Last night, So You Think You Can Dance revealed the Top 20 Dancers for Season 9. As we do every year, we’ve spit up the finalists into the Top 10 Boys and the Top 10 Girls, so you can get to know them a little more and check out their promo photos. We’ve also included a poll so you can vote on your favorite dancers!

In two weeks, on Wednesday, July 11, the Top 20 finalists will dance for the judges and America on this season’s first two-hour live performance show. The Top 20 will be paired into 10 couples and work with the world-renowned choreographers we’ve come to love. The following week on Wednesday, July 18, on the first performance and results show, the 10 couples will perform again, but in the week’s assigned genre. America’s votes from the previous week will also be revealed and at the end of the show, the six finalists that make up the bottom three guys and bottom three girls will be revealed and may be given a chance to perform solo routines. The judges will then decide which dancers stay and which two will be eliminated. If couples are split apart, the dancers who remain will form new couples.

Looking forward to it! In the meantime, get to know the dancers a little more and vote on your favorites girls below!

Tiffany Maher

Hometown: Plantation, FL
Age: 19
Dance Style: Jazz

I love this girl for her name alone!I really hope Tiff pulls off a strong showing in the first week, as she was the other female dancer that I felt was shafted by the producers throughout the auditions and Vegas callback weeks. We don’t know a lot about her at the moment, but I hope that changes in the weeks to come!

Eliana Girard

Hometown: West Palm Beach, FL
Age: 21
Dance Style: Contemporary Ballet

Eliana is one of three classically trained dancers that made it through this year, albeit the only girl; however, I’m excited to see the flawless grace and elegance that she brings to her performances. I can’t wait to see her soar across the stage. Will she be strong enough to win the whole thing? Only time will tell…

Audrey Case

Hometown: Edmond, OK
Age: 18
Dance Style: Jazz

Audrey is another one of those contestants that could go either way for me. I have a sneaking suspicion that she’ll wind up getting a ballroom routine early in the season and that will be her make-or-break-it point. Either she’ll rise to the top or fall flat in the middle of the pack.

Janaya French

Hometown: Aurora, CO
Age: 20
Dance Style: Lyrical Contemporary

Janaya has a tough road ahead of her as she was one of the few top twenty dancers that got minimal air time throughout the audition and Las Vegas callback portions of the competition. She could surprise us all. I’m willing to bet she gets the short straw (aka the Paso Doble) the first week and is an early exit from the show.

Amber Jackson

Hometown: Atlanta, GA
Age: 21
Dance Style: Contemporary

Amber is a tossup for me. I feel it’s too early in the competition and she has received too little screen time for me to truly make a decision. Sure, there were clips of her from past seasons where she came across a little rude; however, I chalk that up to heartbreak from being eliminated. She could be the next Sasha from season 8…

Amelia Lowe

Hometown: Butler, NJ
Age: 18
Dance Style: Contemporary

Even though the producers ruined this girl for me during her audition rounds with their incredibly cheesy silent-film montage, Amelia quickly redeemed herself by simply showcasing her raw talent. I loved her ‘dance for her life’ performance in Vegas and was giddy when I saw she made the top ten. Definitely one to watch this season!

Alexa Anderson

Hometown: Chandler, AZ
Age: 19
Dance Style: Contemporary

I won’t lie, I really like Alexa! I felt the judges were ridiculously and unnecessarily critical of her during Vegas week. I’m hoping she was able to learn from their critiques and use their words as a platform to excel throughout the season!

Lindsay Arnold

Hometown: Provo, UT
Age: 18
Dance Style: Latin Ballroom

Lindsay is one of two hot, blonde female ballroom dancers in the competition this year and I have a sneaking suspicion that at least one of them will be part of the finale at the end of the season. I can’t quite put my finger on which of the two it will be; however, I feel as though Lindsay’s experience will play in her favour!

Jenelle Issis

Hometown: Birmingham, AL
Age: 24
Dance Style: Belly Dancer

I really wasn’t a fan of Janelle during her audition run, as I couldn’t get past always seeing her in the overly flamboyant belly dancing outfit. I’ll admit I definitely pre-judged her, and will admit I changed my mind complete when I saw her simply style and adorable personality in the final ‘judge’s decision’ round. I truly hope she goes far in this show and demonstrates just how versatile belly dancers can be!

Witney Carson

Hometown: American Fork, UT
Age: 18
Dance Style: Latin Ballroom

Witney is the second female ballroom dancer to make it through and as I mentioned in Lindsay’s write up, I definitely think one of these two ladies will be standing on the stage at the end of season 9. If nothing else, it should be an interesting battle to the end.

Which girl is your favorite? Who do you think has the gusto to make it all the way to the end?

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