SYTYCD 7: Top 9 Performances Recap

So we’re back for another night of performances on So You Think You Can Dance with the top nine contestants taking to the stage after Cristina was sent packing last week after her sub-par Paso Doble with all-star Pasha. After the dancer introduction and Cat Deeley presented us the panel of Skeletor and his minions, the show was sent to begin.

Side Note: CAT HAD LIPSTICK ON HER TEETH! WTF?! Did her stylist fall asleep tonight?

A SHOCKER in tonight’s episode, the FIRST man-on-man routine with Alex and Twitch dancing a Nappy-tabs hip hop routine! Hey Adam, is this the two man routine you were hoping for in the show’s format? DISCUSS!


First up was AdeChike dancing Hip Hop with all-star Lauren (one of my fave girls) performed to Hot-N-Fun by N.E.R.D. featuring Nelly Furtado. Heck yeah the concept was a nerd Hip Hop routine! Then what? The nerds start to strip as Lauren shows of her stunning bedazzled purple bra and AdeChike bares his jacked body. NIIIIIICE! Too bad the song was ineffectual with helping the routine and pump up the energy. Overall I felt this routine was pretty flat and definitely not a strong way to start out the night.


The second dancer to take to the stage was Ashley performing a Contemporary routine from a new choreographer in the SYTYCD family, Dee Caspary with all-star Ade. The routine was performed to Cosmic Love by Florence + The Machine (hot damn I love this group). EFF did Mr. Dee Caspary NAIL his virgin performance! Ade is the picture-perfect partner when it comes to contemporary and Ashley matched his talent to a tee! Absolutely stunning and definitely something for Ashley to be proud of; a guaranteed sail through to safety this week.

Another fact of the night that I wasn’t aware of is that each dancer will be performing a solo in their own style tonight (whoops PVR’d over that earlier in the show). Up first was Billy Bell performing to Something Bigger, Something Better by Amanda Blank. I’m not going to comment on these routines as clearly they should all be epic. Actually, scratch that, if the routines end up being terrible I will be ripping them apart accordingly!


The third couple to the stage was Robert dancing alongside all-star Courtney to a Sonya Contemporary routine! EEKS! The routine was performed to the wicked-good song XXXO by M.I.A. Yes, yes, yes! And the costumes were SPOT ON! The routine itself was definitely eclectic, to say the least. I loved the contrast between hard jerky moves and the slow, controlled skills blended together. Definitely a fantastic piece! The judges were nodding as I cruised past their critic at triple speed, so I think they enjoyed it as well!

The next soloist to take to the stage was Jose performing his Street/Breaking style to Super Bad by James Brown. Definitely a strong solo routine, and a true stand-out-as-different piece!


The next couple to take to the stage was contestant Melinda with all-star Pasha dancing a Fabian Sanchez Salsa routine, performed to Magdelana, Mi Amor (Quimbara) by D.L.G. This was literally a recipe for disaster as poor Melinda got stuck on her dress early into the routine and needed to pull the snag off her heel. She definitely recovered well and was complimented nicely by daddy-hotness Pasha in his all white ensemble. Unfortunately her upper body seems really stiff, her legs just aren’t moving fast enough, there appeared to be a botched lift in the middle of the routine and the ending all sort of fell apart. I feel like we were watching the lift Baby missed in Dirty Dancing when performing for the first time with Johnny Castle at the Sheldrake Hotel. I sadly think this will spell the end of the road for our dear girl Melinda…

Up next in the solo category is my body Kent dancing his own style to Down (Candlelight Remix) by Jay Sean. Welcome to my iPod playlist! Hot damn is Kent talented. I LOVE THIS MAN! We’re dating, it’s final.

Alex Wong was up next performing his solo (a ballet/contemporary number) to Rule the Planet from the Planet of the Apes (soundtrack). The boy is definitely good at what he knows!


Up next was my favourite female contestant Lauren who selected all-star Neil to dance with and performed a Broadway routine to Let Me Entertain You by Debbie Gibson. Man are these two a cutie pie couple! These two definitely danced the piece well; however, I just can’t stand Broadway, especially mixed with all the contemporary numbers dazzling the audience. Then BAM! Wardrobe malfunction and Lauren’s taataa nearly popped out of her dress! Thankfully there was no nip exposed, but seriously! Listen up wardrobe, GET BETTER ATTIRE! Of course Skeletor went creepy sexual with his comments which forced me to puke in my mouth and dash for the remote.

Up next was another solo routine was Ashley performing to Royal T by Crookers ft. Roisin Murphy. It was just meh for me, even though I loved the song pulled from the performance show last week. WINK! Don’t think I wouldn’t notice girl!


Billy Bell was next to the stage dancing with all-star Kathryn performing a Stacey Tookey Contemporary routine. I literally sighed when I thought of this idea. The piece was performed to Jar of Hearts by Christina Perri. Wow, I love this song instantaneously. Double WOW, Billy Bell is contemporary brilliance. As is Kathryn, as I definitely don’t want to pay her a disservice. The only part I didn’t buy out of the routine was the partner connection, which I’ve never truly felt with Billy Bell and his female partners. I just don’t see the look in the eye that I would expect at this stage in the competition.

The next solo routine was from Robert performed to Hold You In My Arms by Ray LaMontagne. Definitely worth watching and paying attention to…


Up next on the stage was Jose dancing a Salsa routine with all-star Anya choreographed by Demitri! Note to readers, my exclamation point is for Demitri, not Jose performing Salsa. The routine was performed to Long Time by Shakira. What a disaster. Starting with Jose’s shirt. Then was his inability to look the part of a true Salsa dancer due to his lack of training and technique. Thank goodness for anya in the routine as she ROCKED this routine. A perfect solution to tonight’s episode would have been Anya dancing with Pasha while the two newbie contestants watched from afar.

Sadly, Melinda was up next to perform her tap solo danced to Empire State of Mind (Part II) Broken Down by Alicia Keys. At this point Rich’s comment was simply, cute dress. Really the only good part of this routine was her outfit next to the song choice. Yikes.


Up next was my boy Kent again! Performing with all-star Allison, they were tackling a Mandy Moore Jazz routine. During the preview clip Kent was forced to walk manly and literally won the next season of America’s Next Top Model simply on his fierce runway walk alone. But I digress. The piece was performed to Heartburn by Alicia Keys. All I can say it was HOT in here with the chemistry oozing between these two dancers! I friggin’ LOVED the dual aerials. Seriously! Effing talent smashed on the floor tonight from start to finish. Skeletor then went off on a nonsense tangent about Kent’s personality and I literally wanted to punch him in the face.

AdeChike was next to the stage performing his contemporary solo to Ruthless Gravity by Craig Armstrong.

Lauren followed suit with her contemporary routine performed to Unchained Melody by Cyndi Lauper. Man was this routine needed tonight, especially at the end of the night. This was one of the most beautiful pieces of the night.


The final routine of the night was Alex Wong performing alongside MALE all-star Twitch. They tackled a Nappy-Tabs Hip Hop routine. This definitely sounded interesting, but I definitely had to worry right off the bat for Alex. The routine was performed to Outta Your Mind by Lil Jon & LMFAO.

INSERT RANDOM QUOTE: Rich was over watching the show and asked the room if anyone thought Napolean was cute. I thought he was but was quickly shut down by Katie who responded with, he looks like Mr. Jay combined with Ms. Jay (their boy child) from America’s Next Top Model. (Seriously, enough with the ANTM references)! BRILLIANT!

Seriously, this was one of the best routines of the night, if not the season! Alex worked his ass off and definitely got the Hip Hop moves down (other than his hardcore face) and his combined movements with Twitch were near perfection. Then, of course, Nappy-tabs played off Alex’s strength and added in specific ballet moves to compliment their doper, harder moves. Literally fan-effing-tastic! Brilliant concept and I really hope they continue this streak throughout the season. EFF YEAH! ALL THE JUDGES WERE ON THEIR FEET!


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After that brilliant routine, it was tough to narrow down my final three for the night. With that said, my predictions are:

Melinda – Her disastrous Salsa routine just wasn’t strong enough

Jose – His disastrous Salsa routine just wasn’t strong enough. Wait, déjà vu.

AdeChike – I couldn’t remember a second of his routine or even what the style was until I went back and read my commentary. I figure America will feel the same.

If Melinda doesn’t go home tonight there is a spirit somewhere watching over this girl and keeping her in the competition.

  • Jared

    The hip hop routine was by far the best routine of the night, and the best hip hop routine I can remember on So You Think You Can Dance. I watched it 3 times, and the standing o was well deserved. Alex is a beast!

    Jose and Melinda’s performances were so… Well let’s say I ended up fast forwarding through them halfway. As for Kent, he’s lost me as a fan. The novelty of his hyperness and cuteness has worn off to the point that I find him incredibly annoying. I hope he can take the judges advice and learn to tame his eccentricity. Not saying he should change who he is, but contain himself when appropriate.

  • Jared

    PS. Adam: Mia made a comment on Lauren not being feminine enough in her performance. Is SYTYCD Heterophobic now?

  • Kevin

    As usual the judges failed at critiquing everyone.

    I’m in 100% agreement with the bottom three you posted, but I won’t be surprised if it’s Robert in the bottom again (and I say this as a man who feels Robert and Lauren should make it all the way). Jose wasn’t the greatest, but he actually wasn’t that bad at it either…

    Melinda has got to go. Adechicke and Melinda were the worst performances of the night, and I will be shocked (repeat, SHOCKED) if they are not in the bottom. I would love for Jose to be the third spot, but knowing how some people don’t like Robert (yeah, I can’t believe it either!) he may be in the bottom three again, which is NOT good.

    Billy, Lauren and Alex were my three favourite performances. Ashley would have been another great one had that not been her third contemporary (I agree with Nigel on that one last week, but I don’t agree with how arrogant he was in saying it). Robert’s was okay, but I really wanted it to be better. Kent and Jose’s performances were equal to me, in that even though Kent danced it amazingly there was no real distinction in character (it’s always “just Kent”). Melinda and Adechicke were real snoozefests.

  • Chrissie

    Twitch and Alex’s hip-hop routine seriously had me on my feet last night- he has finally won me over and can stay for another week…..

  • Marsha

    I’m afraid my undeserving of being there Robert will be in bottom 3 again also. I think Melinda deserves to be and will be eliminated, but Jose should be in B3.

  • David Everhart

    Most annoying moment…Jose getting praise for his SHITTY performance. AGAIN, while MUCH MUCH better dancers are getting bad critiques for things like, I don’t like your face and what not.

  • Keaton

    I feel like all the performances were enjoyable, some more than others, but overall I really liked this weeks episode. The one aspect of the show that I cannot stand anymore is the judging. The judges cannot JUDGE. They are simply either praising the dancers or tearing them down. [they told Jose that they COULD tear him down, but they won’t; however, they tore down Melinda and Billy last night. I’m pissed]

    Perhaps Melinda DOES deserve to go home, but telling her in front of the live audience and national television that the judges made a mistake in keeping her must have been devastating for her. She’s one strong woman for holding it together onstage.

    Overall, great show. I hope Jose leaves soon.

  • Dan

    Jared, Kevin, Chrissie, Marsha, David and Keaton – Glad to see we’re all in agreement as to who should rightfully be sent home this week! This show is definitely making it’s move to selecting America’s Favourite Contemporary Dancer…

    Additionally, Jared, may I please remind you of what I consider to be the best Hip Hop dance of all time on SYTYCD: Chelsie and Mark – Bleeding Love

    Kevin and Marsha, I sadly have to agree with you and state we’ll likely see Robert in the bottom three tonight, for absolutely no good reason at all. We may be suffering from a ‘battle of the contemporary boys’ where the votes are so drastically spliced that one of them will always take a fall against the lone B-Boy Jose.

    David and Keaton – THANK YOU! I can’t stand the judging panel. It’s gotten to the point where I literally have my remote in hand to fast forward through their comments before the routine has even ended as I just can’t stand to let them piss me off anymore, even if just for one second. Seriously, Nigel needs to be taken off the judging panel. He’s too creepy towards the female contestants and hard on dancer’s for all the wrong reasons.

  • Robyn

    Dan, I think your “feelings” for Kent are clouding your judgment… Seriously? He was out matched and outweighed by Allison. Every routine, with the exception of Ashley and Alex,was either just ok or a full on HOT MESS.
    I LOVED Alex and Twitch – that was SICK and I would have to say that it equalled… and after a couple more viewings… surpassed Chelsie and Mark (also my previous fave).
    Rich, my 6 year old also loved Melinda’s dress ; )

  • Dan

    Robyn! Bite your tongue! Nothing will surpass Chelsie and Mark in my eyes. 🙂

    I’m definitely playing the Kent card hard, and I think it will start to fade over the next few weeks if he doesn’t change his attitude a BIT to the mature side.

  • kevin

    I thought billy was great…the two of them moved beautifully

  • Cameron

    I didn’t see this oozing chemistry between Kent & Allison at all because everytime the camera panned to his face, he was making eyes w/ the audience. I know he did, because otherwise he would’ve dropped her, but i never once saw him look at Allison, let alone w/ the same intensity he was using on the jailbait in the crowd.

  • Robyn

    Dan, we can agree to disagree on the hip hop… I still love the Bleeding Love routine (I love anything my boyfriend Mark does – so glad he’s back this season). It’s really Tabitha and Napoleon v. Tabitha and Napoleon with 4 amazing dancers and maybe it’s wrong to rank them.
    Rich, I think Napoleon is totally cute.

  • Dan

    Robyn – Fair enough, I will agree with you on the Nappy-Tabs internal struggle to outdo themselves!

    PS. Love that you’re dating Mark, you two are totally adorable!

    Cameron – Fair enough, I did see a few instances of Kent looking at Allison to ensure she stayed on her feet when his partnering required support; however, I don’t think the viewing audience would have been so critical on him playing to the cameras/viewers if the judges hadn’t pointed this out in their critic…

  • Napolean is WAY cuter than Miss or Mr. Jay. Katie was wrong.

    And he’s getting some salt n pepper. Always a plus!

  • Tyrell

    Loved the two-male hip hop routine, however, not the FIRST male/male routine. When the top 4 are remaining, the boys always do a number together. A good one to remember is Neil and Danny’s contemp number choreo’d by Mia, Season 3.

  • Tyrell

    And Rich, stop being a bear pusher 😛

  • Dan

    Tyrell – you make an interesting point, but that routine is always expected and never came across as a surprize. With this week’s episode have two male-with-male routines, I’m excited to see what styles are chosen to meet Mr. Lythgo’s needs…

  • Joci

    I would like to say why I don’t like Robert: He is over dramatic. It is very annoying and it seems fake.

  • Dan

    Joci – Over dramatic? Really!? I definitely don’t see that from him at all. Do you have an example to reference or are you literally talking about his personality overall?

  • Tiffany

    I agree with Joci (even though I do like Robert)… All his facial expressions when he’s joking around with the camera are too hammy (the goofy eye crossing, etc.). When he did it once, it was showing his off-camera personality & was cute, the second & 50th time, it seems forced. It’s too bad, because I’m sure in real life it’s what people love about him, but on camera it reads precocious, which in an adult man, is annoying.

  • Dan

    Tiffany and Joci – Do you feel the same way about Kent? Or do you simply chalk up his identical antics to being young enough to still pull it off?

  • Tiffany

    I wouldn’t say Kent’s antics were the same – Kent is consistently Kent, I hope he stays wide eyed at any age… Robert, again, I do like him & vote for him, but he comes off like an annoying little brother who wants attention… or something, I can’t put my finger on it because I think his heart is genuine, if that makes any sense… also hate when he does the over appreciative face when he’s saved or complimented… Poor guy, why am I picking on him?