Last night, So You Think You Can Dance revealed the Top 20 Dancers for Season 9. As we do every year, we’ve spit up the finalists into the Top 10 Boys and the Top 10 Girls, so you can get to know them a little more and check out their promo photos. We’ve also included a poll so you can vote on your favorite dancers!

In two weeks, on Wednesday, July 11, the Top 20 finalists will dance for the judges and America on this season’s first two-hour live performance show. The Top 20 will be paired into 10 couples and work with the world-renowned choreographers we’ve come to love. The following week on Wednesday, July 18, on the first performance and results show, the 10 couples will perform again, but in the week’s assigned genre. America’s votes from the previous week will also be revealed and at the end of the show, the six finalists that make up the bottom three guys and bottom three girls will be revealed and may be given a chance to perform solo routines. The judges will then decide which dancers stay and which two will be eliminated. If couples are split apart, the dancers who remain will form new couples.

Can’t wait! In the meantime, get to know the dancers a little more and vote on your favorite boys below!

Chehon Wespi-Tschopp

Hometown: Zurich, Switzerland
Age: 23
Dance Style: Ballet

I find it fascinating that Chehon isn’t an America, yet is still able to compete in this competition. I’m sure that won’t help his case of pulling in the votes. He’ll have to stick to his incredible leaps and fantastic technique to keep the audience on his side. I really hope he doesn’t pull Hip Hop the first week, or it will be a quick exit for Chehon!

Will Thomas

Hometown: Troy, MI
Age: 19
Dance Style: Contemporary

Oh Will. My heart goes out to you after receiving almost zero air time up until the announcement of the top twenty! I like that Nick is taller than Cat Deeley when she’s rocking her high heels, as dancing as a tall guy is no easy feat! I also liked his personality in the first episode when he was made to take his shirt off and spoke about his giggly parts. A little humor is a good way to win America’s hearts and votes. Keep it up!

George Lawrence II

Hometown: Decatur, GA
Age: 19
Dance Style: Contemporary

Heck yes I like George! He was ridiculously amazing in his audition, and Debbie Allen was eating this boy up! She appears to have a good eye for talent, so I’m going to ride her coat tails on this one and jump on the George bandwagon! I also loved him in the first performances of the season as the top twenty were announced. I have a feeling this boy will be in the final four…

Matthew Kazmierczak

Hometown: Peoria, AZ
Age: 21
Dance Style: Contemporary

To be known as Matt K going forward, or simply, Ryan Gosling’s look-alike younger brother. This boy will definitely be stealing the hotness votes this season! I’m curious to see if his talent will live up to his looks, as we haven’t seen a lot of him up until this point. I hope we see a lot more!

Cole Horibe

Hometown: Honolulu, HI
Age: 26
Dance Style: Martial Arts Fusion

Okay, to have Martial Arts Fusion as a dance style instantly puts Cole in my cool books. Again, I definitely worry about how this style will translate to ballroom, and some of the other more intricate styles this season. Who knows, maybe Cole will turn out a few stellar performances and surprise us all!

Brandon Mitchell

Hometown: Kansas City, KS
Age: 27
Dance Style: Stepping

Man oh man, I really don’t know how to critique Brandon. I love his style, and think he is mad talented at what he does. How that will translate to other styles though, only time will tell. I hope this boy went out and at least tried a variety of different dance styles after learning he made it through to the top twenty. If not, he could turn into a hot mess and quick!

Dareian Kujawa

Hometown: St. Paul, MN
Age: 20
Dance Style: Contemporary

Dareian has one of the longer roads ahead of him, receiving minimal air time up until this point. Thankfully Contemporary dancers tend to make it through the first few weeks, as they are easily able to adapt to other styles. I hope this is the case for Dareian!

Daniel Baker

Hometown: Newcastle, Australia
Age: 24
Dance Style: Ballet

Daniel was one of my early crushes in the competition; however, I’ve quickly changed my mind as liking someone with my name is too much for me to handle. That’s really off topic, but I felt necessary to share. I do think he’s cute though, and that will bode well for him in pulling votes from the audience! As long as he doesn’t get the dreaded Quick Step, he’ll be around for a few weeks at least.

Nick Bloxsom-Carter

Hometown: Oak Park, CA
Age: 20
Dance Style: Ballroom

I don’t want to be harsh, but I’m just not a fan of Nick. I feel as though he was put through to ensure that was a solid mix of dancers in the top twenty and he was the only ballroom dancer even remotely close enough from a skill perspective. Put him next to alumni Pasha and I think the differences would become instantly apparent. Sorry dude, you’re really going to have to show growth this season!

Cyrus Spencer

Hometown: Duluth, GA
Age: 22
Dance Style: Animation/Robotics

If you’ve been watching this season at ALL then you’ll know Cyrus emerged as one of three dancers from The Dragon House crew, and all three of them were sick in their own style. Cyrus was the only one to survive the grueling rounds of Vegas week and make it into the top twenty. I can’t wait to see what this boy turns out through the season, and I secretly look forward to when he’s in the bottom and has to perform a solo…

Which boy is your favorite? Who do you think has the gusto to make it all the way to the end?

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