So You Think You Can Dance: Top 6 Recap


Kevin: Holy… we’re already only one week away from the finale! From last night’s episode, you wouldn’t really have guessed it though; some of the dancing was mediocre at best. Thankfully there were some shining beacons of hope amongst the disasters and it made the evening well worth the 2-hour episode.

Daniel: That’s Kevin’s opinion: my opinion is the producers are forcing the dancers to learn too much in one week and in turn the individual numbers are suffering. Kevin wrote the majority of this article, and I will simply insert the appropriate and correct commentary when necessary, to alleviate any mistakes he makes.

Kevin: We begin the night with Mary pleading with the audience to go all the way back to the auditions… as if that’s going to happen, and then the show launches right into the top boys’ group performance.

Top 3 Boys – Jazz


Sonya Tayeh choreographed the group routine (to True Romance by She Wants Revenge) and WE totally loved it. Poor Evan didn’t measure up to Ade & Brandon- though he did a respectable job. Nigel said he stood out because of trying new stunts, but really it’s just because he looks like an albino next to the other boys. I did love the routine, Sonya does great choreography and the boys were in fine form.

Dan’s Note: the standing back-tucks were KILLER and I’m so proud of Evan for learning how to do one; SO out of his element in this routine. Also, the matching high kicks from the guys were gorgeous. Absolutely gorgeous.

Jeanine & Ade – Samba


First up with the couple’s routines were Jeanine & Ade, two of my favorites!

This power couple’s first routine was a Samba (to LoveGame by Lady Gaga)… and I am sorry to say it, but this routine was messier than Adam after a night of fisting. Now, you all know how much I love Jeanine and Ade, especially after Ade was gracious enough to bare it all for us on (unfortunately the pictures have been taken down)…, but I digress. Thank God Mary gave them a valid critique on this routine. It was novice at best and I really, truly expected much, much more. Jeanine looked beautiful and was confident, and Ade was hot in those tight Latin pants… but the dancing sucked goat ass- for BOTH of them.

Jeanine & Ade – Hip Hop


For their second routine they pulled Hip Hop with Nappy-Tabs (to Move (If You Wanna) by Mims). This was a great routine and they both danced it really well. Ade completely killed it for me while Jeanine took a bit of the routine to get warmed up, but she really held her own. I don’t even know what to say about Nigel’s comment about his wife’s divorce attorney… disaster. (Dan Note: Nigel says the wrong thing every single episode – idiot.) I loved the boxes as props and overall, the couple definitely brought it back after that heinous Samba.

Dan Note: For once I agree with Kevin. I wasn’t as stoked with the Hip Hop routine as I wanted to be but there were some moves, like Jeanine ‘double-dutching’ over Ade’s legs that left me awe-struck with Nappy-Tabs talent.

Jeanine’s Solo:

(Danced to Feedback by Janet Jackson) Jeanine, what happened to you? Your solo last week was effing phenomenal! Needless to say, I wasn’t overly impressed with this week’s solo- but you’re still my favorite girl.

Ade’s Solo:

(Danced to 18th Floor Balcony by Blue October) Yet another amazing solo from my boy Ade. Hot. Hot. Hot. I thought the little homo-jump at the end was hilarious (in a cute way) but what else can I really say about Ade… he’s absolutely one of my favorites and I would be MORE than happy for him to win.

Melissa & Evan – Broadway


Next up were Melissa & Evan, who, I’m sorry to say are in drastic danger of going home.

This Broadway routine (to Get Me To The Church On Time – My Lady Fair (Matt Dusk)) was a stroke of luck for Evan. This is his shtick and nobody can say that he’s not insanely talented in this genre. Both he and Melissa danced extremely well, but I have to say that the routine bored me a little. It wasn’t until the very end when Evan pulled out that amazing Russian leap that I really sat up to take notice. Mary, please quit smoking crack before the show. This routine is not going to “get them to the finale on time” and as IF you’re not old enough to know about sock garters. Psssshhhhh!

Dan’s Note: There was something really awkward about the boxers and sock-garters that Evan was wearing. I can’t put my finger on why, but it just felt creepy.

Melissa & Evan – Quickstep


(Danced to As Long As I’m Singin’ by the Brian Setzer Orchestra) Quickstep. Shit. There have been only a precious few Quickstep routines that worked, so I didn’t have high hopes for this one. That said, the routine certainly wasn’t the biggest disaster we’ve seen. Kudos to Melissa for still wearing heals, and to the two of them for working it out even with the height difference. Unfortunately it still sort of looked like it was a Mom dancing with her child, especially when Evan was trying to swing her around at the end. Wah Wah Waaaaaaaahhhh – this routine was just okay for me (and me – Dan). I think Evan is on his way home, and I think Melissa should be worried as well.

Melissa Solo:

(Danced to I Put A Spell On You by Nina Simone) Yay!!! More dancing en Pointe (thanks to “Meaghan” again for reminding us about how to spell that!). Melissa is superb. I love ballet, I love en Pointe dancing and I love Melissa. I still don’t think she’s going to be our winner, but that has nothing to do with her dance skill.

Dan’s Note: I really think Melissa has done an amazing job at highlighting how a ballerina really can transform to attack every style. Do I think she’s as amazing as Ali from SYTYCD Canada? No. But she’s opened the doors for America, that’s for sure.

Evan’s Solo:

(Danced to Lady Is A Tramp by Sammy Davis Jr.) The biggest thing that Evan has going for him is that his solos are always, ALWAYS polished and ready for the stage. I have never been disappointed in a solo from Evan and tonight was no exception. Although, he should still be the one to go home. He doesn’t measure up to the expectations for the partner dances even with his strong solos.

Dan Note: I once again agree with Kevin. I would have said it in a lot less words though. 😉

Kayla & Brandon – Contemporary


Last, but certainly not least were Kayla & Brandon. Despite the height difference, what a couple! These two absolutely made my night.

Dan Note: These two are my new FAVOURITE couple. Don’t get me wrong, I still cry myself to sleep at night now that Jason is gone, but these two will do in the mean time.

They first hit the floor with a routine from Stacey Tookey, (to All I Want – Ahn Trio – AMAZING SONG) our girl from Canada, who gave them a freaking awesome routine. Kayla played the mistress to a married man and was trying to find the strength to leave him. Jesus. This routine was brilliant. Kayla seemed to take up the entire stage with her lines and extensions and Brandon… well let’s say that I didn’t stand up for a while after this routine and leave it at that. Lil’ C hit it right on the head, it was “intense and beyond amazing”. In a routine sense, Kayla definitely does it for me, but I don’t know why her solos don’t. Brandon, on the other hand, I can’t say enough good things about him (as you all know). Nigel, shut up. The only thing you said that was good is that we should’ve seen these two dancing together sooner.

Dan’s Note: Amen Kevin. Nigel, shut up. I don’t even know what he said anymore but I think he knows how I feel. As for the routine, two words sum it up nicely for me. F*cking Amazeballs!!

Kayla & Brandon – Disco


(Danced to Dance (Disco Heat) by Sylvester). I’m not sure why I loved it so much, but Brandon’s death roll was the highlight of this routine for me. That said, the routine wasn’t nearly as amazing as I thought it was going to be. The couple started out strong but then the routine fell to pieces and I found myself just praying they were going to make it through the rest of the number. It wasn’t a complete disaster, I just thought it was going to be better (and you know how much that kills me to say). Nigel, we know you only got up to jump around like that because your hemorrhoids were acting up, not because you loved the routine. Settle down.

Dan Note: KEVIN YOU AMAZE ME! I love the Nigel comment. I was literally thinking the same thing! As for the routine, once again, I felt the night was jam packed with too many routines and the producers are asking too much from the judges. Kayla and Brandon had three intense routines, one solo each and whatever number(s) they have to perform in the elimination show. This actually goes for ALL of the dancers, and this is drastically affecting the overall caliber of dance.

Final verdict: One Mary scream!!

Kayla Solo:

(Danced to You Found Me by The Fray) Well I did love the little ditty at the end of her solo- it showed a more fun side of her personality than we’ve seen before. That said, the dancing was clearly phenomenal but I don’t know what it is… she just doesn’t impress me as much as some of the others when it comes to her solos.

Dan Note: Kevin hates blondes. I said it. He just won’t admit it. And girls. Kevin hates girls too.

Brandon Solo:

(Danced to O’Fortuna (from Carmina Burana) Mozarteum Orchestra Salzburg & Kurt Prestel) Brandon, please never wear clothes on the show again. Also, please practice doing pieces of that routine while on a mattress. I’ll come to check your work at some time in the near future, please call and let me know when you’re available. That was absolutely one of the best solos on the show EVER, in all five seasons. He. Is. Amazing.

Dan Note: He’s clearly flaunting his body to get votes. He’s trashy, but I’ll accept that for the entertainment value that it brings, and the awkwardness of Kevin not being able to stand up after said routines.

Top 3 Girls – Jazz


(Danced to Kick It (Stereoheroes Remix) by Nina Martine) Another rockin’ routine by Sonya, and damn girls… you killed it! What a freakin’ awesome routine and each of the three girls held their own, though I will agree with Mary that there were a couple of moves that Kayla really stood out on. Cat put it best though, “Don’t fuss with the girls”.

PS: Nigel, why are you so stupid? (Dan Note: ?!?!?!?!) Why would it ever be prudent for you to make reference to a girl’s boobs as “talent” when she’s young enough to be your daughter? Sick.

Prediction for who is leaving the competition this week:

Boy: Evan. At least is should be Evan. He is not as strong in the routines and definitely not as versatile as Brandon & Ade.
Dan Note: Sadly, I think there will be a huge upset and Ade will be leaving the show. Mark my words.

Girl: Melissa- not that I really want her to leave, but if forced to make the decision, she’s the weakest of the three left.
Dan Note: Agreed

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  • Pandora

    Evan should have left a long time ago. I lost Jason because of him. :/

  • Thanks for the great recap! Due to my events schedule this summer, I have been really inconsistent watching this show even though it’s my favorite. I’ve been really rooting for Evan, but I agree he’s on shaky ground. (I thought they’d vote him off for SURE last night!)