never got to dance their own style together on the show. Danced to “Straight To…Number One (Duck’s Radio Mix)” by Touch & Go, Ashleigh looked fabulous in that hot pink dress and Ryan looked as gorgeous as always. That said, I wish they’d had a choreographer help them, but they were also at a disadvantage when it came to polishing since they had to learn a whole new routine on top of rehearsing all the others. Didn’t love it, but I was glad to see them get to accomplish that before the season officially ended.


Diva Leona Lewis then performed the theme song to the much-anticipated “Avatar” entitled “I See You”. I don’t love the song, and that dress was busted on top with those weird antenna things poking up off her tits (the rest of it was great though), but I’m so excited to see the movie I could just pee my pants.

America’s Best Dance Crew The Groovaloo’s then hit the stage with their mad skills. These guys never fault to impress with the right mix of comedy, stunts and amazing skill. The dude in the red and black jacket gets so much air on his stunts it’s ridiculous!

Heading back to the SYTYCD performances, Nigel then chose last night’s performance from Kathryn & Jakob, danced to “At This Moment” from Michael Buble. Even though this routine was just from last night’s show it absolutely belongs in tonight’s finale and the season’s stand-out performance. You said it Kat: It really doesn’t get any better than that!

Mollee & Nathan then performed the season’s Bollywood number to “Azeem O Shaan Shahenshah” from Jodhaa Akbar. Good, fun routine. I don’t really have a whole lot more to say about it really…

We were then reminded that we’re watching live TV as Kat’s microphone stopped working and Russell was then helped on stage because he’s jacked up his leg, which sucks bad for sure. Once everyone is finally situated on stage we learn that 6th place is going to Ryan. This is unsurprising because he actually asked everyone back home to vote for his wife, Ashleigh, since obviously only one of them can win and a “win for her is a win for me”.


Fellow Gay Adam Lambert is next up to perform “What Do You Want From Me” and is lookin’ as over the top as ever but sounding as great as always. I’m a big Lambert fan and am happy to see him being so successful while not compromising who he is (even though the flip-off portion of his AMA performance was a super bad call). Love the song and it was a great performance. You go gurl.

Ashleigh was then next to learn that she is not America’s Favourite dancer. I think Ryan & Ashleigh are great and I think they showed a lot of maturity throughout the season, but as was mentioned in the comments of my article yesterday- they are just out of their depth when compared to the other dancers.

Ellenore & Legacy then performed their Travis Wall routine to “Machine Gun” by Portishead. This really was a great routine, I was glad to see it again. Poor Ellenore though, she really is getting put through the ringer tonight with those routines. Bruise city!

Because of Russell’s injury we then had to watch a pre-taped recording of their African Jazz “frog” routine. African dancing always makes me happy. Too bad we didn’t get to see it live, but them’s the breaks.

Fourth place was then awarded to Ellenore. I loved watching her tape and being reminded of how many truly great solos and moments she gave us throughout the season. She’s like the female version of Mark, Kupono and all those other weird guy dancers we’ve seen.

Lil’ C then brought on the four contemporary dancers who performed to “Crying” by K.D. Lang. This was their routine from the first week of the competition and I’d completely forgotten about it. I’d also completely forgotten about Channing and Arianna. It was a great routine, but we saw so much better.

We then had another showing of last night’s performance from Kathryn & Russell. I didn’t really love this routine in the first place, so I could’ve done without having to see it again (so I skipped through it!).


Mary J. Blige performed “I Am” next. I love MJB. She was just on Extreme Home Makeover (one of my favourite shows) and the girl just pulled my heart strings. She is one of the most genuine people and it was so amazing to see how truly happy she was for the family she was helping. Man, she cried almost more than the family did! At any rate, the only thing I though was really weird about this number was the big flowing dress the dancer on the right was wearing. What the hell was that about? I know each girl was supposed to have their own look, but who the eff chose that outfit? Weird.

Closing down the performances was the Wade Robson choreographed dance for the Top 20. Performed to “Comanche” by The Revels, this routine was a little piece of brilliance. It was another recorded version because of Russell, but still great to see, and was immediately followed with the news that Kathryn is in third place this season, which is sad to see her out before Russell. *sigh* why will people never learn?


Mrs. Booty herself, Jennifer Lopez then graced the stage and all i could think of at first was Priscilla, Queen of the Dessert with that big ass shoe. It was fabulous. The song, on the other hand… let’s just say I’ll be glad when a Freemason’s remix comes out.


And now the moment of truth… and Russell is our winner. Of course I’m happy for him, but everyone knows that Jakob should have won. This is going to open so many doors for him and Jakob is going to be completely fine, but Russell might be “America’s favourite dancer” but he’s certainly not mine.