SYTYCD 7: Top 4 Eliminations

We are finally down to the last elimination episode before the huge finale next week for the seventh season of So You Think You Can Dance! America’s votes from Wednesday night’s performance show finally come in to effect as the contestant with the fewest amount of votes will be eliminated from the competition. Naturally, in SYTYCD the show opened with a Contemporary group performance choreographed by Dee Caspary and danced to Drumming Song by Florence + The Machine. This song and routine was both radical! I love love love Florence + The Machine!

Naturally Cat Deeley informed us that we will be forced to watch an extraordinary amount of filler nonsense tonight before learning who will be making it through to next week’s finale. Skeletor of course then natters on about himself insinuating that he was ‘coerced’ into performing another tap routine next week. Right. Because no one wanted to see you dance anyways, so thank you for doing us all a favour.

First filler of the night; Janelle Monae performing her soon-to-be-hit Tight Rope (Arch Android album). She definitely had a loveable quirk factor in her style, and I loved the get-up. If you liked what you saw and you want to have more Janelle in your life, check out her website:

Each dancer was then brought out to dance a solo after an unnecessarily long clip of her performances from Wednesday night. She danced to the stunning song, Wasted Time by Me’shell Ndegeocello. Absolutely amazing. I don’t think there’s a person who watches this show religiously that would argue that Lauren deserves to make it through to the finale (expect last week when Billy Bell was sent home instead).


Insert Gatorade Product Placement = mega piss off

Kent was next to dance his solo after a similar clip of Wednesday night’s performances. Thank goodness for the Contemporary piece with Neil. Literally, nothing will ever compare to that routine. Even Cat Deeley watched it three times on repeat! Kent took to the stage and performed his solo to Dynamite by Taio Cruz. Wicked song choice! And I LOVED the three hand-springs to walk-out back layout! YUMMERS!

Cat then brought all four contestants out to the stage to announce one of the top three dancers. A little random after only two solo routines…

After ten million votes, the first person through to the finale was OBVIOUSLY Lauren! Well deserved kiddo! Cat then kicked all of the boys off stage again. Man is this show poorly organized tonight. Clearly it wasn’t going to be Robert or AdeChike. What a lame attempt at adding drama to an over-extended episode.

Up next was AdeChike performing his solo after a recollection of the crap routines he pumped out back-to-back. He performed his solo to another epic song choice, Sir by Various Artists. Good work on picking solid music, even though it’s too little too late!

Following immediately after AdeChike was Robert to perform his solo. After watching his clip from Wednesday I have to admit I was a little hard on Robert and I want to take the time to apologize. He has survived endless bottom three runs and has rebounded to immense strength. Unfortunately the clowns were AWFUL and I had to look away from the screen (mid scream at that), but overall he was incredible. He performed his solo to Mr. Muscle by Rusko – definitely an interesting arrangement. Can you say the new Mark?!

All of a sudden the final three boys were rushed back on to the stage to announce the first boy making it through to the finale. Naturally it was my boy KENT! EFF YEAH! Was there ever any doubt folks?!

Once again we were forced into more filler with a ‘special’ performance by Desmond Richardson. Okay, I’ll give the guy props for having insane leg muscles and beautiful lines but I don’t understand why he felt the need to cut off one sleeve and the opposite pant leg. I refuse to believe this is artistic. It was simply weird. And fanning himself at the end? WHAT was that?!

The top four contestants got to see the premiere of Step Up 3D, just like me! The film was produced by SYTYCD judge Adam Shankman and featured the hit new jam Club Can’t Handle Me by Flo-rida ft. David Guetta which just happened to be the next round of filler on the stage. Granted, I absolutely love this song write now and I can’t wait to hear this pumped onto the club dance floors for the next few months! HECK YEAH! The CLUB CAN’T HANDLE ME!

Finally, after 55 minutes into the episode, we learned that the third person in next week’s finale is ROBERT! THANK GOODNESS! Finally, America showed the judges that AdeChike should have been sent home along time ago. For the first time in SYTYCD history I will be happy with any of the current finalists winning the title of SYTYCD Season Seven, America’s Favorite Dancer.

Congrats to Kent, Lauren and Robert. All three of you deserve one last chance, and your respective turns in the spotlight. If I was a betting man and there was a line on this in Vegas, I would bet on Kent taking the entire competition. Heck, I said it from day one. I might as well keep being right…


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  • Jack Scribe, Palm Springs/USA

    I hardly watched this filler. These result shows are a cheap way to produce 48 minutes…mostly a yawn. The clip of Step Up 3D was an exception. Loved it.

    Next Wednesday is must-see TV and Robert has moved from bottom-three, to dark horse, to contender. However, Kent’s fan base will rule IF Kent turns in duo of dye-no-mite performances. Since the ‘Skeletor’ (with the non-age appropriate hair and too much tooth whitener) is the exec producer, so I suspect we’ll see the Travis Wall number again. That will be winning moment for Kent.

  • Dan

    I love that this show has made a hypocrite out of Nigel Lythgo (Skeletor)