SYTYCD 7: Top 6 Eliminations (For Real)

So tonight should finally be interesting as TWO, that’s right, TWO dancers are leaving the competition. I really hope that America actually gets to decide who is leaving us instead of the judges predetermining (with extreme bias) who is going home. Let’s get ready to RUMMMMMMMBBBBBLLLLLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!

The show opened with the standard group routine choreographed by Mia Michaels and performed to Every Little Thing She Does is Magic by Sting. Definitely an eclectic piece with a touch of a dark as an undertone. If you caught the routine you’ll not that Lauren wasn’t the star (and only girl), as Allison had filled in for her…but Cat filled us in that Lauren is fine and decided to sit out from tonight’s routine.

The first two dancers were then brought out to the stage; Jose and my boy Kent! If you remember, I forecasted Kent would be in the bottom three for the first time and I want to take a moment to apologize for even thinking this. What kind of boyfriend/fan does that make me?! After an almost nail-biting review of their routines from last night Cat thankfully placed Jose in the bottom three with Kent sailing through to safety. Again, I’m sorry Kent for ever doubting you.


The second group of dancers was brought out; AdeChike and Billy Bell pitted against one another. Cat was slow and steady to open the envelops to ensure there was enough filler in this hour long program. Billy Bell was sent into the bottom three in an unbelievable turn of events, sending an undeserving AdeChike through to safety. Seriously, America? You watched Billy’s Contemporary AND Bollywood numbers and then the SHITE routines from AdeChike and literally thought Billy should be going home? Get a grip!

Lastly, Lauren and Robert were brought out to the stage to learn their fate and I really don’t want to see either of these dancers in the bottom three. NO! Unbelievably ROBERT was safe out of these two with Lauren rounding out the bottom three. NOOOOOOOOOO!

Do the math folks! That means either Billy Bell or Lauren are going home tonight, AT LEAST!

We were then subjected to 30 minutes of filler nonsense. Seriously, American’s sure know how to waste time! First up was a preview of the upcoming Step 3D movie including a dance performance with SYTYCD alumni.

Up next was Christian TV performing his song that Britney Spears named as the song of the summer. I didn’t catch the name of this song as I was fast forwarding through the intro and I have to say I’m definitely not sad that I did so. Did ANYONE actually watch this? AWFUL.

Finally the bottom three contestants took to the stage to perform their respective solos, starting with Jose. Billy Bell was up next with his interesting choice of costume followed by Lauren who pretty much killed herself in this solo number to prove that she should be the one to stay. I literally don’t understand how AdeChike is going to beat either Lauren or Billy Bell. SERIOUSLY?! I am livid.

Of course the judges are still making the decision so in essence, this year the show is actually crowning Nigel Lythgo’s favourite dancer. Fantastic. What a waste of time. Skeletor decided to announce that America will now start making the decisions with the final four dancers, to make the final decision. FINALLY. Seriously, Nigel, get off your high (and old) horse.

American Idol alumni Alison (from Adam Lambert’s season) took to the stage as the musical number of the night and it too wasn’t good.

After that hot mess the judges were back from their booze binge back stage to announce which two dancers are leaving the competition. I am so mad right now I can’t even handle this show.

In an obvious and biased move, Lauren was kept in the competition sending Billy Bell and Jose (FINALLY) home this week. Damn it, I’m really going to miss Billy Bell’s talent. He was one of the most spectacular dancers this show has ever seen. Best of luck Billy Bell.

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  • Jack Scribe, Palm Springs/USA

    I’m surprised you didn’t mention Nigel’s odd, slightly homophobic comments when he bade goodbye to Billy. Suggesting that America didn’t understand his “androgynous” ways and then giving him advice about keeping his feet on the ground (being light in the loafers) weren’t appreciated by this gay man.

  • steelie

    Bias in what way? Billy has been in the bottom 3 for the last 4-5 weeks now. I love Billy too but if anything, sending him home was more in line with half of this season’s voting trend than personal bias.

  • Dan

    Firstly, sorry for the awful grammar in this post – I was a bit drunk last night when writing this article and didn’t spend a lot of time proof reading!

    Jack – Thanks for the comment! I was raging at the screen when Skeletor (Nigel) made the comment to Billy but I felt it was unjust to write about it as he will clearly never change his 65-year-old ways. Feel free to rant with me any time though!

    steelie – As for Billy being in the bottom three for the last little while, I agree it appeared that he wasn’t connecting with the voters. On the flip side, his routines from this past week were the two best of the show, if not the season (almost) and that in turn shows tremendous growth, talent and self perseverance. Although I love Lauren as well, her routines this week just weren’t good enough. I truly felt she was kept in the show as she is the only girl left and the judges made the statement in this week’s performance show that she would be in the final, and heaven forbid Nigel be made to look like a fool.

    No? Or am I way off base on this one…?

  • KAt

    It just goes to show tht having the best routines of the night, don’t garentee you safetly .He had one of the best routines of the season with Ade, and America kind of just failed. I knew Lauren would be safe considering she was the only girl left. They said she would be in the finale, and she probably will be. I honestly think Robert is the best at this point and has grown so much through the competition. I’m going to miss Billy, he wasn’t my favourite, but the last couple of weeks he stepped it up, and should be in the top 4.

  • Greg

    Did anyone else notice that the judges essentially said goodbye to both Jose and Billy the night before, in the performance episode? And, as Dan points out in the above comment, they told Lauren she’d be sticking around for the finale. When those three ended up in the B3 together, it made the outcome pretty predictable. I’ll miss Billy!

  • Kevin

    Here’s hoping Robert rapes Adechicke for that third spot in the finale 🙂

  • Javier

    I think it’s a little funny that Billy has been criticized all season for having”trouble” connecting with his partners until this week when he was partnered so perfectly with Ade & Robert. Hmm, I say this throws a little wrench into Nasty Nigel’s same sex aversions. Still, sad to see Billy go home, he’s a brilliant dancer but happy that my Season 7 crush, the uber handsome Robert is still there.

  • Brian

    I LOVE your recaps– the best on the web !!!!!!

  • Chrissie

    wtf is Mia wearing??? I’m sorry, but I am finding it very hard to concentrate on the rest of the show…..I’m afraid its going to attack Toni….and Cat looks like a piece of trash,too….this really is the weirdest season so far…..So proud of Jose for making it this far-still my favorite!!!

  • Dan

    Thanks Brian – I appreciate the support!

    Chrissie – Don’t even get me started! Did you see Toni’s outfit on the performance show? When she stood up to clap for Billy and Ade’s piece she wasn’t wearing pants!

    Javier – I couldn’t agree with you more!